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Nicholas Rush


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Mar 16 2017, 04:13 PM
Rush was running. He wasn't a very fast man, but he was running all the same. Running from some creatures that had just jumped out at him while he'd been on his way home. If he had to use a non-scientific word to describe them, he would call them... well... zombies! He had been attacked by zombies. Worse than that, though, was the fact that he had been bitten by one.

He was not a man who indulged in pop culture, naturally. He preferred math and science and all things grounded in reality. He had no interest in fantasy. However, that didn't mean he wasn't aware of what was going on in the realm of movie and TV. People gabbed about it all over- Eli never shut up about the newest game or movie. So he still knew enough about zombies, from a fantasy setting, to know that they were mostly described as mindless creatures in search of flesh, and whose bite could turn someone into one of their kind.

His hand moved to his arm, landing directly over a large tear in his flesh, deep red blood seeping through his shaking fingers.

No, he was being unreasonable because of his fear- being bitten by these things didn't mean he was going to turn into one. There was no saying the things they talked about on TV was even worth considering- it was all a bunch of hogwash. But then again... this was a place where fairy tales came to life. Just how much that they called fantasy was actually real?

It made his stomach churn in an unhappy way, but he pushed the thoughts from his mind for the time being. None of it would really matter if he didn't get the hell away from the creatures following him. They would rip him apart and he would be dead.

So he needed to avoid that first.

He kept running through the streets, getting to the closest building he could find- which happened to be the library. He tucked himself through the door as quickly as possible, slamming it shut and looking for something to push against it. He shoved the nearest book cart to the door, hoping it would keep him safe. Slowly, he took a few steps away from the door, whimpering and panting heavily.

"H-hello!?" He called helplessly, "is anyone here?! Can anyone help me?!" He hoped someone was there, either working on just using the space, to help him with his arm and maybe help him fend off a possible zombie attack on the library.
Mar 15 2017, 10:45 PM
Rush was not a man who cared about the plight of, well, anyone other than himself.

Despite the fact that the diner was absolutely packed that day, Rush had claimed one of the booths for himself and had refused to remove himself for hours on end, ordering only coffee and otherwise demanding to be left alone. It was infuriating for Granny, he was sure, but he also didn't care about that. Actually, he wasn't even sure if she was THERE, or if someone else was looking after the diner. All he knew was that he needed his space to work and he had no intention of sharing his table with anyone, even if they demanded it.

He had a taser and he knew how to use it.

As people glared at him while looking for somewhere to sit, Rush mused over the large collection of papers that cluttered the table, most of them written in a language that was anything but English. Ancient, Rush would claim if asked, should he feel like saying something other than profanity and a desire to be left alone. The papers varied in size and color, and included a couple of blueprints, too. They were of large, round doorways of some kind, with highly advanced designs and more of the same strange gibberish all over the place.

There were also a collection of personal notes from a small notebook on the table too, which Rush was using for reference as he wrote something on a fresh, large sheet of paper. He had gotten so used to finding space for things on his tiny notebook that he had almost forgotten what a luxury like abundant paper even was.

He had quickly gotten over that.

The scruffy man continued with his work, clearly very wrapped up in whatever he was working on. Though there was a lot of that Ancient language all over the place, it was pretty obvious that he was working on some kind of math problems- highly advanced equations, if one had to describe them.

The only kind of math he loved.

His coffee continued to sit next to him, forgotten for the time being. He hadn't even noticed yet that he was actually starving. He was just... working. Working in the middle of the diner because he didn't have enough space in his apartment anymore. The place was already littered with too many other projects and he had needed to get out of his own brain for a bit. The diner was a great place to work, save for all the noise of those rude people trying to eat or whatever.

Jyn Erso
Nov 1 2016, 12:00 AM
Rush took a moment to look himself in the mirror. He was wearing a white dress shirt and some nice pants, though he supposed anything beat the thermal, t-shirt and vest he had been forced to wear every day aboard the Destiny. He looked better now than he had in a very long time, though he still couldn't bring himself to have a proper shave. Somehow, he had grown used to seeing himself with a shabby beard, and just because he was trapped in a town with all the amenities didn't mean he needed to change everything from his life on the Destiny, right?

Anyway, it made him look different from his apparent clone, so the beard wasn't going anywhere. Honestly, he was just being a dork. He was nervous because he had asked Amanda to meet him at the park so they could... talk.

