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Jan 5 2017, 12:56 PM
    Remember how I said I would stick to Bellatrix for a while? Yeah that is totally not going to happen. I have a couple of characters in mind which I would like to bring to life, but I cannot decide which one to go for first. So here they come (the ones in bold are at my favourites at the moment)

      Pippi Longstocking

      Kenzi Malikov, Lost Girl

      Periwinkle, Disney Fairies

      Sophie Anne Leclerq, The Stackhouse Novels
Jan 4 2017, 01:51 PM
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<h1>Lord Voldemort</h1>

<h2><span>75yo, Dark Lord, Underworld</span></h2>

<p>Suggested Play-by: Ralph Fiennes <br>
Relation to Bellatrix: The Dark Lord, born Tom Marvolo Riddle, is a powerful wizard. Bellatrix is his best Lieutenant, and the mother of his heir. She feels an obsessive love in his regard, however, he is incapable of caring for anyone </p>

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<h1>Rodulphus Lestrange</h1>

<h2><span>53yo, Death Eater, Other Realms</span></h2>

<p><br>Suggested Play-by: Arben Bajraktaraj <br>
Relation to Bellatrix: Rodolphus is Bellatrix's husband on paper. He knows of his wife's affairs and although he never tried to stop them, he still tries to win her affection.</p>

<img src=''>

<h1>Rabastan Lestrange</h1>

<h2><span>50yo, Death Eater, Other Realms</span></h2>

<p><br>Suggested Play-by: Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn<br>
Relation to Bellatrix: Rabastan is Rodolphus's younger brother. He is unmarried, but has had a love affair with Bellatrix for years. </p>

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<h2><span>early 20s, M.o.M Official, Other Realms</span></h2>

<p><br>Suggested Play-by: Nathan Kress <br>
Relation to Bellatrix: This is the love child, and first born, of Bellatrix and her brother-in-law Rabastan. He is in his early twenties and was born in Azkaban after his parents' imprisonment. After his birth, he was taken away from Bella and she was told he had died. In reality he was put up for adoption, and taken in by a European family. He grew up to work for the Ministry of Magic.</p>

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<h1><b><i><s>Delphini Riddle-Lestrange</s></i></b></h1>

<h2><span>early 20s, Time Traveller, Other Realms</span></h2>

<p><br>Suggested Play-by: Open <br>
Relation to Bellatrix: Delphini is Bella's second born, fathered by the Dark Lord himself.</p>

<img src=''>

<h1>Severus Snape</h1>

<h2><span>40yo, Professor/Double Agent, Underworld</span></h2>

<p><br>Suggested Play-by: Alan Rickman <br>
Relation to Bellatrix: Fellow Death Eater, who she doesn't trust and loathes with all her being</p>

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Dec 20 2016, 01:26 AM


The Sky Kingdom (Birth to 19 years of age)
    My Sister's Keeper, Closed RP: Regina and Zelena, unaware they are sisters, stay up throughout the night to talk.

    Mother? I don't understand, Closed RP: Regina visits the Royal Palace with her parents, and starts to notice how different other families act towards one another.

    [Dis)Engagement, Closed RP: Shortly after Daniel's death, Cora throws an engagement party for King Leopold and Regina. Overwhelmed with emotions, Regina leaves the party to find solace in her apple tree. There she meets Colette.

The Kingdom of Amare
    Queen Regina (19 to 25 years of age)
    Reigning Queen Regina, the Evil Queen (25 to 36 years of age)

Chapter 1

    During the curse: The Saviour's Arrival (Frozen in time)
    After the Curse is broken (36 years of age)

Chapter 2
(36 years of age)

    The Truest Believer

Chapter 3
(36/37 years of age)

    Pandora's Box

The Enchanted Forest
    Flying Monkeys

    A Mother's True Love Kiss

    Frost Bites
      `Good Things Don't Last

Chapter 4
(38 years of age)

    Frost Bites Cont.
      `Shattered Sight

      `Lost Love

Queens of Darkness
    `Evil Never Looked so Good
      Knock, Knock..., Closed RP: Desperate to find the Author, Regina is less than gentle with Pinocchio. As a means to apologise, she agrees to mind him while Marco is away running an errand.

    `Road Trip: Tracking Lily

The Author's Book
    Hereos and Villains

    Tattered Darkness

Chapter 5
(38 years of age)

Camelot, The Broken Kingdom

    The Dark Swan

Chapter 6
(38 years of age)

Possessed ImpThe Horned King

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