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Arthur Pendragon


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Apr 10 2017, 06:31 PM
Arthur found comfort from the park. The trees, lakes, and birds reminded him of Camelot. Spending time here brought him serenity. In fact, the resurrected man found himself spending more time here than at his home. If he wasn't exploring or working, he was at the park. On occasion he even fell asleep at the park.

That happened on March 31st. That wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. Work was exhausting. After eating a hotdog, Arthur settled himself on a bench and dozed off for six or so hours.

When he woke, the former King of Camelot knew something was different even before opening his eyes. Arthur was astutely aware he was close to the ground. Not good, although he could've easily rolled off the seat in his sleep. He then yawned, or tried to. He brayed instead. "What goblin cursed me?" He grumbled, or tried to. It came out as brays.

Pushing himself to his four, hoofed, feet, he trotted to the lake's edge and gawked at his reflection. "Not again," brayed Arthur. This was the second time he'd been turned into a donkey. What luck! He needed to hide before anyone saw him like this. Of course, that did not happen. "It's not what it looks like." All that came out were donkey sounds.
Apr 9 2017, 08:24 PM
Arthur had a rare day off. He found that although he enjoyed the time off, he did not know what to do with himself. Perhaps exploring the town would be a wise way to use the spare moments. The former king wasn’t entirely used to free time. As a Prince and as King he’d been on patrol, fighting a battle, trained for battles, or held court. There was always something happening in his life. The only spare moments were spent asleep.

Leisure time was not something he was used to. He needed to take up a hobby of some sort. For now he would spend his time getting to know the town. Later he could pick up some sort of extra activity. That seemed wise.

So on this spring day he walked through the town. He paid no attention where he was headed, although the former king hoped he didn’t get himself lost in the process, and found himself at the docks. What a lovely place to end up. The air was crisp and cool. Gulls cawed overhead and the sound of waves lulled him into contentedness.

Leaning on the railing, he stared out at the water. A slight smile played with his lips as the wind played with his blond hair. He found himself absorbed in the tranquil scenery. He was unaware that a familiar face was approaching.

Lady Morgana
Jan 4 2017, 08:45 PM
What was he thinking? Of all the professions to choose when coming back why did he have to choose clerk? He did not know what he was doing. He did not know how to work the machines. He did not know how to price things. He did know how to place things on shelves. That was a start, barely.

Arthur also kept getting distracted by all the new and shiny things in the store. The packaging made all the food look so tasty. Even the soap looks delectable. Then, there were the enchanted lights that turned off or on with a flick of the switch. Arthur had a great mistrust of the ‘cash register’ – the parchment eating machine as he dubbed it.

He could not get it to work most of the time. When he did it scared him to no end. He wished he did not have to work with that thing. It was it that made him question his job choice. Of all the things to choose for a profession why did he choose this one? He did not have a good answer except it had had an opening.

“I need a new job,” he grumbled as he worked with the cash register. His head went lower and lower as he examined the machine. Hearing a bell chime over the entrance, he called, “Welcome! I will be with you in one moment.” Arthur was unaware of whom he called out to.

Guinevere Pendragon
Oct 22 2016, 04:55 PM
Arthur felt naked. Sure, he wasn’t actually naked – he did have his tunic and breeches on. But he was missing his sword and red cape. A good warrior never was without those things, or so he’d been taught, and he was missing both of those things. So yeah, he felt naked and vulnerable and did not like that at all.

As he’d wandered helplessly around town, feeling very lost and out of place, he’d come to find out a Pawn Shoppe (whatever that was) held all sorts of items that had been owned by the inhabitants of other realms. Maybe, just maybe, he could find them there. He hoped so. Arthur really did not feel like searching this strange place for his belongings.

After work, what an unusual concept, he headed to the main shopping district. He read the signs and wondered what three-fourths of these shops were. What was a sundae? Finally, he found the place he was searching for.

Entering, a little bell dinged. He studied all the things that Arthur did not recognize as he went to the front desk. A small round thing with a knob sat on the glass counter near a machine with many buttons and a leaver. Intrigued, he picked it up and the thing made a sell. Startled, Arthur threw it over the counter.

Belle French-Gold

Oct 22 2016, 04:32 PM
Arthur found himself at the docks. He leaned against the handrail and stared out at the sea. The ocean wasn’t a place he got to see too often, which might surprise most as Camelot had been surrounded my water. His castle, though, had been settled in the heart of the country with forests all around him. The closest he got to water was a lake. Lakes were not oceans.

He liked the look of it, although all the water just stretching out for miles with no real horizon line was dizzying. Gripping the handrail, he glanced away. He didn’t really feel like getting wet. Falling into water equaled getting soaked. Water, as anyone knows, was wet. Granted, he did need a bath after working all day and being, well dead for who knows how long. But he’d rather do it at the inn instead of in the ocean. Oceans he recalled were really, really deep lakes (but with salt in the water).

Turning away from the ocean, he leaned against the wood and pulled the apron off his shoulder. He fingered the heavy duty fabric and wrinkled his nose. “Bloody ugly thing,” he whispered, tightening his grasp on it. Hearing a bit of noise up on the hill above the docks, he looked up and frowned. A familiar head of dark hair appeared. “It can’t be,” Arthur whispered. His mouth went dry. He just gawked, with mouth agape.

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