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Mar 16 2017, 02:18 PM
Penelope Scarlet

Auron was getting used to the way traveling through portals worked here. There was no control, as far as he could tell, when they appeared, and they seemed to take people to random places. He, at least, was used to a bit more control when he was traveling to different worlds, but he supposed not everything would be the same as riding on Sin's back or hoping through doorways. The interesting part seemed to be that the key to returning was finding another portal in the realm they were taken to, as they always led back to Storybrooke.

Well, he supposed he did not have enough evidence to think 'always', as he'd only been through one personally. Still, people who disappeared from here seemed to return, and only new faces were being brought here from their realms. They were not being taken back, but rather gathered here.

It was a curious tale, and one that brought the adventurer out in Auron. He wanted to learn more and, even more importantly, find the hero that was meant to solve this problem. There were plenty of choices in this town, from the obvious to the very unlikely. Whoever it was, Auron wanted to find them, maybe guide them, but definitely guard them.

That was sort of his thing.

For now, though, he was content to walk down the road, not expecting any trouble, nor looking for any. Of course, portals chose their own moments to open up, and he had no sense that one was going to be doing so at the end of the block. He did notice someone nearby, though, glancing their way and nodding casually in greeting. It never hurt to be polite.
Dec 7 2016, 03:13 PM

With his car, if it could still be called such a generous term, in the shop, Auron had taken to walking through town to get where he needed to go. It took a little longer, maybe, but he was not unused to traveling everywhere by foot. Or airship, but that seemed like an unlikely hope in a place like this. Still, if Rikku had managed to get here through a portal, maybe Cid, and his beautiful ship, would too...

Auron was not much for daydreaming, though.

He saw things the way they were, and did what he had to in order to keep moving forward. He was not worried about the unimportant details, and found inconveniences to be just another stepping stone. Nothing worth whining over, or impeding his own way for. Walking was fine, and it allowed him to learn more about the town he was living in.

Like the food. There was a lot of food.

He was standing in front of a bakery with a rather funny name, even if he was not one for puns. It smelled divine, and he found his stomach grumbling at him urgently as he lingered to browse the displays he could see through the windows. He was a grown man, of course, a warrior and a soldier, but there was something about the way those cookies looked that really called to him.

There were a few dollars in his pocket from the bar... maybe he could just pick up a cookie.

Glancing around, Auron first had to be sure there was no one around to see him wandering into such a silly place. He was keeping up a calm, cool, and detached air, after all. There was no way he wanted to be caught buying kid's food. There were no faces he recognized around here, though, so he took the chance and plunged in, moving to the door and reaching for the handle.

One cookie never hurt anyone.
Nov 26 2016, 12:09 PM
Auron wondered why he bothered with this piece of crap car. It could barely be called a car: the foot powered rocks with wooden stumps attached to them in the Flintstone's worked better as motor vehicles than this hunk of rusted metal and screeching gears. The old car had lost most of its color, the paint chipping off and leaving blotches of white and cast iron along the places that faced the sun the most, and the actual color of the car was up for debate. Was it brown? Green?

It was gross, that was what it was. But it had also been cheap.

Auron just needed a way to get around, living on the outskirts of the city, and needing to drive in to get to his job. He settled on the cheapest running car he could find, though 'running' did not actually equate to 'working' quite as well as he had hoped it would.

After rumbling to life as he turned the engine the customary three times, the engine settled into a vibration as smooth and quite as a shaking can with a handful of quarters in it. He rolled a few feet before the 'check engine' light came on, and he rolled his eyes. The car sputtered at his indifference, a black plume of smoke appearing in the rear view mirror as Auron grunted in response.

"Yes, I hear you," he grumbled, as if the car would calm down if it knew he was paying attention to it. Like a bratty child. This one, however, was too far into its tantrum to stop, and the 'check engine' light blinked to life on the dashboard. The 'check oil' and 'empty fuel' lights also turned on, as if to support their companion, though they had both recently been checked, changed, and refilled. The 'door ajar' light came on just for the hell of it, though most of the doors literally could not open any more and the ones that could were firmly closed.

He'd been putting it off long enough. He had to take this thing in.

Turning down a street he was not too used to driving on, Auron pulled up to the garage. He tended to think he could keep this thing running on his own, but generally his efforts to 'fix' it were just strange riggings that did more damage to other things than good to the problem, though they seemed to be working so far. Still, he already felt bad for whatever mechanic was going to have to look under that hood now.

He got out of the car and looked the garage over, frowning and shoving his hands into his pockets as he walked to find someone to help him, not even bothering to lock the door. If someone wanted to steal his car, they were welcome to it. But so far, no one had done him that favor.

Rikku Noka
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