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Mar 26 2018, 09:39 AM
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<p>Amanda was glad it was finally spring, there were still some rather frigid nights, but for the most part the days were well on their way to being warmer. They were still having the occasional zombie disturbance, but nothing like what had happened earlier in March. Things seemed to be going really good, almost too good, either way Amanda didn't want to jinx anything. She was practically a hundred percent recovered from her ordeal with the evil demon possessed Rumplestiltskin incident the previous year. She still had some aches and pains at the end of a busy day, but she could walk and didn't even need the cane any more, she was even done with physical therapy finally. Things with Nick were better than ever, especially now that they were both fully recovered, though she suspected he still blamed himself for her injuries, and no matter how much she tried to convince him he shouldn't blame himself, she knew he always would at least a little bit.

<p>It was her day off from working at the front desk at the Dragonfly Inn, and since the day was quite warm and sunny she decided to stop off at the ice cream store and buy herself a sugar cone with strawberry ice cream. It was probably still a bit cold for ice cream, but since it wasn't hot out, the ice cream also wouldn't melt as fast and she could just slowly enjoy it. She decided not to eat the ice cream at the parlour, and instead upon paying for it took a stroll down the street, occasionally pausing at various store fronts to just look through the windows at all the various goods and things she could see inside. She was deep in thought, and not paying much attention to the people passing her by on the side walk.

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Mar 7 2018, 11:10 AM
Lydia had imagined a perfect life for herself not so long ago. She had the man of her dreams, they were about to start a family and a new life in a new town far away from the dangers of being an astronaut. Lydia and Nathaniel had worked together for some years, and had a very close connection. She thought they were finally going to have everything, she could hardly believe she'd even convinced him to take a teaching job in Hyperion Heights, but he had agreed. She was full of positive thoughts when she made the move ahead of Nate to get everything in order as he went on his final mission, a mission that ended in tragedy. The last few weeks her whole life had been as if in slow motion. There had been no body to bury, only an urn shipped to her by NASA, all that was left of the love of her life. She was pregnant, and still had months ahead of her before the child would be born and now she was alone in a new place and would have to find a job and do a lot of things she hadn't planned. Nate's job was going to make it so she could be a stay at home mother, but that plan was dead along with her fiancée.

She'd managed to find a secretary job for a lawyer in town, it didn't pay as well as NASA and she was probably on the overqualified side of things, but she desperately needed a job. Sure she was the beneficiary on Nate's life insurance, but he had only been dead a month, and there was still some red tape to cut through because of the circumstances and the investigation into what went wrong. Besides, it wasn't an overly large policy, and she knew a baby wasn't going to be cheap. She needed the distraction more than anything else, something to keep her mind occupied as her pregnancy progressed and she struggled to grieve the loss of Nate.

Today had been her first appointment with her new doctor, something that had been the hardest to do as she missed her doctor back in California who had first given her the news of her pregnancy. The check up went well and she was now waiting on a prescription to be filled before she left, various vitamins and such she needed. Some of them she probably could have gotten at the grocery store with less of a wait, but it was just easier where her health insurance was concerned if she got them filled right at the Doctor's office. She hated going alone, she'd imagined these visits would be done with Nate, but that was yet another reminder that she was alone and the loss she'd suffered. Since she wasn't that far along yet, she stood so that many of the women who were much further along could have the seats as she waited for her name to be called for the prescription.

Ruby Lucas aka Liberty
Mar 1 2018, 04:18 PM
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<h1>Lydia Gray</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
<h3>Amanda Perry.</h3>
<h2>Cursed Personality:</h2>
Lydia's personality does not differ significantly from Amanda in general. Though Lydia was never paralysed and never died, so she is a lot more outgoing, strong and confident as she's never suffered a disability. She is also still mourning the loss of her fiancée who she believes died in a NASA mission.
<h2>Cursed Life:</h2>
Lydia Gray and Nathaniel Jones had everything planned out. Upon finding out Lydia was pregnant, they planned to get married and Nathaniel was going to take a teaching job and she was going to be a stay at home mother. Lydia moved first because Nate had one last assignment he had to finish before he left NASA, an assignment he didn't come home from. When something went wrong on the International Space Station, Nate sacrificed himself so that his comrades would live. When Lydia got word she was devastated but had already set up a new home in Hyperion Heights, a place where she was new and still figuring things out. Now she was widowed, about to have a child who wouldn't ever meet his or her father and she just isn't sure how she's going to figure things out. Job, money, pregnancy classes, life wasn't panning out like she had so carefully planned.

