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Once Upon a Time, fantasy, fiction, science fiction, Video games, Dragon Age, Doctor Who, omg too much to list, I like everything <3
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Yesterday at 11:37 am
Not an away, especially since I got my AC done already this month, but my laptop's wifi has decided to be wiggy and fucked up. If I hard wire in it's fab but hard wiring in means having to be in the living room unless I can find a cable that will span like 50 meters and I hate being in the living room (if you knew my brother in law whom we share the house with you'd understand xD).

The wifi on my laptop isn't like dead dead, it's just sketchy and inconsistent, so as most of you are at least used to seeing me on Discord all the time, you may wonder why I am not chatty or on discord as often until I can get the situation sorted.

<3 posts will come but slowly and same with graphics I currently owe, I can work on them but downloading stock I need for the requests and then uploading them will require lots of back and forth between my room and the living room.

Jan 26 2018, 02:13 PM
OK so I think I know why tags don't always work sometimes for people. Ya know when you're like 'omg they posted and it says that I was tagged but I totally didn't get notified ' If the posts in question were using a template, I know why. Now some may think, oh maybe the code's being all naughty and conflicting, but nope, not that at all.

If you use a template and you are someone who just copy/pastes from your last post to do your new post, then you're also copying over the last time you tagged, which would look different now.


Before a post goes through tags look like: @Blah or @[Blah Blah]

After posting tags look like: [user=####]Blah[/user]

If you aren't changing it back to a fresh tag with the @ it's not going to tag again. This is to prevent people getting spammed with tag notifications if someone repeatedly edits a post.

Now this isn't to say there still may be weird jcink glitches that just screw and don't always send notifications properly, but it may help some.

-snugs everyone-
Dec 14 2017, 04:10 PM
OK so trying to make sense of all this, some I'll respond about on their respective threads that have already been made, for anyone who hasn't yet made a thread for the organising of the gifts giving, I will put them here.

(If it is crossed out it means we have discussed and have plans now)

Gifts my Characters are GIVING
Amanda buys for Merida - I'm thinking she will probably buy her a new tartan shawl Sedation
Charlie buys for Elektra - I'm thinking will probably buy her some travel books that are both in book form and audio Sedation
Michael buys for Priscilla - I'm thinking a gift basket full of her favourite tea Sedation
(they are character combos we've yet to toss together on our own, so if you want to thread them out or just head canon them, I'm fine with either)

Callum buys for Lilith - I'm thinking he buys her this lighter engraved. Sam
Matthew buys for Jodie - Since Matthew is blind, he probably asked his assistant Delphini KAT ! or Chloe (Sedation) to pick out a gift for Jodie Sam
(We haven't plotted them together yet, as far as Callum/Lilith idk if you had Lilith leave Storybrooke after all the stuff with Maleficent and Emma in the show and then come back, but Callum's been in Storybrooke since the 2nd curse and is a bartender at the Rabbit Hole, so they could have already met before now, if you want to thread it out that's cool, or we can just head-canon it, I'm flexible, and with Matthew/Jodie since she's newer to town and he's a blind lawyer, idk if they'd have met yet. but either head-canon or threading out is fine with me)

Evanna buys for Jess - I'm thinking since she knows Lorelai, she probably asked Lorelai what to get him, and got him a few books with some fresh paper and set of pens Kay
John buys for Remus - probably books, and if John found out Remus was from a magical realm, maybe even magical books since John has a store with lots of books on magic and the occult. Kay
(We can just head-canon these if you want, I'm flexible either way)

Hank buys for Giles - Books probably gets him books since about all Hank would know about Giles is he's a librarian, so why not books Lithiasaur
Lorelai buys for Pearl - Human things hmmm she'll maybe buy Pearl a selection of her favourite music on CDs, expose her to human music Lithiasaur
(We can just head-canon these or if you want thread it out, I'm flexible)

Sherlock buys for Angelica - Probably gets her some antique gold doubloons or perhaps an antique dagger engraved since he's really into old weapons and stuff and even if he hasn't officially met Angelica yet, since he works down by the docks and she probably spends time around the docks, he'd probably at least have deduced that she's a pirate and would be into gold and weapons. Maria Pearl
(We can just head-canon these or if you want thread it out, I'm flexible)

