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Mar 29 2017, 08:01 PM
I thought I might start a thread for folks that like to write fanfics, for you to post links to the stuff you write, to share with folks here! Or... comment on stuff that folks have shared. You know. Writer-y stuff!

So uh. here are some things I've written recently

Ghostbusters :
Just Fluff - Three random chapters of fluffy cuteness between my favorite couple. Because why not?

The Horror Section - The first chapter of a more general Ghostbusters adventure that will, of course, include some Holtzbert love.

Steven Universe:
Terrifying Renegade - Pearl/Jasper story! Takes place after Jasper's corruption but, obviously, she won't be staying that way.

Aaaanyway, all nerdy stuff, all the time. Feel free to share or comment or whatever!
Jan 27 2017, 11:11 PM
I'm going to be posting the solo stories between my characters here. There will probably be chapter'd installments because that's just how I do.

1: Title Page
2: The Watcher of Bones :: Chapter 1
3: The Watcher of Bones :: Chapter 2
4: The Watcher of Bones :: Chapter 3
5: The Watcher of Bones :: Chapter 4
6: The Watcher of Bones :: Chapter 5 - Final
Jan 11 2017, 09:51 PM
This will get nicer looking at some point. Or not. It's not my forte, but I will try!

ANYWAY. Here is a list of folks I would love to be able to RP with as far as my characters go. ^^

Jillian Holtzmann:
Erin Gilbert
Abigail Yates
Patricia Tolan
Basically anyone!

Temperance Brennan:
Jack Hodgins
Angela Montenegro
Camille Saroyan
Lance Sweets
Max Keenan
Zack Addy
Any other character from the show!

Rupert Giles:
Ethan Rayne
Jenny Calendar
Faith Lehane
Any other character from the show!

Hans? I guess?

Anyone else! Kingdom Hearts interactions count, too!
Nov 20 2016, 04:18 PM
WELCOME to my plot thread! It is terrible and empty but it is here!

Pearl is an alien gemstone now forced to live in a human body, though she hates and is confused by most things human. Eating and sleeping are not her favorite activities, for example. She is an engineer and a brilliant warrior, largely self taught. She is also a bird mom that loves to take care of others, and spends a lot of time fretting and worrying and trying to help. And she loves to dance. Mostly she is open to meeting anyone. As far as living arrangements go, I am going to have her live with Holtzmann in the abandoned cannery for now. I would just love to get her out and about storybrooke, learning about all these crazy human things first hand and being terribly confused!

Jillian Holtzmann:
Holtzy is a terrible flirt and super outgoing, making her a dynamic and curious little social butterfly. She is very confusing and random, though, and her genius level intelligence colors her interactions toward the strange side of things. She has very few filters, and seems to be driven by impulse and a strong desire to connect with others without the understanding of just how. She loves jokes and pranks, and constantly makes things up when asked about herself. She's enigmatic in that way! That all said, I would love for her to find some friends, and enemies, here in Storybrooke.

More than that, I would adore her going to other realms through the portals! Of all my characters, Holtz is the one most liable to get anyone she is with into a ton of trouble, and get them wrapped up in all manners of adventures! Plus she would get a KICK out of visiting places from Tomorrowland, and Zootopia, and all the weirder, departed from her reality type places out there!

Temperance Brennan:
She is going to have a lot of trouble adjusting to life in a place where every single superstition she does not believe in is working really hard to be 'real', and she has no idea what to do with herself! She is a Forensic Anthropologist without any purpose, though she's going to be conducting a lot of her own research into the town in an effort to understand the strange paradoxes of its agelessness.

I would love her to get into all kinds of trouble, not understanding magic or this world! She sometimes comes off as abrasive, dismissive or rude due to her logical way of speaking, so making friends might be complicated. It's well worth it, though, as she is a very sweet person! She just has a lot of adjusting to do, and it's probably going to be a long road for her XD

Auron (play by Hugh Jackman) is looking for some stuff! Just got him approved, and definitely looking to hook up with folks! He works at the bar as a bouncer and bartender, as all tough guys with drinking problems do.

He comes from Hub World, but died while he was there, lived a while as dead and visited other areas within Hub World, then was Sent and ended up in the Underworld, where he eventually made his way to the land of the living once again. Now in Storybrooke, he really has seen almost everything, and is pretty hard to surprise.

Very calm but surprisingly warm despite his stoic appearance and solitary habits, Auron is looking for friends, enemies, fights and fun!

So feel free to hit me up. Please let me know if you'd like me to start a thread, or if you'll handle it, and if you want to chat on AIM/Skype to plot! I have Skype, I just never remember to turn it on. >>

Edit 11/30:
Oh oh, I would love for Auron to have some portal fun and go to other realms if anyone wants to go on some adventures with him! He is so used to crazy shit happening and ending up in weird realms, he won't even be phased and will be a very calm and steady person to have around. Was thinking particularly the land that time forgot or critter country! But really, I'm game for anything.

