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Luke Danes

Land Without Magic

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Oct 12 2017, 12:24 PM
Okay. He was insane. He was standing in front of a castle, trying to figure out how to get past some undead guards so he could sneak inside and rescue the woman he loved. This was... Some kind of crazy dream, right? Because he had watched a wild fantasy movie with knights and dragons and all that crap. Now he was stuck in some kind of movie himself, playing the noble knight who was rushing off to rescue the damsel in distress.

He had seen Lorelai get taken by the zombies. He had been helpless to watch as they took her, Rory, and several other people who had been in the inn at the time. They had swarmed the place like locusts, looking for food to bring back to their den.

Though it was all very much insane, he knew it wasn’t a dream. He needed to rescue his girlfriend and her daughter.... Somehow.

Everyone had their own problems to deal with. He knew it would be hopeless to try and ask some of the people who were more used to this kind of thing if they would be willing to help him. He had to deal with things himself if he didn’t want to waste time. So, by some miracle, he was going to have to get inside and fight off the zombies on his own if he wanted to save his friends, and his Lorelai.

He had armed himself, of course, with a sword and a gun, both of which he had purchased from the pawn shop quite some time ago. This place was nuts, so why not have protection? And since swords seemed big in the town, it had felt like a good idea to have one along with a more conventional weapon. Now he was happy with his past self- the decision to get both had helped him a hell of a lot. Now he felt at least somewhat prepared.

“Okay,” he told himself lowly, “find the dungeons, get the girls, and get the hell out... Nice and simple.” He was so busy mentally preparing himself, he wasn’t aware that someone else had decided to join him on his heroic quest.

Naturally, he hadn’t told Jess about what had happened, but of course that didn’t mean the boy wasn’t smart enough to find out on his own and show up to help rescue the girls, too. He probably should have accounted for that, but Luke wasn’t much of a future thinker.

Bach, Chuckles, Kay (the people in the dungeon can still chatter until we get there!)
May 9 2017, 03:44 PM
It had been a long ride.

Luke hadn't been in town long, but the place had proven far more chaotic than his former home, despite looking somewhat similar. Magic and all that had been hard enough to consider, but actually seeing it really made him freak out. Maybe he had gone insane, and he hadn't really found Lorelai. This was all some trick and he was in a straightjacket in a cell somewhere, living out a wild hallucination in unknowing bliss.

But since he did have Lorelai here, even with all the insanity, he hoped he wouldn't be woken up. He smiled to himself, humming lightly. Lorelai didn't remember who he was- but that didn't mean he couldn't get close to her all over again. It might even spark some memory in her. So getting closer was exactly what he had been doing. Working at the inn, fixing things for her there and at her own home, even with her stupid jeep. Spending time with her when he could. Just... being around her as much as possible. Until she told him she didn't like his company, he wasn't going anywhere.

That was why he had invited her over for dinner and an at-home movie. He had gone with old-school Gilmore girl requirements while he prepared everything, too, just in case it reminded her of something. If it didn't, well, hopefully it wouldn't be too hard to explain why he had made a large meal for the both of them as well as had an inordinate amount of candy and junk food for the movie viewing after. Far more food than two humans could possibly consume.

That was the way it was done.

He had rented Casablanca, just because it was the only movie he remembered seeing with her. He wasn't... much for movies. Well, there was one of the Star Wars, but he highly doubted she wanted to hear him rant about that movie, even if she didn't remember his other rants. What was the one she hated? Bewitched? He hadn't gotten that one, either.

Unlike a lot of the other new-comers to town, Luke didn't have a room INSIDE the inn. He complained that he didn't like being so close to other humans, so he was given an unused storage shed out back. Large for a shed, but small for a home, which was perfect for him, and more than a little ironic. The shed was now a perfectly cozy little apartment, with fixtures and amenities as well as a TV, the whole thing decked out in food and ready for one particular guest. The only guest he ever allowed in his home.


Lorelai Gilmore
Mar 16 2017, 11:28 AM
Okay, he hadn't been sure staying in Storybrooke was such a good idea, mostly because of all the magic and how insane everything in town seemed to be. But Lorelai had her fake memories from the place and even though she was back to remembering everyone else now, too, she still had a connection to the town. Plus, as she had explained to him, people needed a place to stay because of all the random portals popping up and how they didn't come with anything to their names and all that. The Dragonfly was a good place for them to bunk up for a little while, until they found more stable footing in the town. She wanted to help people, which was just like her, and Luke had found himself unable to find a good enough counter-argument about why they ought to leave.

