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Will Scarlet

Enchanted Forest

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Apr 8 2017, 04:48 PM

"What the actual bloody fuck?!"

That had been Will's initial reaction just early this morning, when he had awoken, his hand trapped in an entanglement of red hair, which definitely wasn't his. The voice he'd screeched out such a question was also decidedly not his. In fact, there was a curious familiarity about it. So much so that it had almost made Will do a double-take and check the space on the bed next to him. Oh thank God. Okay, but that didn't answer the question as to why he sounded so familiar - wait, no. That wasn't what he meant. The voice wasn't his, but all these thoughts running through his head (in a decidedly not male voice, mind) were actually his own. So after he figured out how to bloody untangle his hand from the mess of red hair, Will reached over to pull on some socks out of habit...

Then saw those. Huh. Those were definitely not his, either.

In fact, he was already dressed, which wouldn't be so out of ordinary if it weren't for the fact that those jeans looked a little too tight and his hips looked cautiously larger. Not to mention his well-endowed torso. Slowly, groggily, his mind had started putting bits and pieces together. The red hair, the familiar voice, the measurements he had unabashedly guessed upon first seeing her walk into the bar. It was when the realization dawned on him did he once again utter a slew of colorful curses before scrambling up and into his bathroom. The Wicked Witch's face stared back at him. Horrified, Will touched a hand to the cheek experimentally. Yeah, he felt that. Damn it! Was this her doing? No, Will reasoned with himself. Of course not. Why would she just transfer her physical body onto someone else? Her female body onto him? Unless she was as crazy as she was Wicked...that was still arguable.

Will grabbed his phone and dialed the first number that came to mind - Lils. She'd know what to do! Maybe? Hopefully? When the call failed to connect for the third time, Will gave up. He sighed in frustration, throwing his hands up into the air only to poise his hip out and rest a hand onto it. Damn it! No! No! He did not just sigh like a woman, to boot. Though...he wouldn't exactly deny that jutting out a hip like this was comfortable. Huh...While he had his phone in his hands, he scrolled through some of the missed calls and texts he'd received. Most of them were from his boss at the Rabbit Hole, demanding he come in for the day. Great. Fan-fucking-tastic. Now he had to work like this. Despite the annoyance, it was actually a solid plan. If Zelena was looking for her body and if for some reason she knew Will was currently in it - wait. No. Ew. Change of vocabulary. He was-erm, borrowing it? Ugh. No matter which way he spun this, it sounded wrong. Anyway! The point was she would know where to find him and they could sort this whole thing out. Maybe? Hopefully?

After throwing on one of his leather jackets, Will/Zelena made his/her way out of his/her (No. Goddamn it, no. He and his) apartment and trudged off to the Rabbit Hole. Except...for one problem. He was in heels. Admittedly, he held onto as many fences as he could and more like gracefully stumbled his way to work. Which, was a crackshit joke anyway, since his boss wasn't even there. Oh, well. At least he wouldn't be questioned as to why the Wicked Witch was now behind the counter. The only people who seemed to notice were the patrons, who seemed to shit their pants as he took his normal spot behind the bar.

Will could get used to this.

"Yeah, that's right. I don't want any shit from any of you, you hear?" Some nodded repetitively. Others looked strangely curious. Will didn't like those looks, mainly because he recognized them as characteristically male and he was not in the fucking mood. Just then, the door swung open - practically off its hinges. In stormed in Will Scarlet - or at least, his body - looking positively furious and yet (if he didn't say so himself) devilishly handsome at the same time. "You! I've only got one question for you!" Will called to who he knew was definitely Zelena in his body (Again: Ew!). "How do I start shooting off fireballs?"

Because: Priorities.

