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Nicholas Rush


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Feb 2 2018, 11:15 AM
Rush wasn’t really the ‘get piss drunk just because you can’ type, but that didn’t mean he didn’t sometimes feel the need to relax at the end of a long day. Especially when the long day had very little in way of progress. He had spent all day working in his lab, trying to figure out some way to make a functional stargate so he could get his ass back home somehow. Destiny needed him, at least, the ship version did, and he needed it, too. This place was boring and small and had nothing in terms of technological advancements.

He wasn’t just going to sit on his ass and not manage to get anywhere.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to matter how hard he worked or how long, even when the night trickled into day and he hadn’t managed to get any sleep. Regardless of how many hours he poured into his projects, he seemed no closer to being able to go home than he had been at the start, when he first arrived. It was infuriating. But what bothered him most was how much he was getting used to living there. How... Happy he felt from time to time. He was forgetting what was important for a comfortable life with Amanda.

There had to be more for him out there. There had to be a way back to the Destiny, for the both of them. They could be happy here, they could be happy there, actually doing something important instead of sitting around, right?


So he was at the bar, sitting on one of the stools and having himself a nice glass of whiskey. One of several to come, if the night allowed it. He was in no mood to beat around the bush: he wanted to get drunk. Forget about his failures and how trapped he was. About the confusing feelings that dripped into a pool of contentment.

Surely he wasn’t happy here- he couldn’t be. Could he? He downed the glass rather quickly, tapping the bar to get the attention of the bar tender. The man moved himself over, re-filling the drink without any protest. With a nod of thanks, Rush tucked into his second glass.

He was making good time.

River Song
Jan 20 2018, 10:08 PM
Rush sighed faintly. He was tired, but that wasn’t really a shock to anyone. He didn’t sleep well- not with the nightmares. Nightmares of being abducted by aliens and experimented on for weeks were now alternating with nightmares of being kidnapped by zombies and nearly used as a nice, light snack. Like he really needed more keeping him up at night! He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, ignoring the looks of the people in the diner as he waited for his coffee. They stared at him with confusion, sometimes fear and rarely anger.

All because he looked suspiciously like the Dark One. Everyone confused him with Rumple, even with his beard and thinner appearance! Couldn’t they see his glasses? Didn’t they notice that his accent was a heavy Glaswegian one, not some pseudo scottish one from the Enchanted Forest, or whatever their home had been called? It wasn’t difficult to see that he was not the same person.

Yet, he still got the looks.

Taking his coffee from the waitress, Rush waited no time in scooting away from the counter and making his way out of the shop. He didn’t want to take a look around at the people staring at him- he just wanted to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible. If he didn’t see the way they were looking at him, he wouldn’t get as angry as just knowing they were still doing it without actually seeing it.

Sound logic.

The mathematician pushed himself out the front door of the diner, stomping down the steps with coffee in hand, the protective top the only thing keeping it from splattering everywhere with his rough stride.

He was looking down at the coffee cup and not where he was going, however, and sure enough he paid the typical price for it: he ended up slamming right into someone, his coffee cup escaping his grasp and splashing open against the ground, coating his pants and shoes in piping hot liquid.

This did not improve his mood.

Argent - obviously, he doesn't HAVE to be the poor soul Rush slammed into, he could just be nearby to witness it if you like. XD
Jan 20 2018, 01:01 PM
Rush frowned heavily, looking around at the ridiculous gathering. People in dresses and suits, playing with masks and pretending this was some kind of victorian era.Wasn’t it all just a little bit insane? Anyway, he had been to a fantasyland not that long ago, where this kind of thing would have been common place, and he really didn’t need reminders of that trip. Then again, Amanda had been there, too, and she seemed eager about this dance.

It may not have been the setting she was interested in, though, as much as the fact that it was a dance and she had two legs to participate with. Really, he couldn’t hold that against her, and the delight it must have brought her to be able to play at these things was literally the only reason he had even agreed to go in the first place.

Seeing her happy was the only thing that mattered to him, after math. And maybe the people who had come from the Destiny. mattered to him, too, but after Amanda and math. Okay, he like a couple of people in town too, but they were definitely last on the list. Teaching wasn’t so bad, he supposed, and he liked his students a little bit. The new project of a research institute was pretty cool, too.

Damn, when had he started to care about more than just his equations?

