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Land Without Magic

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Feb 2 2018, 09:33 PM
Luke had never been known for his love of corporate holidays. Actually, everyone knew him as the guy who complained about that kind of thing. The guy who never wanted to partake in holidays where making money was more important than the meaning of the day itself. He had never been big on halloween, and don’t even get him started on easter. So, naturally, he also wasn’t a very big fan of Valentine’s, either.

How stupid it was to spend all this money and frilly pink hearts and dumb flowers. Over price chocolates, and ridiculously cheesy cards! All for what? To show someone who already knows you love them that you’re willing to spend a fortune for one day to essentially do nothing for your relationship.

And yet, there he was, paying for two tickets to this carnival that had been set up in town just so he could see Lorelai happy, and to show her that he cared about her. Even though he already knew she got that memo. A guy didn’t spend years hunting for someone without there being some kind of feeling there.

He was just as stupid as everyone else when it came to this holiday, and knowing that annoyed the crap out of him.

Grumpily, he sauntered into the carnival beside Lorelai, dressed in his usual clothes instead of anything fancy. Jeans, flannel and a backwards baseball cap seemed appropriate to wander around a place that was dirty, full of animals and foods you had to hope you didn’t drop on you, and set up outside.

If she thought he was going to go on any of the rides with her, she was absolutely mistaken. Except that he totally would, despite his protests, because it was Lorelai and, in actuality, he couldn’t say no to her.

It was irritating to think about, much like everything else that was happening to him that day.

“Well,” he said with a defeated air that betrayed his attempt at a happy expression, “we’re here. Look at how... Festive it is.” He couldn’t help commenting on just how pink and red everything around them happened to be.

Good lord, what had he agreed to?

Lorelai Gilmore
Jan 20 2018, 01:02 PM
Luke wasn’t sure what the problem with dating Lorelai was. They had done it before, and well, and had done it again after a break. This was the third time they were dating again, and yet, it somehow still seemed like they were back at the start. Mostly because he was a nervous wreck and he had acted like a total goober when ‘picking her up’. Not that he really HAD to pick her up, since he was staying with her, but still. When it was time to go he had suddenly turned into a giant idiot, awkwardly getting the door for her and stumbling through silly conversation all the way to the car and then to the town hall where the event was being held.

He really needed to get over the jitters he got whenever he went on a date with her after a long span of not being able to do that. They slept together. They lived together. They worked together. WHY was he acting like it was his first time seeing her?

Right, because he was in love with her. Of course. And he knew, if he didn’t get himself together soon, she was going to tease him about it for the rest of the evening.

He awkwardly got out of his truck and ducked around to get the door for her again, inwardly cursing himself for trying so hard to impress her. This was a proper ball! He had to at least attempt to be a gentleman at it, right? Grinning dumbly at her, he moved to join her so they could walk into the event, offering her an arm.

“This whole thing is stupid,” he told her, against his every desire to be that gentleman previously mentioned, “fancy dances, masks, overly prissy foods... You really want to go to this thing?” A little late now, since they were already there, but.

He felt a bit silly in his suit, too. It was a proper tux, rented but still a good fit, and he had a mask tucked away in case he was scolded for not wearing one. He had heavily considered bringing his baseball cap, but in the end had decided against it. It would have been very silly for him to show up with a baseball cap and a tux- the tux was bad enough on its own!

At least Lorelai didn’t have to worry about looking like a dork- she looked amazing.

She always looked amazing.

Lorelai Gilmore
Oct 12 2017, 12:24 PM
Okay. He was insane. He was standing in front of a castle, trying to figure out how to get past some undead guards so he could sneak inside and rescue the woman he loved. This was... Some kind of crazy dream, right? Because he had watched a wild fantasy movie with knights and dragons and all that crap. Now he was stuck in some kind of movie himself, playing the noble knight who was rushing off to rescue the damsel in distress.

He had seen Lorelai get taken by the zombies. He had been helpless to watch as they took her, Rory, and several other people who had been in the inn at the time. They had swarmed the place like locusts, looking for food to bring back to their den.

Though it was all very much insane, he knew it wasn’t a dream. He needed to rescue his girlfriend and her daughter.... Somehow.

Everyone had their own problems to deal with. He knew it would be hopeless to try and ask some of the people who were more used to this kind of thing if they would be willing to help him. He had to deal with things himself if he didn’t want to waste time. So, by some miracle, he was going to have to get inside and fight off the zombies on his own if he wanted to save his friends, and his Lorelai.

He had armed himself, of course, with a sword and a gun, both of which he had purchased from the pawn shop quite some time ago. This place was nuts, so why not have protection? And since swords seemed big in the town, it had felt like a good idea to have one along with a more conventional weapon. Now he was happy with his past self- the decision to get both had helped him a hell of a lot. Now he felt at least somewhat prepared.