So he had ended up staying with her. Of course he wasn't going to go back home without her- he had been looking for her for so long. Just finding her wasn't enough. He needed to BE with her. As long as she was willing to have his cranky ass around.

However, he was having one of those moments where he had regretted ever having listened to her in the first place.

The man was running down the street as quickly as his legs would carry him, throwing his head over his shoulder to look behind him now and again. He was being chased. But it wasn't some thug or mugger on his tail. No, that would be too normal. It was a god damn ZOMBIE chasing him. Or, more accurately, a few damn zombies.

And they weren't slow, either! They were somehow able to run, too, and they were wobbling after him with speed he had been hoping their decayed bodies wouldn't hold. Something was pushing them beyond muscle and ligament. The fact that they were there at all, of course, was proof that something magical was going on.

This would never happen back home!

looking back ahead of him, Luke closed the distance between himself and his destination- the Dragonfly Inn. It was the closest place to where he had been when the creatures appeared, and it felt like a nice, safe place to run inside and lock the doors behind him until they were gone or someone came to kill them. This place had heroes, right? People who fought these things?

Unfortunately, he didn't quite make it to the Inn, tripping on a rise in the curb and slamming face-first into the ground. He saw stars for a moment, but panic helped him shake that right off. Gasping, he rolled onto his back, scooting back from the quickly approaching zombies.

"S-someone help!" He screamed, hoping someone from the inn, or the area around it, might be able to hear him and come to help him out. "Anyone! Help!"
Oct 31 2016, 11:01 PM
New Lorelai, same antics, it seemed. Luke was still getting used to living in this crazy new town. After finding out about the extent of her memory issues, as well as the whole 'magic is real here, enjoy!' thing, he had strongly considered running away. This was all far more than he had been anticipating. But then... he saw the Dragonfly. It was so much like the inn he remembered- the one waiting for them back home. It made him think that maybe, just maybe, things weren't as crazy as they seemed. There was the chance that the Lorelai he knew was still in there. So he stuck around and played cook for the inn. It was weird being the Sookie of the place, but he was talented enough to pull it off. Well... sort of. He managed, at least.

In any case, the longer he spent there, the more he started to notice that the similarities extended beyond just the way to inn looked. She spoke the same. She used all the same insane, geeky and intelligent references she always used back home. The same mile-a-minute chatter and sharp wit.

And the same notes that made no sense to him.

He had discovered a note waiting for him when he got to the kitchen. Something about... her jeep? Honestly, it listed so many things- halloween decorations, the jeep, her entire world ending if she didn't get help- it was difficult to know what it was she actually wanted from him. Then again, that only reminded him of the old Lorelai, too. She always managed to keep two or three miles ahead of him.

Sighing heavily, he wandered out from the kitchen and into the main portion of the inn. Generally, he didn't like to be out in the public eye, mostly because guest annoyed the crap out of him. The kitchen was perfect. It was out of the way and quiet- just what he needed.

So it annoyed him having to leave his safe haven to figure out what the hell it was that Lorelai wanted of him.

With a quick stomp he marched up to the front desk, slapping the note down in front of him as he gave the woman standing behind the counter a stern look. He knew Lorelai had plenty of work to be doing, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to cause her a fuss.

This felt familiar, too.

"Lorelai," he barked, "what's this note about? I come in to work and I got find this overly-dramatic plea for help? Are you trying to give me a heart attack? And what's this about your jeep- what did you do to it?" He had to keep himself from throwing in 'this time' at the end of that question.

