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Jun 1 2017, 03:41 PM
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<h1>summer sun</h1>

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<p>Amanda was glad it was finally summer, there were still some cool nights, but for the most part the days were warm and sunny. They were still having the occasional zombie disturbance, but nothing like what had happened a month or two earlier. Things seemed to be going really good, almost too good, either way Amanda didn't want to jinx anything. She was practically a hundred percent recovered from her ordeal with the evil demon possessed Rumplestiltskin incident last autumn. She still had some aches and pains at the end of a busy day, but she could walk and didn't even need the cane any more, or any more physical therapy from the hospital. Things with Nick were better than ever, especially now that they were both fully recovered, though she suspected he still blamed himself for her injuries, and no matter how much she tried to convince him he shouldn't blame himself, she knew he always would at least a little bit.

<p>As it was her day off, but Nick still had some work he was finishing up at the high school before summer break was official, Amanda decided to walk around town and maybe do some light shopping. She didn't really have any serious plans, or destination in mind. She just walked down the main street of Storybrooke, occasionally stopping to look in a shop window, then moving on. Eventually she stopped and got an ice cream from the ice cream parlour and took it outside to eat. She sat down on one of the benches that was outside the store. It was just too nice a day to eat it inside. She watched as an occasional car went past, it was a beautiful day and she was quite enjoying her ice cream.

<p>Tag @Open to Anyone | Notes: Out for a stroll and a bit of shopping

Mar 23 2017, 08:54 AM
Amanda stirred restlessly in her sleep, images flashing in her mind. A sinister laugh, a flash of light, someone yelling out behind her and trying to pull her out of the way, or maybe they had been jumping in front of her. Everything happened so fast, the pain hadn't even registered at first and she was collapsing to the cold ground beneath her. Her mouth was open to scream, but no sound escaped her lips. There was no point, who could help her.

She woke in a cold sweat, pain shooting up her legs. At least there was pain, more and more every day. They hadn't been sure at first after Amanda and Nick had been brought to the hospital. In many ways it felt like deja vu, even though she'd been so very young when she'd been in the accident that had fully paralysed her, but she still remembered it sometimes like it were yesterday.

When the doctor had told her this time, that they weren't sure when she might get the feeling back in her legs, or whether she'd walk so many things raced through her mind. On one hand she couldn't help but at least feel mildly relieved that if she were going to be paralysed, and once again confined to a wheelchair, at least it would only be from her waist down. On the other hand she was terrified, and of all the things she was most terrified that Nick would blame himself.

She turned as well as she could in the rather uncomfortable hospital bed, so she could look at Nick. They'd managed to get a room together, since both had been injured. Everything had been going so well for them, despite being far from home, at least she was alive again, and they had each other.

Nicholas Rush
Dec 24 2016, 09:01 AM
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<div style="width:350px;text-align:right;font-family:geneva;font-size:12px;font-style:italic;letter-spacing:0px;color:#EA7171;text-shadow:#8FEA71 1px 1px 1px;margin-left:-145px;">but I get up again</div>
<div style="width:255px;height:228px;background:#4D7A3E;opacity:.65;padding:7px 3px 3px 3px;margin-left:3px;"><div style="width:240px;height:205px;padding:5px;text-align:justify;font-family:geneva;font-size:11px;color:#fff;line-height:91%;overflow:auto;margin-left:-2px;">

<p>Amanda still felt like her life wasn't completely back to normal, of all people to hurt her, she never imagined that kind looking man who looked so much like her Nicholas would be the one to nearly cripple her. She wasn't sure she understood what had happened, she was still getting used to how magic worked and who could do what in this crazy town. All that had really mattered to her before was that she was alive, she could walk and she had Nicholas with her, thanks to Rumple being apparently possessed or, well, Amanda didn't entirely understand what had happened, but whatever it was, she had nearly lost her ability to walk yet again for a second time.

<p>She had been in the hospital for roughly a month recovering from her injuries, along with her boyfriend Nick who though he'd been injured, not quite as badly as she had. There had been questions at one point whether she would even walk again. She supposed it would have at least not been as bad as the injury she had as a child that had left her entirely paralysed from the neck down. This time she was only injured from the waist down, but it had still been hard to cope with.

<p>She was finally regaining movement and could walk some, but it was a tough road and she had to go back to the hospital every day for physical therapy. In some ways she was happy for the pain, happy she could feel, happy she could move even with so much effort. She had gotten to the point she could walk around on her own with a cane, and she was tired of either being stuck in her room or in the hospital, so she decided to go for a walk despite the fact that it was cold, snowy and a bit icy out. She was dressed warm and she slowly made her way up the street with the help of her cane, but she wasn't watching where she was going as well as she ought to have been and came to an icy patch in the side walk that made her lose her balance.