When he thought about things that way, then he was less and less angry about being at the stupid party in the first place. There were people there that he could actually speak to, and connections he was only just realizing he had. He frowned, unsure how to process his feelings at the moment. Looking down, he pulled a long box from his inner jacket pocket- a black gift with red ribbon on it. A present for Amanda, of course.

Not a ring, the box wasn’t the right shape, but still something he hoped she would like. He tucked it away quickly, wondering when the best time to give it to her would be.

If they were still on the ship, he wouldn’t have to deal with any of this. Looking around, the mathematician wasn’t sure where Amanda had wondered off to. Maybe to the restroom, maybe to chat with friends. Whatever the case, he was going to fill his time by filling his stomach with some of the food the place had to offer.

Just his luck- it was good, too. One less thing he could actually complain about. What did that leave him? Was he actually going to ENJOY this evening?

Amanda Perry
May 24 2017, 02:37 PM
Rush wasn’t sure when it had happened, but at some point he had stopped totally hating teaching kids such basic math. Maybe it was just because it was all so easy and hardly seemed like work to him at all, or perhaps it was because there was something kind of nice about seeing those who truly had talent in math at their earliest stage. Maybe it was knowing that, ultimately, the experience was only going to be temporary. Whatever the case, Rush found himself less inclined to bolt the moment the school day was over. He even allowed students to linger after class and get help from him, at least every once in a while.

Normally, he would just shoo them off to tutors or tell them to speak to his assistant. When had he started taking time for his students? Hell, when had he started learning their names? He realized suddenly that he knew some of them, and he wasn’t sure he had ever consciously sought to remember such information.

He supposed it had come from calling on them in class. After so many times of hearing them say their names for him, it must have just subconsciously started to stick.

Surely he didn’t like his job- that was impossible.

In the midst of not liking his job, Rush was once again in his classroom after the lessons had ended for the day. His students had all gone home, but he was there looking over some of their homework. Usually he let Eli deal with that nonsense, but he had allowed the young man to head off early so he could spend some time with Chloe. She would need help getting used to this place, so clearly he had more important things to do. It was perfectly reasonable and not at all because he found he didn’t mind looking at the homework himself anymore.

He sighed as he worked, taking a moment to remove his glasses so he could rub at his eyes. Having the glasses back did little to calm the headaches he dealt with, it seemed. Stress had taken over when his eyes had been dealt with. He couldn’t help think about what had happened with Amanda and that Dark One. On top of that, he was having recurring dreams about those blue aliens ever since Chloe had shown up again. All that coupled with the arm injury he had recently suffered, he was one stressed out math genius.

The school work also seemed to help distract him. That could have more to do with him wanting to handle it himself than liking it, right?

Toby Curtis
May 9 2017, 10:26 AM
Rush was glad to be out of the hospital. He was sure Amanda was, too, though there was still physical therapy for the both of them to go to. For the most part, Rush was focused on helping her as much as possible. She had to learn how to walk again- he had a kind of stiff leg. Of course he was going to do everything for her. Especially since he was still feeling guilty about things.

She could tell him all she wanted that it hadn't been his fault, but she had no proof and he was still very much convinced that, should he not have had the misfortune of looking like the Dark One, she never would have gotten attacked. He should have met with Rumple sooner or something- he had never given it much thought.

Of course, now he heard that the man had been possessed by some kind of demon or something at the time, but that didn't make him feel more inclined to like him. Not really.

He was already awake that morning, getting himself changed. He had decided to let Amanda sleep a little longer, sitting in a chair in the bedroom. It was nice that the room wasn't super small, though it wasn't exactly an apartment, either. It was just the only place they could be until they had enough to get a proper home. But the Dragonfly was very accommodating. They seemed eager to help everyone who had been lost from their own realms and stuck in a place they knew nothing about.

He was awkwardly trying to get his pants on. While he didn't have a cast anymore, he couldn't quite move his leg how he wanted to- the doctors said it would take time to get back to normal after the surgery. He didn't mind. It wasn't like he was a marathon runner or anything. It wasn't even that sore anymore. It tended only to get painful if he allowed himself to run around for long spans of time, or keep on his feet all day.

He felt lucky. His face had healed and there wasn't any permanent damage. His leg, too, would heal in time. There was no trace of anything the Dark One had done to him that was set to linger. But what about Amanda? What if she could never walk properly again? After spending so long in a wheelchair the first time?

The guilt gnawed at him as he zipped up his pants and got to his feet, moving over to the bed and leaning over to give Amanda a gentle kiss on the forehead. "Good morning," he offered her softly.

Amanda Perry
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