Lorelai Gilmore
Sep 14 2016, 01:08 PM
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<h3>44 . n/a . Gilmore girls . Scott Patterson </h3>
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Look is an extremely sarcastic person and generally perfectly encompasses the role of 'town grump.' He usually lives alone and isolated from the rest of the place, disinclined to participate in town events even when other citizens, Lorelai included, continually prompt him to be more active. He doesn't like socializing, and prefers to spend time to himself. He grumbles and rants a lot, and people almost seem to enjoy it when it happens. There are also a few members in town he can be seen constantly butting heads with, though it's impossible to know if he's actually pissed at them, or if it's just part of his routine to get irritated by certain people.
Somehow, his surly personality has endeared him to a lot of the locals in town, and most people regard him warmly despite his cranky ways. They still go regularly to his diner, which he clearly cares for dearly and puts a lot of love in. Not that he shows it while serving guests, of course. His same, grumpy attitude serves his customers, though complaining about it doesn't get people very far. Mostly he is regarded as the town grump with a squishy center.
He loves the small town life and would pretty much die were he to move into the city. He also loves his diner, as well as a certain Gilmore. These things he holds dear he does his best to cherish and protect, though he can't always express himself in the ways he needs to in order to show just how much love he has inside of him. He's a small-town man with a small-town mindset, and it's difficult for him to break away from that at times. His somewhat reserved nature in terms of emotion also comes from heartbreak and the worry of opening himself up to others again.
Luke has no powers, though he wears a baseball cap very well!
Luke was born and raised in Sleepy Hollow. His father was an active member of the community and was beloved by many of the townspeople. Luke did like to participate in town events while growing up, too, though he stopped as he got older. In high school, he ran hurdles for the track team and they did extremely well- he was a bit of a treasure in the athlete department. When his father died, he took over the hardware store he used to run, though quickly converted it into a diner due to his love of cooking over power tools. He also converted the office above the diner into small apartment to live in. It was a small place, even for one, but he never complained.
Luke met Lorelai at the diner one day, and more or less fell in love with her the moment he saw her. She was brilliant and full of life, cheerfully chatting with the other people in the diner while being sarcastic and amusing. She was more or less the exact opposite of him, while still able to match his wits and often leave him in the dust when she truly wanted to. It was hardly any wonder that he found her fascinating.
He loved her for years
As years went on, Luke had more than a few trials to deal with, including having to look after his nephew when his mother forced him to come and live with him. Neither had been prepared for a living arrangement like that, and his nephew, Jess, wasn't thrilled with being stuck in some place against his will. He had problems getting settled, and Luke had problems being a parent. He did his best, but he often failed at communicating properly with the boy. He even expanded his office apartment to give them both a bit more space, but even then he wasn't very good at doing the parenting thing. Ultimately, Luke had to send Jess back to New York when he got into a car accident with Lorelai's daughter in the car. The accident caused her to fracture her wrist, and Lorelai blamed Luke for the ordeal, which put a rift in their relationship for quite some time. Eventually, though, they both cooled off. His relationship with Jess continued to be a bumpy train ride over the years, but ultimately Jess found his path and made Luke feel very proud of him and all his hard work. Through their adventures, Luke had learned a lot about himself, though he knew that meant there were a lot of things about him that he probably needed to change.
Eventually, he and Lorelai got to the point where they could no longer avoid their feelings for one another, and started dating. While he wasn't as exciting or rich as some of her past boyfriends, he was still immensely happy that she had decided to give him a shot. Once again, though, his communication issues reared their ugly heads, and he sometimes found it difficult to prove how much he loved her. When things got too intense, Luke faltered, and though he knew he wanted to be with Lorelai more than anything else, he failed to provide her with the answer she was looking for and the two split apart.
And then she disappeared.
At first, Luke had thought it was just some kind of leader conference as she had spread around town, but the longer she stayed away with no word to anyone, the more concerned he became. She had stopped talking to everyone, her own daughter included. Everyone knew that meant something must have happened. Immediately, Luke looked for her in New York, though he was unable to track her down. He spent months upon months hunting each and every tiny lead, though the longer time went on, the colder the trail got. Months became years, and he feared he would never see her again. He feared that he had been the one to drive her out of town and, quite possibly, gotten her killed.
Eventually, he was contacted by someone from out of town with a strange lead. He had gotten back home to find a small package. Inside was a note, a map and a small scroll of some kind. The note read that someone had heard he was looking for someone named Lorelai Gilmore, and that he recognized her from a missing poster. The note also informed him that she didn't remember who she was, and there must have been some kind of an accident. It was heart-breaking news for Luke, though he was also so shocked to randomly get a lead about her that he found it all difficult to believe. But he would never deny a chance to see Lorelai again, no matter how outlandish, so he rushed off to his truck and got to driving. His trip took him to the middle of nowhere, though he followed the route on the map to an exact science. He came to a stop on the exact spot marked on the map, and consulted the note again to see if he had missed something. All the note said was to read the scroll at the spot marked on the map and continue to drive onwards. Luke, frustrated and sure this whole thing was some kind of a cruel prank, took the stupid scroll and read it, though he didn't understand any of it and had really only done it because the note had called his attention to it and he was more curious than convinced it was what he needed to do. He half expected it to say 'haha, sucker' or something, but it didn't.
After that, he did drive on, muttering in irritation and wondering what he had been thinking to follow such a weird lead in the first place. He was quite surprised when he found himself driving into a large town by the name of Storybrooke. A town he had never heard of before. Still, it renewed his hope- maybe she really had been seen in this place after all.
He had no idea what was waiting for him.
<h2>RP Sample</h2>


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<h3>PST . Rumple, Victor, Eli, Vitani, The Baker, Cloudjumper</h3>




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