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Jun 4 2017, 01:17 AM
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<h1>You're just as sane as I am</h1>

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Luna knew that with these zombie attacks that were coming to the town, it might be a good idea to freshen up on her magic to make sure that if they came to be, then she would remember what she was doing. Luna loved the fact that she still, at least had her magic, but, she also enjoyed the fact that she wasn't seen as weird as she had been back home.
Maybe it's because others were as weird as her if not weirder.
Luna couldn't help it, she just saw things in a different light, and, didn't really have a good attention span a lot of the time. The only real people who had made her concentrate were Harry and Neville, when she needed to bring herself to the rescue of them. They were probably two of the only friends that she truly had, and, that wasn't going to change.
Here in this town sadly they weren't here, but, Luna wasn't going to let that stop her. Harry had taught her a lot of useful stuff in those training sessions of Dumbledore's Army, and, maybe she could find a way to truly channel the spells like she had during those sessions.
Reaching the Forest, Luna pulled out her wand, and, just tried to figure out what she was going to do in terms of which spells needed to be practised the most. Luna knew that the disarming spells were probably the best ones to use against zombies.
Clearing her throat, Luna was about to cast a spell when she heard someone coming through the clearing. “Hello. Who's out there?” Luna walked forward slightly, and, she kept her wand raised just in case, but, didn't do anything until she knew who it was.

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Feb 17 2017, 09:53 PM
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</img><div class="dighead">You're just</div> <div class="bonesub"> as sane as I am</div><div style="width: 250px; padding: 10px; font-family: Arial, sans-serif; color: #efefef; text-align: justify; line-height: 110%; font-size: 10px;">

Luna was getting used to this whole real job thing, it was something that just wasn't her. Back home she'd been a naturalist, which was basically she got paid to go hunting for weird or different kind of objects.
Here she got paid for that kind of thing too, but, it wasn't as easy to get it with a town like Storybrooke.
She had set off on another assignment, that she had been given from her boss. Luna sighed softly, as she kept her backpack over her shoulder.
Luna wasn't sure what kind of story she would have this week, but, she knew she wasn't going to get it without going out and exploring the town.
Luna kept her wand by her side, and, just set off on the hunt for a new story. Luna was sure that, if anyone one of the people in this town would do magic and harm someone, so maybe that could make a good story.
Soon, Luna noticed a butterfly flying above her head, and, she giggled softly before following it across the park that she had ended up in. She didn't want to lose that butterfly, it was pretty and she wanted it, or rather get a closer look at it.
But, before she could do that, Luna had found herself literally bumping into someone who was walking the other direction.
</div><div class="bonestag"> Jacob Stone
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Feb 10 2017, 05:55 AM
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Luna found herself wondering more then she had before, wondering if there was a way to get herself back home to London. She didn't know how the portals worked, but, there had be a way to make a spell work to get herself back home.
She didn't know who she could ask in this town to help her, but, she may figure it out at some point after she got to know people in this town a little bit more.
But for right now, she was going to stick to the only other option she had. Reading up books on this town for a bit more information and background about it, find out what she had to know about this town. And, maybe the people in it.
Luna had put on a jacket over her jeans and white-shirt before slipping on her shoes, and, heading out of the Bed and Breakfast, and, beginning to walk down the street of this town.
Luna found her gaze going towards the signs of some of these places. Alot of them seemed different to the names of places back home. For one thing they seemed alot more normal then those ones. And, she wasn't completely sure if she liked that all that much.
She had always been odd, and, Luna wasn't so good with everything being normal. At least back home, there had been a good mix of odder type things, so she didn't feel so out of place.
It hadn't always bothered her, but, here she wasn't sure it would be as easy for her to figure out whether she would still be as odd as she was back home.
Soon she reached the library and Luna pushed the door open, making her way inside. Luna sighed softly as she looked around, and, waved at the people by the counter before heading towards a couple of the bookshelves, running her fingers over the bind of these books.
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Feb 10 2017, 05:28 AM
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The truth was Luna couldn't remember how, or whether she had been told how she had ended up in this dungeon, but, she definitely knew that she wasn't going to have anyway to get out of here.
She had given up her coat to allow this man Ollivander to stay warmer, since he looked like he needed it more then she did. The poor man was old and probably wouldn't last much longer.
Honestly she didn't see what anyone would do with nobody but an old man and a teenage girl. But, for some reason they were the only two people they kept down here.
It had been a long day, and, Luna had helped care for Ollivander, before he went to sleep. Luna had given him the bed that was in here, and, she had fallen asleep on the floor on one corner of the cell.
Her dream filled with images of her childhood, not just with her father, but, with her mother too. She had loved her mother, just as much as her father did.
Luna didn't want to ever lose those memories no matter what happened, she could at least see and be with her mother when she slept and in her memories.
The last image Luna saw was the moment her mother died. That was an image she wished wasn't a memory. But, sadly she knew it was.
Luna found herself being woken when she heard someone coming down the stairs to their cell below. She slowly sat up as she looked out of the bars through the cell, wondering who it was.

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loud & proud.
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Feb 10 2017, 04:56 AM
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Luna still didn't know too much about this town, and, while she was liking it. Luna still missed her home back in London. Luna would settle for having someone to talk to about that world, or some of the creatures to bond with again.<br>
She had decided to practice some of her magic while she had the day off at the newspaper. Luna had headed to a rather empty section of the park, in order to make sure that she didn't accidentally hit someone with one of her spells if they didn't go well or had backfire.<br>
It wasn't really that easy to get some time to just use her magic without consequence, since this may be a small town, but, alot of them seemed to know everything about everyone in this town, and, always seemed to watch. So she had taken this advantage now.<br>
Luna didn't know how long she had been in this park, but, soon she heard someone else coming through the bushes, or was it something else? Luna lowered her wand mid spell, and, looked around.<br>
Noticing a small creature in front of her she tilted her head in fascination. She had seen alot of these things back in her land, back home. "Why hello there little guy." Luna said, putting her wand back into her pocket, before walking over to it. "How did you get here?" Luna picked it up, and, started to gently stroke it with her finger.</div>
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