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May 2 2017, 03:49 PM
Vitani liked Storybrooke. It wasn’t like the Pride Lands or the Out Lands, and that was what she liked about it! It was… an interesting place. The food being cooked and prepared, the clothing they wore over their bodies- the fact that they kept animals in their homes that weren’t meant for food! There were so many things to learn about in this strange, wonderful place, and she found the more she learned, the more she wanted to know.

She especially liked learning how to fight in her human body. As a lioness, most of her fighting was just biting things and clawing with her powerful paws- there was only skill in execution. But things were different here. She had no natural weapons, and thus had to learn to use different items to help her. Sure, she could learn kick boxing or kung fu or something, but punching and kicking weren’t like being a lioness- there needed to be blood involved, or what was the point? How could you show others what you really were all about?

She liked using the items. Swords and spears and basically anything she could get her hands on. She just wished there was a place to learn it all. In the meantime, she could only look things up in what the humans called ‘books’ and ‘the internet’ and try to replicate the things she saw.

It hadn’t taken her long to make a wooden sword to train with, and she often took it out into the forest. That was where she was at that moment, swinging the pseudo blade around to get a good feel for it and how it worked.

Even if they were in a new place, she needed to be ready in case Kiara needed her protection. She was still loyal to the princess.

She swung the wooden sword around, a small level of skill having been acquired from all her hard work. She had no idea she might not be alone there.

Mar 16 2017, 02:57 PM
Well, it was nice to see that this town could have a bit of action after all! Vitani had been strolling through the woods, heading home from her sword practice, when she noticed she wasn't alone. Some kind of undead human had been in the forest too, and the moment it noticed her, it had started to run in her direction, letting out all kinds of wild noises. At first, she had just stood there, as she had been told many times that attacking other humans in this place was not an appropriate way of dealing with disagreements. She didn't want to get in trouble again- she knew Kiara wouldn't like it, either.

But then the thing had tried to take a swing at her, and she had decided that this situation wasn't quite normal, and it was okay to go on the attack. She ducked low under the wild swing, noting the way the creature's body wobbled awkwardly, as though it weren't completely confident on its feet. That was good for her- she was getting pretty used to her own human feet.

Once she ducked down, she reached for her side, grabbing hold of her sword hilt. With one, fluid motion she took a swipe at the midsection of the creature, cutting deeply into it. She was surprised, however, when the creature continued to step towards her, trying to grab onto her throat. It hadn't even flinched when cut, as though it didn't feel any pain.

Quickly, Vitani rolled to the side, avoiding the sloppy attacks of the creature. It was tough, but at least it was also stupid. She took another attack at the zombie, stabbing it right in the neck with her blade. She pivoted on his feet, twisting the sword sideways and pulling on the hilt to help the creature feel a little lighter- she dislodged its head from its decomposed neck, letting it plop onto the ground. The zombie hissed and gurgled, but collapsed finally.

Frowning, she straightened up, sighing heavily.

"Damn, that was too easy," she huffed, looking around. If there had been one of those creatures in the woods, there was a chance there were more further in, right? She was more than willing to hunt around for a bit to kill another one.

It was pretty damn fun.

She raised her sword and took off into the trees, keeping her weapon raised and at the ready in case she ran into another threat. She wasn't thinking that she might run into something that wasn't a threat, of course.
Oct 9 2016, 10:54 AM
This place was weird.

Vitani wasn't sure how much she liked Storybrooke yet, though she had only been there a couple of weeks. It certainly had more to do than the Pride Lands, that was for sure. She was used to spending her days lying around unless she needed to hunt or protect the princess. There hadn't been a lot of adventure, and it had kind of been a welcome change from having to fight to survive in the Outlands. The peace had been different, but not unwelcome. Here? Well, it wasn't like either place. It was peaceful, but at the same time really WEIRD things happened here. For one, she had to stand on two legs, and that was just... wrong.

But there had also been that thing about everyone turning into a child for a little while! She wasn't sure how such a thing could even be possible. Magic surrounded this place, and it was very strong indeed. She wasn't used to magic anymore than she was used to walking on two legs and having no fur.

It was an adjustment, and she wasn't sure if she was going to ultimately like, or dislike the place.

In the meantime, she had decided some further investigation was needed before she could really pass any kind of judgment on the place. So she had started to look around the town. It was about mid afternoon and she had left Granny's with every intention of checking out all the various buildings and learning as much as possible about the place. She had been brimming with confidence when she'd left- this was the first time she would be exploring the strange buildings in town. Going inside of them.

