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May 24 2017, 02:37 PM
Rush wasn’t sure when it had happened, but at some point he had stopped totally hating teaching kids such basic math. Maybe it was just because it was all so easy and hardly seemed like work to him at all, or perhaps it was because there was something kind of nice about seeing those who truly had talent in math at their earliest stage. Maybe it was knowing that, ultimately, the experience was only going to be temporary. Whatever the case, Rush found himself less inclined to bolt the moment the school day was over. He even allowed students to linger after class and get help from him, at least every once in a while.

Normally, he would just shoo them off to tutors or tell them to speak to his assistant. When had he started taking time for his students? Hell, when had he started learning their names? He realized suddenly that he knew some of them, and he wasn’t sure he had ever consciously sought to remember such information.

He supposed it had come from calling on them in class. After so many times of hearing them say their names for him, it must have just subconsciously started to stick.

Surely he didn’t like his job- that was impossible.

In the midst of not liking his job, Rush was once again in his classroom after the lessons had ended for the day. His students had all gone home, but he was there looking over some of their homework. Usually he let Eli deal with that nonsense, but he had allowed the young man to head off early so he could spend some time with Chloe. She would need help getting used to this place, so clearly he had more important things to do. It was perfectly reasonable and not at all because he found he didn’t mind looking at the homework himself anymore.

He sighed as he worked, taking a moment to remove his glasses so he could rub at his eyes. Having the glasses back did little to calm the headaches he dealt with, it seemed. Stress had taken over when his eyes had been dealt with. He couldn’t help think about what had happened with Amanda and that Dark One. On top of that, he was having recurring dreams about those blue aliens ever since Chloe had shown up again. All that coupled with the arm injury he had recently suffered, he was one stressed out math genius.

The school work also seemed to help distract him. That could have more to do with him wanting to handle it himself than liking it, right?

Toby Curtis
May 9 2017, 10:26 AM
Rush was glad to be out of the hospital. He was sure Amanda was, too, though there was still physical therapy for the both of them to go to. For the most part, Rush was focused on helping her as much as possible. She had to learn how to walk again- he had a kind of stiff leg. Of course he was going to do everything for her. Especially since he was still feeling guilty about things.

She could tell him all she wanted that it hadn't been his fault, but she had no proof and he was still very much convinced that, should he not have had the misfortune of looking like the Dark One, she never would have gotten attacked. He should have met with Rumple sooner or something- he had never given it much thought.

Of course, now he heard that the man had been possessed by some kind of demon or something at the time, but that didn't make him feel more inclined to like him. Not really.

He was already awake that morning, getting himself changed. He had decided to let Amanda sleep a little longer, sitting in a chair in the bedroom. It was nice that the room wasn't super small, though it wasn't exactly an apartment, either. It was just the only place they could be until they had enough to get a proper home. But the Dragonfly was very accommodating. They seemed eager to help everyone who had been lost from their own realms and stuck in a place they knew nothing about.

He was awkwardly trying to get his pants on. While he didn't have a cast anymore, he couldn't quite move his leg how he wanted to- the doctors said it would take time to get back to normal after the surgery. He didn't mind. It wasn't like he was a marathon runner or anything. It wasn't even that sore anymore. It tended only to get painful if he allowed himself to run around for long spans of time, or keep on his feet all day.

He felt lucky. His face had healed and there wasn't any permanent damage. His leg, too, would heal in time. There was no trace of anything the Dark One had done to him that was set to linger. But what about Amanda? What if she could never walk properly again? After spending so long in a wheelchair the first time?

The guilt gnawed at him as he zipped up his pants and got to his feet, moving over to the bed and leaning over to give Amanda a gentle kiss on the forehead. "Good morning," he offered her softly.

Amanda Perry
May 9 2017, 07:22 AM
Rush wasn't feeling well. It had been a few days since he had been attacked by those zombies, and thankfully no more had come sniffing around the town, it seemed, but he still wasn't doing very well. While he had been making his escape, he had been bitten on the forearm by one of those creatures and it had done quite a good deal of damage, ripping the flesh and leaving long, painful wounds behind before he had managed to tear his arm away. While it was clear he wasn't going to be turning into one of those monsters like in the movies, that didn't mean the wounds weren't infected.

With the quick treatment he had gotten for them in the heat of the moment, it wasn't really a surprise that he was still feeling unwell. He hadn't actually gone to the doctor after they had escaped the zombies- he hadn't wanted to. Doctors offices reminded him too much of the operating tables inside the blue alien's ship, and he tended to have bad flashbacks when he was inside them. His last stay had been painful enough- he didn't want to go back if he didn't have to.

So, of course, he hadn't told Amanda about his arm and had been doing his best to hide it from her.