They had just found one another again, but given how things had gone the last time they saw one another, he felt like they needed some time to clear the air. They needed to talk. If he could explain what had happened, maybe he could finally put some of the guilt he'd been carrying this whole time off to the side. She could finally know that he really did love her.

Even if their reunion had probably hinted at that, he still felt like some good talking time was the best thing for the both of them.

Despite the fact that the thought of it made him want to pee his pants.

Swallowing a knot in his throat, the man left his room, heading out of the bed and breakfast and making his way towards the park where he had asked her to meet him. This still felt a little on the surreal side. Not the 'lost in another world' part so much as the 'Amanda back from the dead' thing. How could this be? How was it that she was back to normal? Better than normal, in fact? She could walk and do whatever she wanted- she wasn't the Mandy he had known at the university.

She was, however, the Mandy he had dreamed about more than once.

Awkwardly, he sat himself down on a bench, folding his hands together in his lap as he did his best to look calm and collected as he waited for her to join him. He was sure that feeling of needing to puke would fade eventually, right?

God, he hoped so.

Amanda Perry
Oct 31 2016, 11:47 PM
The day had started out well enough. He had wandered off to meet up with Amanda for a nice, romantic dinner and, while he had been very nervous, he had been anticipating a good evening. He never would have thought that all those weird rumors would actually come into play while he was with her. There were rumblings around town about how portals were appearing randomly, sucking people into various other worlds without warning. Some people found their ways back home, but others were apparently trapped in new, unwanted homes. Something he could relate to, at least.

But he hadn't fallen through a random portal- he had walked through a stargate. A stargate that had, apparently, crossed paths with one of these portals and had planted him somewhere entirely new. Still, he couldn't really believe that magic was responsible for everything.

There had to be something more scientific to blame than that.

So it had come as a bit of a shock to him to have a first-hand experience with magic. With portals, in fact. He had just picked Amanda up and had been walking together when, out of nowhere, this purple vortex had just appeared under his feet. Before he could react, he found himself suddenly falling, and though he could do nothing about it, he knew Amanda had been falling along with him. There was no way he could push her out of the way or attempt to save her. It was already too late for that.

It had all happened so quickly, it was over before he had been given a chance to even think about things.

When next he woke, he found himself lying in a field of grass, not a building in sight. It felt like they must have fallen from quite a height, as his whole body moaned in protest as he pushed himself up from the ground. He groaned and moved a hand to his forehead, wincing slightly as his fingers brushed a cut running along his scalp.

Pulling his fingers back, he observed the blood on his hands. Thankfully, it didn't seem like a large cut, and he had probably obtained it hitting a rock or something when he'd landed.

With no other apparent injuries, he got himself to his feet, panic quickly striking him as he remembered that he wasn't the only person who had landed in a strange place.

"Mandy?!" He all but screamed, looking around the clearing frantically. "Mandy!"

Amanda Perry
Oct 31 2016, 11:34 PM
There had been a time in his life where being a teacher didn't seem like such an insane thing. He had his wife, his work, and his teaching at the university. Things had been good. Picturesque, one might say. But then his work started to get the better of him and he drove himself away from the other aspects of his life. When his wife died, well, that sort of put an end to his teaching days, too. He had sold his soul to his research, and that had become the only thing he was interested in.

And then, of course, he had ended up on a spaceship billions of lightyears from earth. That had put a bit of a hamper on the teaching things.

Somehow, though, things had come full circle. Or at least mostly full circle, anyway. He wasn't teaching graduate students anymore, for sure, but he was still teaching, and he no longer had his beloved Destiny to keep him from earthly affairs.

As much as he missed his ship, he had to deal with the situation in front of him.

Frowning, the mathematics genius stood in front of the high school, looking up at the somewhat unimpressive building. It looked like an average place. Hardly the kind of thing that suited someone of his intelligence level. Too bad the small town didn't have a college of any kind lurking somewhere in the shadows- he really would have liked to teach at a college instead of a high school.

Despite being someone who had been through these things before, he still found himself a bit nervous as he entered the school. This was his first day as a high school professor, and he hardly knew what that meant. How was he going to deal with kids? He couldn't even deal with Eli most of the time, and he probably LIKED Eli.


Slowly but surely, the man wandered through the halls, looking for the teacher's lounge. Or the principal's office. Any place where he might be able to figure out where he was supposed to go and how he was supposed to get things started. Students were already starting to appear, despite how early it was, and he was concerned he might be late to his own first class.

That would be so embarrassing.

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