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Mar 25 2017, 02:58 PM
Lewis felt free for the first time in a very long time. He had already exposed himself as a dragon to the town in his attempt to protect everyone from zombies, so there was really no point in hiding it anymore. And the best part? People were largely accepting of him. He hadn't lost his jobs, or been told to leave the town. Everyone seemed to be appreciative that he had tried to help protect people, and most people who had known him before didn't hold his dragon heritage against him. Of course, that didn't mean everyone loved him, naturally. There were still some who looked at him differently. He had been expecting that.

Some people looked at him with fear, and while he hated that, he had been expecting it, too. Still, for the most part, he was not nearly as hated as he thought he was going to be. Being able to finally say what he was- it had been a very freeing experience.

He enjoyed it.

And he was going to keep enjoying it as much as possible. Today, he was flying over the town, his large body and double set of wings casting large shadows over the streets below. People who happened to be walking could look up and see him flying over head. He didn't know if it scared them or not, but he wasn't as worried about it anymore.

He was just too happy.

Mar 16 2017, 01:36 PM
The park was under attack.

It was getting towards the evening, but there had still been quite a few people enjoying the place with their families, or as couples walking around on a soothing, lovely date. Their nights had been utterly ruined when a sudden group of the undead had shown up, a mass of at least twenty undead beings. They varied in shape, size and level of decay, but it was clear they all had one thing in mind- ripping apart anyone they could get their hands on.

Thankfully, though, the 'getting their hands on' part had been deflected, at least for the time being. There had been one being in the park at that time who had more than just his wits to fight back against these vile creatures.

It was easy to fight when you had the ability to transform into a massive dragon. Of course, for Lewis, the decision had not been an easy one. He had just been in the park, sitting there and enjoying his time watching humans come and go. He hadn't been up to anything in particular- sometimes he just liked to spend a couple hours there after work, learning how humans interacted with one another without getting in the way. He had been sitting on his usual bench when the undead humans arrived. The first thing he had noticed was the stench of death in the air, followed quickly be the panicked screams of the people around him as they suddenly began to run away.

Lewis had jumped to his feet, moving towards the source of the distress rather than away, so he could find out what was happened. When he arrived, he saw it: undead creatures closing in on a mother and her young son.

Rage had taken over him at that point, and before he knew it, he was charging forward not as a man, but as a large, four winged dragon. He let out a roar as he slammed into the group of zombies, throwing them back with his head. He had no arms, only wings, so slashing at them would be difficult. But it didn't matter as long as he got them away from the humans in trouble.

He let out a loud bellow of a roar as the zombies focused in on him, the large group clamoring for him in what seemed to be an attempt to over power him all at once. Cloudjumper wasn't frightened, though- he would fight.

He would kill them all to protect the humans! But some of the zombies were biting onto his flesh, ripping at his scales with surprisingly immense strength. He roared him pain, snapping at one and tossing it off to the side.

Even a dragon might need some help with these creatures.
Oct 9 2016, 10:21 AM
The docks weren't exactly where he lived, but he did spend a lot of time there. Mostly because he was professional fisherman as well as a part-time cook at the diner. He spent more time there than anywhere else, if he was honest. Maybe he DID live there, if living somewhere meant being in a place the most often. But then, he did SLEEP in his apartment. Human dwellings were still strange to him, even after living in one for so long. He supposed they were much like dens, though humans were way more interested in personalizing them than dragons would be.

But he wasn't too bothered by this home at that moment- he was more interested in looking out at the water. He stood at the end of the dock, just watching as the sun twinkled off the water's surface. There was something about the scene that always managed to calm him.

Even if things were crazy, the water was always there. IT was always constant. He smiled faintly at the thought of it. Despite the portals popping up and people getting lost in places they had never been before, water was always familiar.

Wasn't that true? In all these others realms, did they have water just like this? He wanted to know more about it, but he was not the best at conversation. Being a dragon, he was still learning what it meant to be a proper human, and some days were better than others for him.

Some days he blurted out inappropriate questions and people looked at him funny before marching off in a huff.

Sighing, he slowly moved forward to the end of the dock, carefully sitting himself down and kicking his feet over the edge of the wood. He couldn't touch the water, the dock was still just a little too high, even for his tall frame, but he could still relax and enjoy his position there for a little while.

Maybe when the sun started to set, and the other humans working at the docks started to venture on home, he could change into his dragon form and enjoy some proper fishing. There was nothing more fun than diving into the water and snatching a big fish right out of the sea.

But he was worried about someone seeing him do it- he needed to be patient.

Kida Nedakh
Sep 13 2016, 11:03 PM
Cloudjumper had the mind of the two year old but the body of a baby dragon, and it wasn't always easy to keep an eye on him. Somehow, he had managed to slip away from Elizabeth, and had found himself outside, roaming around the streets as a bumbling, four-winged dragon. He didn't seem to mind being alone, or that everything looked completely unfamiliar to him.

The bulldog-sized creature was just happy to be exploring.

He bubbled and grumbled incoherently as he stalked down the street on two of his four wings as well as his back legs, walking awkwardly but still managing to keep himself from tripping on the leather of his wings. Perhaps it was just something dragons learned to do pretty quickly- he didn't even know how to fly yet and he still knew, somehow, not to mess up his wings.

That didn't hold true to everything around him, however, and he was quite happy to explore things with his teeth, claws, and fire breath.

He let out a small coo of wonder as his eyes locked onto a strange red thing sitting on the side of the street, next to a car that probably shouldn't have been there. No one seemed to be around, and he was blissfully unaware that it was because most humans -who were also children at that moment- had already run the hell away from the sight of him. He was, after all, a scary monster in the eyes of the most of the young.

Some thought he was awesome, but they still didn't seem to want to get too close to him.

He bumbled over to the strange red rock sticking out of the ground, sniffing it. He huffed- it smelled like dog pee! shaking his head, upset by the urine smell, he quickly decided he didn't like the red rock and breathed fire at it. He launched a fireball its way, surprised when the rock countered his fire with a stream of water.

Squealing, he flailed around, getting knocked back by the heavy burst of water from the fire hydrant he had been harassing.

Merlin Ambrosius
Sep 1 2016, 12:33 AM
One moment, Cloudjumper had been a normal, fully grown man who also happened to be a four-winged dragon, and the next? He had been transformed back into a child-like form. Actually, it was more than child-like, it WAS the body of a child. The mind of one, too. And, unfortunately, it wasn't a human form that he had taken, either.

The dragon, about the size of a bulldog and almost just as stocky, fumbled around on uncoordinated arms and legs. His arms were also his wings, at least two of them, so walking was tricky business. He ended up tripping over the leather of his own wings more than once as he wobbled around his apartment. Not that he even knew it was his apartment anymore. It was a strange box with weird things it and it smelled funny, too.

The baby garbled happily and clawed his way towards the door. Something in the back of his mind told him that people came and went from that thing, though he was much too young to fully understand anything other than his desire to keep moving. He bumped into the door, rocking backwards in surprise when smashing his face against the wood didn't make the thing open for him as he had been expecting.

After rolling around on his back for a good minute, distracted by how fun it was, he finally managed to get back to his feet, the small creature almost frowning as he examined the door again. Carefully, he braced two wing claws against the door frame, using them to start scratching at the door eagerly.

Slowly, but surely, his powerful claws started to leave deep impressions in the door, though to him it still felt as though he was trapped.

The dragon sniffled, tears filling his eyes, and he let out a loud wail, his mournful cries filling the apartment and spilling out into the halls.

The baby just wanted to go outside!

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