Mar 12 2017, 04:52 AM
He was already stone face drunk by the time the bouncer escorted someone else over to his bar. Tonight was just one of those nights where Will Scarlet was not in the mood to deal with other peoples' shitty baggage. He had enough on his own two shoulders and he was flabbergasted that apparently part of his job included being a therapist to fellow drunken mates. As if he gave a rat's arse. If the people who sat at his bar really want to solve their plethora of troubles, they'd be making a bee line to that grasshopper's place instead of fighting over the last bar stool available. Which had literally happened earlier this evening, mind. People thought Will made this sort of shit up. He didn't. He didn't need to; most people wouldn't believe the circus act that this place was half the time. And because Will hadn't been in any mood to deal since before he was drunk on his shift, he may or may not have punched the idiot square in the face who caused a ruckus. That shut him up real quick. Mainly because Will hadn't held back and now there was an unconscious man neatly tucked into a corner booth. He'd wake up eventually.

Taking another shot of his favorite whiskey, Will set the glass aside as he made nice and decided to greet the woman who had stepped into his bar (yes, he'd keep referring to it as his bar so long as his boss kept yelling over his shoulder "Going out! You're in charge, Scarlet!" like some high schooler assigned to watch over a daycare. Come to think of it, the comparison didn't seem too far off at times). Will had seen her face before, of course. The Wicked Witch, or so her monicker titled her. Scarlet had been here in town during her first arrival, of course, having decided to just lay low and let Blondie deal with it. There was also the little factoid that he'd technically helped Robin sneak into her Emerald Palace a long time ago...Will wasn't sure if she'd recognize his face or not, but he does remember being somewhat careful in avoiding her when he'd teamed up with his uncle.

Because apparently, stealing from powerful witches was all Will Scarlet was good for. Not that he'd argue the point.

"Well!" he called to her jovially as he made his way over to the barstool she'd seated herself on. Taking out a coaster, he set it down for her and immediately occupied her with a small glass of water, too. No one ever took upon the water, which was half the reason his bar was a circus. Including Will himself, if he were to be completely honest. "To what do I owe the pleasure?" he asked her, half-drunk (all drunk, but he'd plastered enough times to at least appear somewhat sober. A real skill of his!). After setting down the coaster and water, Will leaned his elbows onto the counter in a friendly conversationalist gesture. "What'll I be mixin' ya?" he asked her with a small grin.

ooc note: hope this is okay!


Mar 11 2017, 02:41 PM
Will had the day off from his normal shift at the Rabbit Hole. A miracle, that was. Especially considering that Will practically ran the place whilst his boss was either avoiding the fine establishment all together or getting himself shit face drunk in his own bar. Not that Will could talk, of course. He, too, enjoyed many a drinks whilst on his own shifts. How else did people expect him to get through a day's worth of other drunkard's wining and nonsense? Besides, the booze was good and who was he to turn it down? Ah, but enough about that. Can't be thinking about booze with the intent of seeing his baby cousin, now could he? Robin would have a coniption. Actually, the Scarlet thought with a quirky little smile on his lips, he'd love to see the look on Robin's face if he walked into camp with a vial of whiskey in plain sight. He couldn't be the only, he was sure. A bunch of men camping out in the woods? Will couldn't count all the beer cans he'd be likely to see.

Of course, none of that actually mattered since dear old uncle wasn't even home. Having looked in his uncle's own tent before, he knew which one it was and after politely excusing himself from Little John's intimidating shadow, he'd sashayed his way around to check inside. No Robin. No Roland, either. Bummer. Well, Will wasn't about to make this a wasted trip, so he'd taken up to chatting with the boys - or, whomever was willing to speak with him. Knowing he still had a long way to go in terms of redeeming himself, Will tried not to take it personally. Little John of course wanted nothing to do with him, which was fine because the feeling was mutual. Instead, he'd shared a beer with one of the younger Merry Men all the while keeping an ear and eye open for his cousin and uncle. He did love spending time with Roland, when his attention wasn't stolen by liquor and his jumbled mess of a memory of Wonderland.

