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Rory Gilmore

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Apr 9 2017, 03:08 PM
Despite of April’s fools being something that people at times were looking for, Rory Gilmore had never paid a lot of attention to it, mainly because she never pulled pranks on people. Sure, in the past if pressed she had done some things that could be considered not exactly nice, like the critique that she did about a ballet dancer that earned the famous ‘Die jerk’ graffiti, but pranking someone without any reason behind it? That was not her thing. Because of that her plans for the Saturday were the same that she tended to have during the weekend; catching up with some work, doing house chores, having lunch, reading, visiting her mom, going out with Jess…Saturdays were nice days since she could sleep in plus she didn’t have to go to bed early.

All her plans were broken when her eyes opened; no morning light greeted her since she could only see blackness. Rory tried to get quickly off the bed, completely panicked and only succeeded in accidentally trapping her foot with the sheets thus falling to the ground with a thud. The youngest Gilmore was completely freaked out wondering why she was blind; she needed to go to a doctor, to call someone to assist her, anything really.

A knock on the door distracted her from her chaotic line of thoughts and she suddenly remembered that she had agreed to meet with Maria so that she could borrow the young girl one of her Jane Austen books. Well, the book borrowing would have to wait until tomorrow; Rory moved towards the main door nervously asking Maria to take her to the Dragonfly inn, explaining her problem quickly.
Once they arrived she waited on the hallway, now changed into a light dress (she didn’t want to go around in her pajamas )thanks to Maria’s help, tapping her fingers nervously against her side.
Mar 1 2017, 02:21 PM
The brunette looked around the row of books, a focused expression as she looked for the title that she was looking for today in the library. The brunette had promised that she was going to give Farewell to arms a second (and likely last) chance, although her personal experience had her convinced of that she would never be a Hemingway kind of person. The only problem was that her current copy of the book was in Kasumi’s house since she had borrowed it to her friend, so she decided to just borrow it from the library instead of asking back for it (after all she doubted that she would manage to read more than a couple of chapters before giving up again on the novel)

Rory finally found it in one of the top shelves, which unluckily put it slightly out of her reach. During normal circumstances she would have asked someone taller to get it for her, but sadly she seemed to be alone since she had not even spotted the librarian thus she did what seemed like the logical alternative: Jumping to get the book

Sadly her lack of balance meant that after getting it she lost her balance and fell backwards.

Jacob Stone
Nov 17 2016, 03:36 PM
Since the brunette was past her twenties, it was no surprise that Rory had learned by now most of her limitations. She knew that she was a lightweight, thus she had learned to pace herself the few nights that she had partied with friends, she knew that once a book managed to catch her interest she completely lost track of time which mean that she could never start to read when she didn’t have much time. The only limitation that the girl had not accepted was that she wasn’t specially good at multitasking, which was what she was trying to do right now. Rory had one arm full of books that she had borrowed from the library, on the other heavy bags with the food that she had bought in the supermarket and on top of that, instead of paying attention to her surroundings she was doing a mental list of things that needed to be done before tomorrow.

Of course doing so many things at the same time was bound to disaster, and indeed, her downfall came in the shape of hole in the pavement, small enough to not be easy to spot but big enough for the brunette to lose her balance when she stepped on it.

Kylo Ren
Nov 5 2016, 03:17 PM
When Rory had found out that there were news about her mother Rory had basically dropped without hesitation everything in order to travel to where Lorelai was. Yes she cared about her job, her friends, but there was nothing more important than family, no one that mattered to her more than the people close to her. She had been waiting for this for a while, although the circumstances weren’t going to let her do what she had always imagined, the scenario in which she hugged tightly her mom as they put that stupid fight in the past, like if it hadn’t existed at all. Lorelai’s memories were gone, she didn’t know who Rory was and it hurt, but she was determined to help her remember, no matter how much time was needed.

The morning was cold and cloudy, clearly rain was approaching and thankfully she had brought her umbrella; normally she didn’t mind to get caught in the rain without it but today she was carrying a couple of the books that she had taken from the library and she would rather drown than to see a drop of water touch them; well perhaps that was a bit of a exaggeration but she really cared about books. The smell of coffee and food greeted her and she moved towards the counter, ready to take the first (of many) coffee of the day.

The scent of coffee reached her senses, a small smile on her lips, she could almost taste the bitter-ish flavor on her tongue; she was so distracted that she didn’t see the man in front of her until she bumped into him. Luckily she managed to move her hand away so that not much coffee was spilled, but it burned and she couldn’t help the irritated huff that left her lips when she spotted the coffee stains in the sleeve of her white blouse. Her attention in the sleeved shifted quickly towards the blonde in front of him, a embarrassed expression appearing on her face.

“I am so sorry, I should really pay more attention to where I look” she said before looking on her bag to look for tissues in order to clean her fingers.

Nov 4 2016, 08:26 AM
The past few days had been filled with colder temperatures, wind and a little bit of rain but today was completely different; the sun was shining and even if the temperatures weren’t completely warm this morning weather was definitively better than the ones that Rory had been experiencing these past few days in the city. Today Rory had woken up in a bright mode, something that could be seen in the smile of her lips, and the relaxed expression in her face; she had even taken her typical morning coffee which had filled her with energy and the desire of seeing more of Storybrooke. Her mind wasn’t completely free of problems, the issue with Lorelai’s memory was far from fixed but since for now there was no way to change the situation she decided to attempt to forget it for a few hours. She loved her mother with all her heart but worrying so much had stressed Rory lately and she could use a little bit of “worry free” time.

Her wanderings carried her to a shop that she had not noticed before, Game of Thorns, a fitting name considering that it sold flowers; the brunette approached to take a look inside. She had to admit that the ones that they sold here were extraordinarily beautiful but what caught her glance was a small bouquet of white lilies; they were one of her favourite flowers

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