He moved to sit down on a park bench, letting out a heavy sigh. He was sweating, feeling very tired from the short walk from the Dragonfly Inn. He stayed there with Amanda, because she worked there with Lorelai. It wasn't much but it was home enough, he supposed. Until he could get his own home with her, at least.

Closing his eyes, he let the back of his head rest on the top of the bench he was sitting on, his long hair falling way from his face and to the sides. Hot- he felt hot. He knew he probably had a fever. An infection, just what he needed! How was he supposed to work on a way back to the Destiny when he was feeling so horrible?

He sighed and shook his head. He could do it... he could go to the hospital and get some antibiotics. He didn't have to stay if he didn't want to, right? They couldn't force him. Just a couple of hours...

He was doing his best to convince himself that it was for his own good, but that part of his brain that reminded him he had been experimented on and tortured was very loud. He opened his eyes, looking up at the sky. At least the park seemed to be quiet that morning- there were only a few people walking around.

Including a very familiar young lady that he hadn't noticed quite yet.

Chloe - I figure this one takes place after the Rumple one. XD
Mar 16 2017, 04:13 PM
Rush was running. He wasn't a very fast man, but he was running all the same. Running from some creatures that had just jumped out at him while he'd been on his way home. If he had to use a non-scientific word to describe them, he would call them... well... zombies! He had been attacked by zombies. Worse than that, though, was the fact that he had been bitten by one.

He was not a man who indulged in pop culture, naturally. He preferred math and science and all things grounded in reality. He had no interest in fantasy. However, that didn't mean he wasn't aware of what was going on in the realm of movie and TV. People gabbed about it all over- Eli never shut up about the newest game or movie. So he still knew enough about zombies, from a fantasy setting, to know that they were mostly described as mindless creatures in search of flesh, and whose bite could turn someone into one of their kind.

His hand moved to his arm, landing directly over a large tear in his flesh, deep red blood seeping through his shaking fingers.

No, he was being unreasonable because of his fear- being bitten by these things didn't mean he was going to turn into one. There was no saying the things they talked about on TV was even worth considering- it was all a bunch of hogwash. But then again... this was a place where fairy tales came to life. Just how much that they called fantasy was actually real?

It made his stomach churn in an unhappy way, but he pushed the thoughts from his mind for the time being. None of it would really matter if he didn't get the hell away from the creatures following him. They would rip him apart and he would be dead.

So he needed to avoid that first.

He kept running through the streets, getting to the closest building he could find- which happened to be the library. He tucked himself through the door as quickly as possible, slamming it shut and looking for something to push against it. He shoved the nearest book cart to the door, hoping it would keep him safe. Slowly, he took a few steps away from the door, whimpering and panting heavily.

"H-hello!?" He called helplessly, "is anyone here?! Can anyone help me?!" He hoped someone was there, either working on just using the space, to help him with his arm and maybe help him fend off a possible zombie attack on the library.
Mar 15 2017, 10:45 PM
Rush was not a man who cared about the plight of, well, anyone other than himself.

Despite the fact that the diner was absolutely packed that day, Rush had claimed one of the booths for himself and had refused to remove himself for hours on end, ordering only coffee and otherwise demanding to be left alone. It was infuriating for Granny, he was sure, but he also didn't care about that. Actually, he wasn't even sure if she was THERE, or if someone else was looking after the diner. All he knew was that he needed his space to work and he had no intention of sharing his table with anyone, even if they demanded it.

He had a taser and he knew how to use it.

As people glared at him while looking for somewhere to sit, Rush mused over the large collection of papers that cluttered the table, most of them written in a language that was anything but English. Ancient, Rush would claim if asked, should he feel like saying something other than profanity and a desire to be left alone. The papers varied in size and color, and included a couple of blueprints, too. They were of large, round doorways of some kind, with highly advanced designs and more of the same strange gibberish all over the place.

There were also a collection of personal notes from a small notebook on the table too, which Rush was using for reference as he wrote something on a fresh, large sheet of paper. He had gotten so used to finding space for things on his tiny notebook that he had almost forgotten what a luxury like abundant paper even was.

He had quickly gotten over that.

The scruffy man continued with his work, clearly very wrapped up in whatever he was working on. Though there was a lot of that Ancient language all over the place, it was pretty obvious that he was working on some kind of math problems- highly advanced equations, if one had to describe them.

The only kind of math he loved.

His coffee continued to sit next to him, forgotten for the time being. He hadn't even noticed yet that he was actually starving. He was just... working. Working in the middle of the diner because he didn't have enough space in his apartment anymore. The place was already littered with too many other projects and he had needed to get out of his own brain for a bit. The diner was a great place to work, save for all the noise of those rude people trying to eat or whatever.

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