</td></tr/></tbody></table><table><tbody><tr><td><div style="width:460px;height:15px;background:#8FEA71;opacity:.65;padding:1px 3px 3px 3px;">
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TAG: Prompto Argentum | NOTES: Out in the snow and ice, she's still recovering from the injuries she got from Demon-Rumple <br><br>
<div style="width:460px;height:15px;background:#8FEA71;opacity:.65;padding:1px 3px 3px 3px;">
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Oct 23 2016, 02:17 PM

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<p>Amanda still couldn’t completely wrap her head around where she was, what she was, did she even technically still have a head now that she no longer had a body of her own. There were times she tried t picture what had happened back at home when she had died, or well when Gin had died, as Gin had been the one in her body when it happened. She wondered if it had been as terrifying as it had been for Amanda, with that horrible man strangling the life out of her, not being able to call out for help, not being able to overpower him. She’d never felt more helpless than in that moment, even more helpless than she’d felt all those years in a wheel chair back at home.

<p>Now without a body, and her consciousness uploaded into Destiny’s computer, she could move around in ways she never could have dreamt of. She could do multiple things at the same time without breaking a sweat or even blinking. She could carry on a conversation with Rush while she also scanned the database about the galaxy they were in and all the nearby gate addresses, along with running a ship wide diagnostic. Something had been missing though, from a body that didn’t work, to not even having a body at all, and with Nick finally having expressed real interest in her, she didn’t want to imagine that the rest of their time together would be spent never being able to do more than talk. She finally managed to work out a program, reprogramming the Ancient chair to upload Nick’s consciousness into the computer with a door written into the program so that he could essentially come and go as he pleased. All he would have to do is walk through a door, seemed simple yet sometimes simple would ensure that it would work.

<p>They had one successful trial run, mostly successful at least, there was a minor glitch in the programming and apparently, some people on Destiny had gotten a bit nervous, especially since Rush hadn’t told anyone what was going on before he sat in the chair, but he’d woken up all on his own and Gin’s concerns had been for nothing. Perhaps now Gin would even be in a better mood if she could see Eli and touch him.

<p>It had been a few since then, and Nick had been busy keeping Destiny on course and safe, though Amanda had an idea if Nick would just trust other people more to do some of the work, he’d have more free time. She wasn’t going to chastise him though, she was just happy to have him with her whenever he did find time for her, and when he didn’t have time to visit her inside Destiny’s computer. She was hoping that he’d find time to visit her again soon, though she hadn’t spent the time doing nothing, being inside the computer had given her and Gin the ability to help the crew of Destiny far more than if they’d been in physical bodies outside the computer with the rest of them.


<div class="wildestag">TAG Nicholas Rush, Past AU</div></td>

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<div class="dreamslyric1">SAY YOU'LL BE MINE</div>
<div class="dreamslyric2">EVEN IF IT'S JUST PRETEND</div>



<center><div style="width: 480px; text-align: right; font-family: arial; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 1px;"><a href="">♥ HANNAH</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
Oct 6 2016, 11:04 AM
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<center><div class="pbox" style="background-image: url('');"></div><div class="pobox">
<div class="lyr1">And it's been a while but I still feel the same</div>
<div class="lyr2">Maybe I should let you go</div>
<div class="pobox2"><div class="pobox3">

Things still felt weird, being in this strange place, with a lot of people she didn't recognise. She remembered being inside of Destiny's computer, she remembered screwing up so badly she nearly killed the man she loved and because of that the crew of Destiny had been forced to, well she assumed they purged her, or deleted her. She didn't really understand what happened, things went black, and eventually she woke up in a strange world.
Time felt like it moved strange in this place, some people she met said that this was the Underworld, that they were all dead and they were stuck in this strange place because they had some sort of unfinished business. It was a lot to take in all at once, first and foremost the fact that there was actually some sort of afterlife. Nick, but not like anything she had ever conceived of or imagined. She was a scientist, she hadn't ever put much stock in an after life, she couldn't prove it or disprove it so she had always focused on things she could.
She didn't understand why much of the Underworld looked like some strange town, a man named James who called himself the Sheriff had said it was something to do with Hades being obsessed with some town called Storybrooke, but that made absolutely zero sense to her. Either way, whatever this placed look like there were three things that James had said were the most important to keep in mind.
That one, never touch or go in the water, something about it being of lost souls and that she'd entirely lose herself. That sounded a bit like she felt when her consciousness had been uploaded into a computer, lost at first. She didn't like being lost, so she made an important mental note about that one.
Two, she was in this place because she had unfinished business and until she figured out what that was, finished it, she couldn't move on to the better place, or the worst place depending on what was waiting for her. She wasn't entirely sure what hers was, but she suspected, and if she was right she had no idea how she'd solve it.
Of course, three, another very important rule, not to piss off Hades. She was rather curious about this Hades, it was a name she recognised out of Greek Mythology where she came from, to imagine he was real just seemed like she must be in some kind of dream.
She walked over to a part of the underworld that looked a lot like a beautiful park and found a bench to sit down in. There was a pond there, she avoided it though in case it was also connected to the lost souls thing. There weren't any birds here, and not much in the way of sounds, almost made the place feel eerie.

<div class="lyr2" style="line-height: 11px;"><span class="speech">TAG:</span> Chuckles | <span class="speech">WORDS:</span> - | <br><span class="speech">OUTFIT:</span>Cute little red print dress like in this image. <br> <span class="speech">NOTES:</span>Their first meeting in the Underworld where both spent some time being dead and all</div>
<div class="tcred"><a href="" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
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