<p>It never occurred to her to go back home to Vandenberg, California where she had the job she left behind and friends and family. Being back there where she had lived a happy life with her fiancée was unfathomable, looking forward was the only thing helping her keep it together, and that meant remaining in Hyperion Heights and having her baby there.

Feb 11 2018, 10:52 PM
Amanda had been slightly on edge for nearly a week, though she'd been doing her very best to hide that anxiety from Nick. Not that it was easy to hide since they stayed together in the same room at the Dragonfly Inn, but she supposed with everything always going on in Storybrooke and the zombies, being anxious in general wasn't entirely crazy. Still, as much as she was sure that being late on her monthly was unusual, and that something was up, she couldn't say anything to Nick until she was absolutely a hundred percent certain. She wasn't sure how she felt about it all. Part of her had never imagined being able to have child after spending nearly her entire life confined to a wheelchair, barely able to eat let alone consider things like starting a family. Then of course she was dead, which also put a damper in family plans. However, now she was alive, healthy and happily in love with Nick. Now she was still afraid to imagine it, what if she was wrong, she didn't want to get her hopes up only to find out she wasn't pregnant. On the other hand, how was Nick going to take it all if she was pregnant. It wasn't as if they'd ever really talked about a family, they hadn't even talked much about their future in general outside of being together and hopefully one day getting back to Destiny.

After making an excuse as to why she had to meet him at the Carnival later, she headed to her appointment. She felt like she was in the waiting room for an eternity, but finally after the tests were run someone came in and explained to her that she was indeed pregnant. Everything from that point on felt like time was standing still, as she worked on wrapping her brain around it all, not to mention how she'd tell Nick or how he'd react. It wasn't as if they'd talked about having a family, a lot had happened since she came back from the dead, including being laid up in the hospital thanks to Rumple during their first year in Storybrooke. She wasn't sure if he wanted to be a father, and she felt that was probably something she should know, but it was too late for that now. He was going to be a father, she was going to be a mother, and they were just going to have to sort it out. She wanted him to be happy though, maybe part of her even needed him to be happy, or at least reasonably on board with the prospect of a mini-Rush running around in a little over eight months.

She made her way to the carnival in a bit of a daze with all the thoughts and worries running through her mind. Was it even safe to raise a kid in Storybrooke, what if Rumple was possessed again, what if zombies attacked, what if, what if, what if, what if. She kept trying to tell herself that there were dangers anywhere, in any realm, but her thoughts were racing and she just was having such a hard time thinking straight. By the time she got to the place she'd arranged to meet Nick, she wasn't even paying attention to her surroundings. She stood in front of the sign for the Carnival entrance staring off into space, Nick could have been right in front of her and she probably wouldn't have seen him. She just stared off into space, one hand gripping the purse she had over her shoulder and the other stuffed in the pocket of her coat.

Nicholas Rush
Nov 18 2017, 12:06 PM
Amanda stirred restlessly in her sleep, images flashing in her mind. A sinister laugh, a flash of light, someone yelling out behind her and trying to pull her out of the way, or maybe they had been jumping in front of her. Everything happened so fast, the pain hadn't even registered at first and she was collapsing to the cold ground beneath her. Her mouth was open to scream, but no sound escaped her lips. There was no point, who could help her. She was powerless against magic, Nick was powerless against it, and for some reason a man she thought was good was being cruel for no reason other than the fact that Nick was his doppelgänger.

She woke in a cold sweat, her heart rate elevated, a few shooting pains in her legs, or was it phantom pain, she really wasn't entirely sure. It had only been a few days since her and Nick had been rushed to the hospital after someone found them where Rumplestiltskin had left them. It was almost deja vu, except when Amanda had been in the car accident that had caused her former full body paralysis, she had been much younger and had few overly vivid memories of the earlier years. Just the fear and confusion.

The doctor seemed hopeful that once the swelling went down around her spinal chord that she could get total use back with her legs, but no one could be entirely sure until they could get the swelling to go down. She was on drugs of course, and antibiotics. She couldn't help but thinking however, if she were going to be confined to a wheelchair yet again, at least this time it would only be her legs, she would still have use of her upper body, which would be a relief in some ways. That wasn't her only fear though, Rumplestiltskin had targeted her because of what she was to Nicholas, who had been the real target of the dark one's hate and anger. Would Nick blame himself if she were once again paralysed, she wasn't sure she could live with that if he did.

She felt another stabbing pain, it couldn't be all in her mind, and she was thirsty, oh so thirsty. She pressed the button to call the nurse.

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