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Mysterious Islands

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Mar 25 2017, 01:04 PM
This town was definitely duller than he was used to. Even Sunnydale had more going for it- at least it had a wild night life. Clubs, bars... general fun. It had been a perfect little town for all the vampires and demons to trick helpless young victims of either gender. Wholesome during the day, but completely wild at night. At first, he had suspected this place to be the same, but it soon became apparent that it was as squeaky clean during the night as it was during the day. Annoying, really. Not that he wanted this town to be sitting on a hellmouth, but it could have provided a LITTLE entertainment.

All it had going for it was the fact that people knew magic and it was currently being invaded by zombies. He wondered if those creatures were even normal for this place, though, as most of the residents seemed to act like it was their first time seeing the blighters, too.

He supposed that meant that, once this threat was dealt with, things would go back to being super boring. But then, maybe he would find a way home, too.

Not that he had much to go back to.

He sighed to himself as he strolled along the beach. He wasn't there to take in the sight of the water at night or anything remotely romantic, he was simply taking stock of the area. He needed to know how big the place was, and where paths went, if he wanted to track these zombies around. And not just them, but any threats that might pop up. Maybe this wasn't home, but it was where he was stuck at that moment. Might as well protect it. Having a soul kind of forbade him from doing anything else. Stupid thing.

The vampire heaved a sigh, stopping in front of the water. He watched the waves move in and out, frowning at them like they had insulted his mother. What was he even doing? He wasn't a hero. Fighting these zombies was fun, sure, but he couldn't actually claim that he was trying to help people. He was a vampire. A monster.

He was just as dead and rotten as these things he was fighting, he just happened to be more aware of it than them. He stuffed his hand into the large pocket of his leather duster, pulling out both a cig box and a silver lighter. Dropping the lighter in to one hand, he used the other to light the cigarette, taking a long drag of it before exhaling in irritation.

He needed a drink or twenty.

Keening Warg - sorry for the wait!
Mar 16 2017, 11:10 AM
Now this was more up to speed! This was just the kind of thing Spike had been doing before getting sucked into this weird little magic town. He grinned to himself as he sprang over one of the tombstones, the agile, if not a bit short vampire easily clearly the grave before landing squarely on his feet and straightening himself up, he looked over his shoulder, a smirk still on his angular face as he watched two undead creatures wobbling after him. They weren't vampires, that was for sure.

They had dead skin that was decaying and almost dipping off the bones, frayed clothing worn by time and thickly coated in dirt suggesting that these creatures had only just risen- they were freshly undead, and it seemed their former lives as corpses still hung thickly over them. Indeed, they weren't like vampires at all- these were definitely zombies.

They were, like, the bottom rung when it came to the ladder of supernatural beings, but hey, they were likely the closest he was going to get to home around these parts.

He continued to watch as the undead creatures continued to slowly groan their way over to him, one dragging a stiff leg as the other held onto his own detached arm. They seemed mostly mindless, that was for sure, but still intent on getting to him. Whatever was in control of them had one thing programmed into their brains- kill anything that wasn't also a zombie.

As if they could catch up to him!

He felt something wrap around his ankle, the vampire looking down to see a rotten hand poking up through the mud of the grave he had just jumped over. Boney fingers clasped his ankle with surprising strength- there was magic giving these things more power.

"Hey now, don't get grabby," he laughed, his British accent almost brimming with not fright, but joy. He yanked his leg from the zombie, though instead of breaking free he just managed to pull the hand off the arm and stumble back a couple steps, the hand still latched around his pant leg. "Bugger," he hissed, "that's going to muck up my pants!" He shook his leg angrily, like a man trying to throw some dog poop off his shoe.

He was clearly not taking the zombie attack the graveyard seemed to be under very seriously. But he imagined he was fine just goofing off- it was night and few people liked to roam the graveyard at night, so there was likely no one else there to fall into trouble with these things... right?

Somehow, he got the feeling that it wouldn't be that easy.
Mar 15 2017, 10:52 PM
Spike was not a vampire of deep thought or many needs. He wasn't busy musing over the perplexities of being a vampire with a soul, or wondering what he was going to do with his undead life now that things had been turned on their head. No, Spike was not that kind of man. Instead, he was sitting at a bar and getting himself piss drunk for the fun of it, not even because he was feeling particularly moody about his lot in life.

He didn't mind having a soul- it was basically the same as before, just with a bit more guilt from time to time. And working with Angel wasn't SO bad. At least he could say that he had managed to save the world while Buffy looked on.