“Okay,” he told himself lowly, “find the dungeons, get the girls, and get the hell out... Nice and simple.” He was so busy mentally preparing himself, he wasn’t aware that someone else had decided to join him on his heroic quest.

Naturally, he hadn’t told Jess about what had happened, but of course that didn’t mean the boy wasn’t smart enough to find out on his own and show up to help rescue the girls, too. He probably should have accounted for that, but Luke wasn’t much of a future thinker.

Bach, Chuckles, Kay (the people in the dungeon can still chatter until we get there!)
May 9 2017, 03:44 PM
It had been a long ride.

Luke hadn't been in town long, but the place had proven far more chaotic than his former home, despite looking somewhat similar. Magic and all that had been hard enough to consider, but actually seeing it really made him freak out. Maybe he had gone insane, and he hadn't really found Lorelai. This was all some trick and he was in a straightjacket in a cell somewhere, living out a wild hallucination in unknowing bliss.

But since he did have Lorelai here, even with all the insanity, he hoped he wouldn't be woken up. He smiled to himself, humming lightly. Lorelai didn't remember who he was- but that didn't mean he couldn't get close to her all over again. It might even spark some memory in her. So getting closer was exactly what he had been doing. Working at the inn, fixing things for her there and at her own home, even with her stupid jeep. Spending time with her when he could. Just... being around her as much as possible. Until she told him she didn't like his company, he wasn't going anywhere.

That was why he had invited her over for dinner and an at-home movie. He had gone with old-school Gilmore girl requirements while he prepared everything, too, just in case it reminded her of something. If it didn't, well, hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to explain why he had made a large meal for the both of them as well as had an inordinate amount of candy and junk food for the movie viewing after. Far more food than two humans could possibly consume.

That was the way it was done.

He had rented Casablanca, just because it was the only movie he remembered seeing with her. He wasn't... much for movies. Well, there was one of the Star Wars, but he highly doubted she wanted to hear him rant about that movie, even if she didn't remember his other rants. What was the one she hated? Bewitched? He hadn't gotten that one, either.

Unlike a lot of the other new-comers to town, Luke didn't have a room INSIDE the inn. He complained that he didn't like being so close to other humans, so he was given an unused storage shed out back. Large for a shed, but small for a home, which was perfect for him, and more than a little ironic. The shed was now a perfectly cozy little apartment, with fixtures and amenities as well as a TV, the whole thing decked out in food and ready for one particular guest. The only guest he ever allowed in his home.


Lorelai Gilmore
Mar 16 2017, 11:28 AM
Okay, he hadn't been sure staying in Storybrooke was such a good idea, mostly because of all the magic and how insane everything in town seemed to be. But Lorelai had her fake memories from the place and even though she was back to remembering everyone else now, too, she still had a connection to the town. Plus, as she had explained to him, people needed a place to stay because of all the random portals popping up and how they didn't come with anything to their names and all that. The Dragonfly was a good place for them to bunk up for a little while, until they found more stable footing in the town. She wanted to help people, which was just like her, and Luke had found himself unable to find a good enough counter-argument about why they ought to leave.

So he had ended up staying with her. Of course he wasn't going to go back home without her- he had been looking for her for so long. Just finding her wasn't enough. He needed to BE with her. As long as she was willing to have his cranky ass around.

However, he was having one of those moments where he had regretted ever having listened to her in the first place.

The man was running down the street as quickly as his legs would carry him, throwing his head over his shoulder to look behind him now and again. He was being chased. But it wasn't some thug or mugger on his tail. No, that would be too normal. It was a god damn ZOMBIE chasing him. Or, more accurately, a few damn zombies.

And they weren't slow, either! They were somehow able to run, too, and they were wobbling after him with speed he had been hoping their decayed bodies wouldn't hold. Something was pushing them beyond muscle and ligament. The fact that they were there at all, of course, was proof that something magical was going on.

This would never happen back home!

looking back ahead of him, Luke closed the distance between himself and his destination- the Dragonfly Inn. It was the closest place to where he had been when the creatures appeared, and it felt like a nice, safe place to run inside and lock the doors behind him until they were gone or someone came to kill them. This place had heroes, right? People who fought these things?

Unfortunately, he didn't quite make it to the Inn, tripping on a rise in the curb and slamming face-first into the ground. He saw stars for a moment, but panic helped him shake that right off. Gasping, he rolled onto his back, scooting back from the quickly approaching zombies.

"S-someone help!" He screamed, hoping someone from the inn, or the area around it, might be able to hear him and come to help him out. "Anyone! Help!"
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