Now that she was out on the streets, however, she found herself a bit nervous. She wore some baggy cargo pants and a basic white tank top, having been told quite quickly that wandering around without 'clothes' on was entirely inappropriate. She didn't really get it, but she wanted to blend in with the other humans, so she had found some clothes to use. They weren't stylish or anything, but then again, she knew nothing about fashion to begin with.

Still, even with clothes on she didn't feel very 'human'. She frowned as she looked around the town. People were walking up and down the streets, seemingly enjoying their lives in this town. Where did she fit in?

How was she supposed to get started? She saw humans moving in small groups, and it almost made her want some company of her own. If she had a friend, perhaps she could handle this strange new world a bit better.

Charlotte La Bouff
Oct 9 2016, 10:12 AM
Vitani huffed softly, staring up at the sign looming before her. It stood over the building she had been told to enter- it was large and she didn't really like the way it made her feel. So helpless. So small. Why did these humans make things like signs? It wasn't like they meant anything. Alright, maybe that wasn't true. She didn't know how to read, so the words were simply confusing to her. Still, she knew this was the right place. Even if the words meant nothing to her, they still looked the same as the words printed on the small piece of paper she had been given.

Dark Star Pharmacy.

Apparently this was where she was supposed to pick up the medicine Dr Whale had assigned for her. Something about antibiotics to fight off an infection. Apparently all her training had been more dangerous than she anticipated, and her antics had gotten her sick somehow. He had explained it, but she didn't really understand.

In this world, when you got a cut, apparently dirt and stuff could get in it and make you sick? As a lioness, she had never had to worry about such things. You just licked the wound clean and moved on with your day. She supposed it was possible some lions had gotten sick from their injuries, but no one had ever associated one with the other. The idea of it was still weird to her. She frowned and looked around, not really sure she even needed to pick up this medicine. She was strong, wasn't she? She could deal with this herself.

Though she knew licking wounds was not considered normal in this realm.

Sighing heavily, she decided to ignore her own questions and venture inside the pharmacy, looking around with a bit of confusion on her face. There was so much inside! Wonder moved over her expression as she shut the door behind her, the woman slowly moving towards the various shelves. What was all this stuff? She had no idea that the store had all kinds of things inside it- candy, food, cards, books, supplies. Just things people might need in their day-to-day lives. Since she couldn't read, she really couldn't discern one thing from another until she looked at the pictures on the packaging.

And even then, she wasn't familiar with what food and whatnot looked like in this realm. So it was still kind of bizarre for her to see so many different things that seemingly had no value.

She was going to be spending quite some time in the pharmacy, it seemed, just exploring what the strange store had to offer. She wasn't paying attention to her surroundings, captivated as she was, and could easily have bumped into someone while she was looking around.

Kida Nedakh
Oct 9 2016, 09:32 AM
Vitani was getting pretty used to living in Storybrooke. It was hardly the same as living in the Pride Lands, of course, but that didn't make it a horrible experience, either. She was used to much worse, given she had grown up in exile in a place unfit for any creature to live. When it came to adapting to her environment, she was a pro. However, she did miss her home in the Pride Lands. She hadn't been there that long, but it had already become a very important place to her.

If not for the fact that Kiara was there with her, she might have had a much harder time getting used to things. But the princess was there, and she could give herself something to do to distract herself from any concerns because of that.

She could focus on wanting to keep Kiara safe here.

That meant learning how to fight in this weird, upright body. It had been such a shock to stand on two legs, when she had been used to four for so long. But she wasn't going to complain about it. It wasn't like that was going to change anything, anyway. She decided instead that she would simply have to get better about using this odd form, so she would be able to move effectively as long as she remained there. It wasn't like she suspected Kiara to fall into any kind of trouble during their stay but, well, she liked to explore and that sometimes got her into tricky situations.

So it was better to be safe than story.

It was those thoughts that had brought Vitani into the woods, where she had been able to enjoy some quiet away from the large masses of people back in Storybrooke. Out in the woods, she could train by herself and maybe work on things that might be considered more dangerous if she did them in her room at the inn or around other people.

She picked up a long stick, swinging it around almost wildly as she considered the way it moved and the ways she could throw it around in her hands. She wasn't used to weapons, either. Lionesses came equipped with everything they needed to their hunting. Having to use something else because this body wasn't built correctly was indeed strange, but not something she wasn't willing to work with.

She just wasn't used to it, and it showed in her uncoordinated movements. How did humans fight using things like this, anyway? She had held a weapon once before, but it was when she had been new and had just grabbed something without thinking.

To actually be able to fight effectively- she wondered if she could at all.

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