Tyrion buys for Jessie - I'm thinking maybe a min pin puppy image Emilene
(We can just head-canon these or if you want thread it out, I'm flexible)

Jamie buys for Gwen, since he is a blacksmith, I'm thinking he makes her this sword and dagger set, here) Avril
(since they've never met we can thread it nor, I'm cool with whatever)

My characters who are RECEIVING gifts
Priscilla buys for Charlie, she'd be happy with just about anything, especially anything computer, music or game related, or pie, lots of pie Sedation
(since Priscilla would definitely know Charlie from the diner we can thread this if you want and feel up to it)

Zelena buys for Charles, he'd be happy with something weapon related or cigars/alcohol Jessica
(since they've met if you want to thread this out we can, I'm fine either way)

Jane buys for Geralt, alcohol or anything weapon related would be cool Katie
(since they've never met we can thread it nor, I'm cool with whatever)

Dorothy buys for James, Wine, extra clips/bullets for his gun, anything really Kay
(since they've never met we can thread it nor, I'm cool with whatever)

Will buys for Matthew, books in Braille, CDs/Music, a new winter coat, anything really just keep in mind he's blind xD Geo
(since they've never met we can thread it nor, I'm cool with whatever)

Elsa buys for Michael, new strings for his guitar, guitar sheet music, CDs/Music, arrows for his bow, anything really Lithiasaur
Jillian buys for Oh, gift certificates for Granny's nummy food, anything Holtz has invented lately Lithiasaur
Brennan buys for Phoebe, Anything soft and warm and fuzzy (pyjamas, blankets, socks, slippers, mittens, scarves, etc), but anything really Lithiasaur
(since we've never threaded Elsa/Michael and Brennan/Phoebe together, I'm cool with whatever, though for Oh/Jillian I'd really like to thread that cuz Oh thinks a lot of Holtz <3)

Robin Hood buys for Tyrion, books or wine would be cool, or both, or anything really Sam
(since they've never met we can thread it nor, I'm cool with whatever)

Gwen buys for Jamie, idek anything honestly, he could definitely use clothes since he's fairly new to town and came wearing his DunBroch clothes but honestly anything Avril
(since they've never met we can thread it nor, I'm cool with whatever, though since they are both paired up in the giving and receiving, might be fun to do just cuz xD)

Combos I've already posted on their threads about
(if you are in this list, it means I already poked you on the threads you started for the gift stuffs)

Scar receiving a gift from Bucky - already posted Meg about on her thread - potentially head-canon only (Megan)
Lorelai receiving a gift from Graham - already posted Em about on her thread - head-canon only? (Em)
Amanda receiving a gift from Lina - already posted Em about on her thread - head-canon only? (Em)
Callum receiving a gift from Rapunzel - already posted Em about on her thread - head-canon only? (Em)
Sherlock receiving a gift from Tiana - already posted Em about on her thread - head-canon only? (Em)
Charles giving Ariel a gift - already posted Em about on her thread - threading out? (Em)
Geralt giving Garnet a gift - already posted twin about - head-canon only? (Twin)
Thomas giving Rumple a gift - already posted twin about - threading out? (Twin)
Hank receiving a gift from Chey - already posted Maria about - head-canon only? (Maria)
Evanna receiving a gift from Jenny - already posted Maria about - head-canon only? (Maria)
Oh giving Quinn a gift - already posted Maria about - threading out? (Maria)

John receiving a gift from Delphini - already posted Kat about - gift is cigars and scotch - threading out? (Kat)
Thomas receiving a gift form Chesh - already posted Kat about - gift is blah - head-canon only? (Kat)
James giving Sally a gift - already posted Kat about - head-canon only? (Kat)
Phoebe giving Caroline a gift - already posted Kat about - head-canon only? (Kat)
Seth giving Athena a gift - already posted Kat about - head-canon only? (Kat)
Oct 30 2017, 11:30 AM