That had been pretty fucking sweet.

Since then, though, he hadn't shined quite so much. Probably because he had to compete with the poster child for golden stars. Mr. Perfect always knew just what to do and how to do it. Spike, meanwhile, tended to just punch things until they worked out for him.

That felt like enough cause for another drink.

The bar was rowdy, but he didn't pay it much mind. The locals were mostly just sitting around the bar and watching the game, getting worked up about who was beating whom and how long they had left until the penalties. He really didn't care. There were a couple card games going on, but since they were for money and not kittens, he didn't really have much interest in that, either. He just kept to himself, sucking down booze like it was going out of style and silently hoping for some of the men to get mad at one another and start a fight.

It had been a really long time since he had been in a bar fight and he was really looking forward to it, but of course he didn't want to be the one to start it because this was the last good bar he hadn't been banned from and he wasn't looking to be completely out of luck.

So he had to try and be patient.

Jacob Stone
Jan 31 2017, 07:26 PM
Spike wasn't used to this town. A place with magic, but not overly demonic in natures. It was... peaceful here, generally. Kind of vastly different from Sunnydale. He had to assume they weren't sitting on a hellmouth, though that raised more questions than it answered. Where was he, then, and how was their magic a thing? It didn't seem to be a thing anywhere else, from what he had heard, and he'd also heard that they had originally come from a place called the Enchanted Forest. None of it made a lot of sense to him, but he hadn't asked any questions.

Mostly because he didn't want to talk to anyone- he was still reeling from the whole 'getting his soul back' business that made it difficult for him to focus. He had all these emotions running through him and he couldn't figure out what he was supposed to do about it.

No wonder Angel was such a brooding little asshole.

He sighed as he ordered himself another drink, pushing his empty glass towards a small collection he had been gathering at the bar. The bar tender didn't seem to mind fueling his alcoholism, so that was good, at least.

This place was small and annoyingly peppy, but at least it had a bar to hide away in. Granted, it wasn't the seediest looking place he'd ever been to, but he supposed it would have to do. Somehow, he would have to get along without all the demon chatter and the kitten poker.

He was going to miss the kitten poker, though.

When the new glass was placed in front of him, Spike picked it up, thoughtfully looking at it for a moment before gulping it down in one shot. He frowned as he looked at the now empty glass, once again setting it down. He didn't immediately motion for another one, however, taking some time to continue thinking about his situation.