Queen Elsa lives a very quiet life in Storybrooke, but definitely needs more friends, and more stuff to do! She doesn't use her magic in public very much, thinking that keeping it quiet is still a better idea than being too forward with her powers, but she is certainly more outgoing and adventurous than she used to be! I'd love for her to get involved in more things, like making friends, or even enemies. Maybe she could have a crush on someone? Or more! I am not certain if I want to play her straight or not, so basically she is open to all things cute, and we will see where it goes! Tee hee.

Beyond that, friendships, adventures, and family stuff are definitely high on her list. She is such a sweet and loving person, and always wants to try to do the right thing, and help others. And of course, she'd love to meet up with anyone from Arendelle! Or any other displaced royalty!

Rupert Giles:
The stuffy librarian of Sunnydale High is open for anything! He is the biggest, most awkward, most terribly British dork in town, but he is very caring and stupidly brave. He is, of course, the Slayer's Watcher, and that makes him a very loving and parental type of person. His instincts tell him to motherhen everyone, and teach as many lessons about all things as he can. He is also trying to practice and learn more about the magic of the realm, as he has some small natural ability he's carried over from Sunnydale that he wants to cultivate! It's time for him to be the student again, I think.
Nov 20 2016, 01:27 PM
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<h3>Appears 40’s . Auron . Final Fantasy X . Hugh Jackman </h3>
<hr />
Auron is a very dedicated man, and can be loyal to a fault. He is often very determined to see a task through to its end, no matter what. In fact, that was one of the primary reasons he died, and why he lived on as a spirit to guide those who could finish the task he had not been able to. He seems to be a bit of a grump, often speaking in a low tone, if he speaks at all, but he actually has a rather gruff and goofy sense of humor and a dry wit. He likes to make fun of those he is close to, and it’s part of how he shows affection. He is still a very dangerous and powerful man, though, and not to be underestimated. Though he has a large capacity for kindness and even love, he is a warrior at heart.
<br><br>He carries himself in a manner befitting a warrior, a guardian, and has a deep sense of honor that regulates his choices and his path. He believes deeply in helping those who need it, and not just bringing peace to the lands, but maintaining it. He is not religious by any stretch of the imagination, after the things he’s witnessed in his life and afterlife, but he tries not to let any bitterness or jaded attitudes color the way he treats people. He believes in justice, and will not abide evil for evil’s sake. Sometimes, of course, he uses his cleverness and ingenuity to concoct plans that get what needs to be done finished, without compromising the morals of those around him. If there is a person meant to take pain or punishment, he makes sure it’s him instead of his friends.
Since being revived from the Underworld and arriving in Storybrooke, Auron relies only on his training in sword fighting and his physical power. He does not wield magic, and can at the moment not use his Overdrive skills.
In his youth, Auron trained to become a Guardian, and joined a Summoner on his pilgrimage, a part of the religion of his home world, Spira, in his journey. Along with him and the summoner, Braska, was another Guardian named Jecht. The three not only became a powerful team and eventually earned renown for their deeds throughout Spira, but they became inseparable friends. Unfortunately, the team met with the same fate most Summoners must face, and Auron was killed in the final battle with the rest of his team. Jecht became an entity of evil known as Sin, the thing that Summoners quest to defeat in their pilgrimage. Auron’s spirit, however, refused to be Sent, or move on to the spirit realm, and he remained on the mortal plain to aid the future Summoners who would inevitably quest to defeat his friend and, cruelly, take his place.
<br><br>As Guardian to Yuna, Braska’s daughter, and joined by Tidus, Jecht’s son, Auron accomplished quite a lot of the retribution and unfinished business he had before his death. Though their destiny was their own, he helped them to write their story, and stepped out of it when it was finally his time. His spirit ended up in the Underworld. Not unfamiliar with portal travel and being death, Auron does not find himself all that confused or lost when he awakens in Storybrooke. This is another story he must help write, and another destiny he must find and see through. He believes it is his place in the world, dead or alive, to help those destined for greatness to fulfill their potential.
<br><br>In Storybrooke, Auron works at the Rabbit Hole as a bartender and bouncer. He is a scary looking dude, but also always interested in listening to stories and helping those he sees in trouble at the bar. On nights of events, Auron acts as the muscle, and keeps rowdy patrons in line with firm, but serious, actions. He is not the kind to be messed with, and can hold himself in a fight. He can also take a few hits, and is not afraid of pain. A man that has died as often as he has, as it turns out, as very little to fear from drunken jerks.
<h2>RP Sample</h2>


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<h2>OoC Account</h2>
<h3>PST . Rupert Giles, Elsa</h3>




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