But then someone new came into the camp. Well, not new per say, but definitely a face one would not expect if he didn't know who she was. Regina Mills - the mayor of Storybrooke and the woman who had his uncles's heart in her neat little hands. Maybe literally, who could say? If the woman was anything like her mother...Ah, but no. Will definitely did not want to think about Cora or about his time spent as her Knave, thank you very much. Instead, he focused on Regina. She was pretty, Will supposed, but her uptight personality wouldn't be one Will would think his uncle attracted to. Then again, how well could Will really claim to know his uncle? He was only reconnecting with him recently after...what? Years? Recalling, Robin hadn't visited them much as children, either.

"Well, lookie here!" Will called to the woman jovially as he stood and brushed off his leather jacket. He did notice with some interest as the other Merry Men either paid her no mind or avoided eye contact with her altogether. The ex-Knave supposed he ought to have felt the same wariness, having been swept by her first curse as well, but he didn't. Actually, he'd been rather thankful for the fake memories and the whole forgetting about his misery. Just no so much the fake name - whatever it was, he couldn't bloody remember anymore. "Regina, was it? Lookin' for Robin, ain'tcha?" Will asked with a stupid grin on his face - like a middle schooler might give to someone when asking about their crush. Because Will was a mature adult, obviously.

ooc note: let me know if i need to change anything!

Regina Mills
Jan 9 2017, 06:08 PM
as if we don't have enough games to get our muses kicking, this is another one of my favorites! the rules are pretty simple. in response to the character above you, answer in character whether or not you'd mate (friends, platonic), date or hate them! you can give a little quote for a reason or something, if you'd like and gifs/pictures are always welcomed! so i'll start off! <3

mate, date or hate?

Jan 9 2017, 05:48 PM
Yes, Will Scarlet had just conveniently exited from the liquor store even though he had a job at the Rabbit Hole and therefore a questionable amount of access to all its booze. No, he did not care that the liquor store hadn't a proper bag and had given him the stereotypical brown paper bag to package his legal purchase of whiskey. After waving the store owner goodnight, Will shut the door behind him and venture out into the chilly cold. By gods, was it getting despicably colder outside or was it just him? Shrugging his leather jacket a little closer to his body, Will crossed the street in what seemed like exaggerated, grand leaps. He really just wanted to get home and drink the night away. Possibly drink tomorrow away too seeing as he had the rare day off from his normal shift at the bar. There wasn't much waiting for him at home, so he knew that he'd most likely venture out into town somewhere, despite his invested planning to stay stone drunk.

Adjusting to Storybrooke hadn't been all that difficult for Will. He actually rather enjoyed the quaint little town and all its people (or well, most of them. If Rumple would just shut the hell up about his ended dating Bell and if Granny could not leer at him every time he walked into the bar [though Will actually understood that one], things would be a little better) and though there wasn't anything particularly noteworthy and though they seemed to find themselves constantly under siege, it at least kept them busy. Will Scarlet was accustomed to all different sorts of maddening craziness. Compared to the joyride Wonderland had been, Storybrooke seemed like a harmless...

...kitten. Will blinked, pausing in his walk. On what was the doorstep entrance to his apartment was a fluffy little ball of kittenness. In the darkness of night, Will couldn't see it all that well, so he at first assumed it to be one of the routine alley cats that came by this way. He withdrew his apartment keys from his pocket, smirking a little bit as he purposefully allowed them to jingle in order to capture the creature's attention.

He immediately regretted it.

Because when the cat turned around to face him, Will was thrown for a loop. He recognized the face of that cat. As surely as he recognized the voice he knew it possessed. Will blinked, readjusted the booze bag in his arm and then cautiously but determinedly made his way to his front door. "Chesh?" he called out, as if he doubted believing her here in front of his apartment...which he did. Now close to the animal and seeing its unmistakable coat of fluffy fur, Will allowed a friendly smile. "It is you!"

ooc note: i'm assuming chesh retains the ability to transform into a cat, so i thought up this cute idea. let me know if you want me to change anything!

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