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Rory Gilmore

Land Without Magic

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Feb 11 2018, 08:44 AM
The wedding was being one of the best that she had attended to in a long time, not only because it was entertaining but also because it felt like something especial for a reason that she could not really pinpoint. Seeing the new friends that she had made here interact with her family, and people who were a part of her it was odd in a marvelous way. It felt like reading the ending of a book but not the part where the story ended per se but the happily ever after; a soft smile touched her lips as she looked at her surroundings.

A couple of years ago, well a year ago if she was honest the idea of something like this was oddly frightening. She had rejected Logan’s marriage proposal all these years ago because of the same thing, it had felt too rushed too soon; what had made her say no wasn’t lack of love (she had loved him back then even if now she only considered him a good friend) but rather the fact that the weight of a ring on her finger felt like a burden rather than something good.

Now as she looked at what was in front of her she pondered briefly what would be her reply to the same situation now, but with Jess instead of Logan and without hesitation she knew the answer.

The opposite of what she told him what feels like a lifetime ago in her dorm of Yale.

Jess Mariano

Jul 5 2017, 02:12 PM
No one could say that Rory Gilmore was unable to be friendly or sweet; since she was little the brunette had aimed to be as nice as she could to everybody, to give the best impression that could be given. Some people even mistook her way of acting and chattiness with a extrovert personality but the truth was that Rory was not extrovert, at all. She still had fresh the memory of when she tried to join the festivity and the wildness of the spring break and she lasted partying like one day (and it was one day more than what she would have normally enjoyed)
Tonight she had attended a work meeting that had ended up with most of the coworkers in a karaoke bar, in varying states of sobriety. As soon as she had been able to say goodbye without being rude she had excused herself, she was an awful singer and no amount of alcohol in this world would convince her to sing in public (she had already done it briefly during Sherry’s baby shower and it had been only in order to indulge her step-mother). It was late but for some strange reason the starts looked especially pretty tonight, so her steps lead her towards the park instead of back home.

She pulled her book out and the portable reading lamp that she had always in her bag (she liked to be ready for everything) and sat on a bench, immersing herself in the world of Jane Austen as the soft breeze caressed her.



Jul 3 2017, 03:22 PM
A lot had changed in Rory’s Gilmore’s life since her arrival to Storybrooke; some of them for good and others for bad. Lorelai had recovered her memories, which meant that Rory had recovered her mother in a way, apparently the whole “true love kiss” had been real and Luke had been able to break the spell. Related to true love, or love at the least was the fact that Jess and her had decided to give their relationship another try; they had matured enough to make work this time or so it seemed. Work also seemed to be fine, Rory enjoyed her position in the paper and while it was not the New York Times she had a lot of writing freedom if compared with past positions.

One could deduce that her life had been quite great, and she would have agreed until the beginning of the zombie attacks and of course the creation of the barrier around Storybrooke. Rory had been bit by a zombie and witnessed firsthand what had happened with the poor people who had tried to leave, events that had touched her in ways that nothing had before. She tried to keep her mind busy, free time made her think too much so when she had seen Thumbelina in the flower show the other day she had offered to give her one of the literature lessons that she had promised the girl. They had agreed to meet the Saturday at ten in the morning so that they would be finished before lunch without having to wake up too early.

Apr 9 2017, 03:08 PM
Despite of April’s fools being something that people at times were looking for, Rory Gilmore had never paid a lot of attention to it, mainly because she never pulled pranks on people. Sure, in the past if pressed she had done some things that could be considered not exactly nice, like the critique that she did about a ballet dancer that earned the famous ‘Die jerk’ graffiti, but pranking someone without any reason behind it? That was not her thing. Because of that her plans for the Saturday were the same that she tended to have during the weekend; catching up with some work, doing house chores, having lunch, reading, visiting her mom, going out with Jess…Saturdays were nice days since she could sleep in plus she didn’t have to go to bed early.

All her plans were broken when her eyes opened; no morning light greeted her since she could only see blackness. Rory tried to get quickly off the bed, completely panicked and only succeeded in accidentally trapping her foot with the sheets thus falling to the ground with a thud. The youngest Gilmore was completely freaked out wondering why she was blind; she needed to go to a doctor, to call someone to assist her, anything really.

A knock on the door distracted her from her chaotic line of thoughts and she suddenly remembered that she had agreed to meet with Maria so that she could borrow the young girl one of her Jane Austen books. Well, the book borrowing would have to wait until tomorrow; Rory moved towards the main door nervously asking Maria to take her to the Dragonfly inn, explaining her problem quickly.
Once they arrived she waited on the hallway, now changed into a light dress (she didn’t want to go around in her pajamas )thanks to Maria’s help, tapping her fingers nervously against her side.
Mar 1 2017, 02:21 PM
The brunette looked around the row of books, a focused expression as she looked for the title that she was looking for today in the library. The brunette had promised that she was going to give Farewell to arms a second (and likely last) chance, although her personal experience had her convinced of that she would never be a Hemingway kind of person. The only problem was that her current copy of the book was in Kasumi’s house since she had borrowed it to her friend, so she decided to just borrow it from the library instead of asking back for it (after all she doubted that she would manage to read more than a couple of chapters before giving up again on the novel)

Rory finally found it in one of the top shelves, which unluckily put it slightly out of her reach. During normal circumstances she would have asked someone taller to get it for her, but sadly she seemed to be alone since she had not even spotted the librarian thus she did what seemed like the logical alternative: Jumping to get the book

Sadly her lack of balance meant that after getting it she lost her balance and fell backwards.

Jacob Stone
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