<div id="kings">
<h1><one>love</one> <two>conquers</two> <three>stubborn</three></h1>
<div id="kings-imgs">
<div id="kings-cimg1" style="background-image: url(;"></div>
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<div id="kings-cimg3" style="background-image: url(;"></div>
<div id="kings-rimg1" style="background-image: url("></div>
<div id="kings-name1">Merida</div>
<div id="kings-rimg2" style="background-image: url("></div>
<div id="kings-name2">John</div>
<div id="kings-rimg3" style="background-image: url("></div>
<div id="kings-name3">Hellbrave</div>
<div id="kings-rscr1"></div>
<div id="kings-rscr2"></div>
<div id="kings-rscr3"></div>

<a href=""><div style="width: 400px; margin: 10px auto; text-align: right; font-size: 8px; font-family: arial; text-transform: uppercase; color: #aaa;">liv's codes</div></a>

<link href=",100i,300,300i,400,400i,600,600i,700,700i" rel="stylesheet">

#kings {height: 550px; width: 400px; background: #eee; margin: auto; position: relative}
#kings h1 {height: 80px; width: 400px; position: absolute; color: #333; font-family: josefin sans; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: center; line-height: 80px; font-size: 9px; letter-spacing: 2px; font-weight: 700; background: none; top: -6px;}
#kings one {color: #B9912D}
#kings two {color: #2B8542}
#kings three {color: #B92D2D}
#kings h1::after {height: 1px; width: 30px; display: block; content: ""; background: #333; margin-left: 185px}
#kings-imgs {width: 360px; height: 430px; background: none; position: absolute; bottom: 20px; left: 20px}
#kings-cimg1, #kings-cimg2, #kings-cimg3 {height: 120px; width: 120px; -webkit-border-radius: 100%; -moz-border-radius: 100%; -ms-border-radius: 100%; -o-border-radius: 100%; background-size: cover; background-position: center; -webkit-filter: grayscale(100%); -moz-filter: grayscale(100%); -ms-filter: grayscale(100%); -o-filter: grayscale(100%); position: absolute; background-blend-mode: multiply; background-color: #aaa}
#kings-cimg1 {top: 0; left: 0}
#kings-cimg2 {top: 150px; right: 0}
#kings-cimg3 {bottom: 0; left: 0}
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#kings-rimg1, #kings-rscr1, #kings-name1 {top: 0; right: 0}
#kings-rimg2, #kings-rscr2, #kings-name2 {top: 150px; left: 0}
#kings-rimg3, #kings-rscr3, #kings-name3 {bottom: 0; right: 0}
#kings-rscr1, #kings-rscr2, #kings-rscr3 {height: 120px; width: 210px; mix-blend-mode:multiply; position: absolute;}
#kings-rscr1 {background: #B9912D}
#kings-rscr2 {background: #25825E}
#kings-rscr3 {background: #B92D2D}
#kings-name1, #kings-name2, #kings-name3 {height: 120px; width: 210px; line-height: 120px; text-align: center; z-index: 3; color: #000; text-shadow: 1px 1px 0 #ddd, -1px -1px 0 #ddd, 1px -1px 0 #ddd, -1px 1px 0 #ddd; position: absolute; font-family: josefin sans; text-transform: uppercase; font-weight: 400; letter-spacing: 4px; mix-blend-mode: screen; font-style: italic; font-size: 16px}

Sep 6 2017, 07:47 AM
Bach and Sed Texts
Our characters that interact a lot via text messages, this sort of is a continuation of the IC game Texts From Last Night, but sometimes our characters aren't drunk, they just know each other and send various texts. Too short for posts, but too funny/memorable to not make note of so we will dump them here <3


To Merida
From John Constantine

I don't think those were my shoes, because I just found my shoes under my bed.


To Chloe
From Amanda Perry

Eli saw you in the shower? Was that before or after Ginn and I were in your body?


To Anna Violet
From Hank Morgan

Hey, can you bring home some milk and coffee when you get out of school later........

Crap, that was supposed to go to Violet, sorry Anna


To Chloe
From Matthew Murdock

dsjkl fdshjlk kldsafjkld dsklakldsalkjfa

Crappie sorry rear was a button text I swear despite being blind, I am capable of prophet sexting
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