Maybe there was some way to make a portal back home. But then... did it even matter if he went back?
Dec 12 2016, 10:01 PM
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<h3>100+ . m/a . BtVS . James Marsters</h3>
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Spike is a bit of an asshole. For a long time, he was your typical vampire. Reckless, uncaring, cruel and more than a little confident in his immortal abilities. He always liked to give off the 'badass rocker' vibe, ready to prove himself and his skills at every moment. He has always been a competitive vampire, and never liked anyone stepping in on his territory or trying to come off looking like he was badder in any way. It made him something of an outcast in the vampire community, always respected for his skill and talents, but never really one of the team. He had his small trio of friends, if you could call other vampires friends, and that was it.
Despite being this brash vampire that loved to fight and be a jerk to everyone around him, there was also another side of Spike- his humanity. Even after losing his soul, Spike kept some of his emotions, something rather unheard of for vampires. He loved and wanted to be loved, and it made him something of a puppy dog when it came to those he cared about. After his soul was restored, those emotions only grew. Not just for the people he loved, but for lots of humans he had grown connected to. Heck, after he got his soul back he didn't want to hurt humans at all, and felt a great amount of guilt over everything he had done in the past. He had killed hundreds of people and had a lot of fun doing it.
And he had forced himself to face that darkness simple because he had wanted to be a man someone could love.
But not everything changed when he got his soul back. He might not be the demon of a man he once was, but he still enjoys a fight and he still enjoys a good bickering match with the people who annoy him. He's not friendly, exactly, just more compassionate. Usually, he'll be a sarcastic little jackass whenever he gets the chance to be, then throw in something super insightful that leaves the person he was talking to with a lot to think about. He's extremely poetic at times, and that makes him someone to go to when in need of advice. Just don't expect him to deliver it kindly.
Being a vampire, Spike has all the usual powers of the supernatural, including super strength and increased speed/agility, allowing him to preform a great many inhuman feats. Being a creature of the night also allows him to see well in the darkness, and his sense of smell and hearing are both extremely keen as well. He is also highly immune to pain, and can take one hell of a beating before being put down for the count. Being immortal, at least for the most part, he cannot be killed with regular weapons or by excessive abuse, nor does he age or need to breathe.
He has no real need for food, beyond blood, though he still thinks some human snacks are quite tasty. Naturally, he is a highly skilled fighter and prefers hand-to-hand combat over fighting with some kind of weapon, though due to his prolonged life, he does have combat experience in a great many areas. Being a vampire also gives him a blissfully high tolerance to alcohol, which he often tests the limits of.
Spike is a highly perceptive being, often capable of getting to the root of a problem without much effort. He is intelligent, observant and insightful, though his blunt and sarcastic nature usually muddies these traits and makes it difficult for people to actually take him seriously. When he was evil, he used his skills in observation to hone in on the weaknesses of his foes and exploit them. From time to time, he still uses his knack for saying what people don't want to hear to stir the pot.
While not often shown, Spike actually knows a few languages beyond English. He can speak Latin, As well as Luganda and a demon language Fyarls can speak. It is unknown as to whether or not he knows more languages than that or not.
Minor skills include: Lock picking, hot wiring cars, minor medical knowledge, keeping his hair immaculate despite not having a reflection and an expansive knowledge of nerd and general human culture.
Spike was born in the 1800s in England and had a remarkably unremarkable life. He was a bad poet, had no sense with women and really had little going for him until he met Drusilla. She treated him like no had before, right up until the moment she killed and turned him into a vampire. From that moment on, his entire life changed. He stopped being the meek, disrespected Englishman named William and became Spike, a vampire force to be reckoned with. He joined Drusilla and her small band of vampires (Darla and Angelus) and together they caused a lot of chaos over the years. Eventually, events led the group to splitting apart, and it was just Spike and Dru for a while. Spike loved Dru desperately, to the point where other demons would call it sickeningly human. But he didn't care. As long as he had her, nothing else mattered.
Their travels together eventually brought them to Sunnydale, where Spike was eager to kill the slayer. He had already killed two in his past, making him a highly respected vampire in the demon world, and he was ready to add another notch to his belt. However, things apparently don't always go as planned in Sunnydale. Not only did he lose to Buffy, the slayer that lived there, but he ended up having to work with her to help save the world. Spike left Sunnydale after that, but always seemed to end up coming back for one reason or another.
Eventually, he was captured by a demon-hunting group of humans known as the Initiative, and they implanted a chip in his brain that made it impossible for him to attack humans without feeling horrible pain. Helpless, he ended up having to go to Buffy and the other scoobies for help, something they weren't terribly thrilled about at first. And, of course, he wasn't super happy about it, either. As the time went on, though, they sort of worked out a begrudging working relationship with one another. He offered information and sometimes his power and they kept from staking him in the chest. It was a good deal, all things considered. Plus, Spike could hit all the other vampires and demons he wanted, which meant he still got his violence fix without it causing him one hell of a headache.
Eventually, Spike figured out he had fallen in love with Buffy, which... complicated things. She found him disgusting, being that he was a vampire without a soul and the thing she had been trained to kill, and he didn't take too kindly to that. Their relationship was strained at best, but when Buffy sacrificed herself to save the world, Spike was still truly crushed. He did his best to look after Dawn when he could, and continued to help the other heroes even though Buffy wasn't around anymore. He wasn't just there for her, though he did want to do right by her since he felt responsible for her having to die in the first place. If he had been better at his job, perhaps she wouldn't have had to kill herself.
Buffy was revived through magic, and by doing so had been pulled out of heaven against her will. Spike was, for a long time, the only person she had told about this, and she had engaged in a rather unhealthy, sexual relationship with him in an effort to feel alive. Spike was alright with it for a while, given it was everything he had wanted, but the pain of knowing he was just being used eventually came to bite him in the ass. After a dark confrontation with Buffy over the matter, he left Sunnydale again in a bid to make himself a man Buffy might actually be able to love. He went to Africa to endure a series of trials that eventually led to him getting back his soul. However, it was much more over-whelming an experience than he anticipated, tormenting him with the crimes he had committed as a vampire. Just as he began to realize the real weight of having a soul, a portal plunged him into another world entirely.
<h2>RP Sample</h2>
You know me. You are me.


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<h3>PST . Rumple, Victor, Lewis, Vitani, The Baker, Luke, Eli, Rush, Roger</h3>




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