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May 12 2018, 02:12 PM
Vitani couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought to check on Kiara sooner. She knew she shouldn’t have left her alone! Sure, she was human and as capable of protecting herself with a weapon as anyone else, but she wasn’t trained! Not like Vitani. She had been training with weapons basically since she had arrived there, and she was sure if she had been there, Kiara would not have been kidnapped by these monsters in the first place.

So she made sure to be the first to rescue her. The moment she heard rumors that Kiara had gone missing, she got to tracking her, sniffing the air and trying to pick up on her scent. It would tell her if it had been because of a portal or the Horned King, and it led her right to the castle. If Kiara had fallen into a portal, then the scent would have just cut off in some random location. This made it perfectly clear that she was inside.

As if she needed more reason to go charging in.

And charging in she did- she withdrew her sword and went barreling off inside the castle without waiting. Having been inside a couple of times now, she knew the layout quite well. It wasn’t the kind of thing that changed when they left, thank God. In fact, the Horned King seemed disinclined to put up any defenses at all, even after people kept coming in to rescue their friends. It was like he didn’t care, and that he wasn’t actively seeking to imprison anyone anyway.

Vitani didn’t have much interest in figuring out why, though. All she wanted to do was rescue Kiara before she became the food for zombies.She slashed her way through the small army that had met her loud entrance, cutting her way to the stairs to get down into the dungeons. She was armed with more than just her sword, carrying extra weapons just in case she needed them. She had a bow and quiver on her back, along with another sword for Kiara, and a dagger in her shoe, ready to be a last resort.

“Kiara?!” She called loudly as she burst through, not one to take the subtle approach to... Anything, really. She didn’t seem to mind the attention she was drawing to herself at all.

“Kiara, are you here?! I’m here to rescue you!” Because that was definitely something she needed to make clear. Otherwise maybe Kiara would have thought that she was just stopping by and she wasn’t there to save her at all.

Entirely possible.

Kiara Leone
Oct 12 2017, 12:23 PM
Vitani thrust her sword forward, piercing the eye socket of one of the undead creatures that had been guarding the front of the castle. The zombie hissed and was soon disposed of as she gave the sword a shove and a violent twist, pulling the creature’s head free from its neck. She had quickly discovered that removing the heads of the zombies was the best way to be rid of them for good, and she had gained a lot of decent skills in making sure they all died, too. She felt like she could take on a whole mess of them and come out on top.

But maybe that was just her fighter spirit and not actually a good choice.

In any case, she approached the castle, ready to charge in and kill as many demons as possible to try and save the people who had been taken within. Though she didn’t know if there was anyone in there she cared about, personally, that didn’t mean she didn’t want to help. Living in the Pride Lands with Kiara and the others had shown her how much she needed to care and protect the people around her. She had learned to love through that warm environment, and she wasn’t about to forget those lessons now.

Now when they seemed more important than ever. She wouldn’t let herself go back to the mean, cold woman who had been raised to hate everyone thanks to her scorned mother. She had come so far! She couldn’t just walk away from this, right?

As she scooted herself closer to the castle, she couldn’t help but notice that she wasn’t the only one there. Her senses were slightly more keen than a normal human’s, thanks to her former lion ways, and even through the stench of death that permeated the area, she could tell that there were other humans around. She could smell some in the castle, of course, but there were actually a couple unknown scents around her on the outside, too.

Curious, she decided to follow one of the scents, letting it lead her to another woman looking at the castle from through the trees. She let her head tilt slightly to one side. Another hero? Someone looking to help those in need? Someone here just to check things out?

“Hey,” she barked at the woman, apparently unbothered by the chance of scaring her or even summoning more zombies to their location, “if you’re here to gawk, I think you better head back to town- it’s super dangerous here!”

(It’s up to you guys who she found first. XD) Avril, Bach
Jun 3 2017, 09:49 PM
Vitani was a bit jealous of Scar. Not because he had come back from the dead, or because he had very briefly been ruler of the whole of the Pride Lands, but because he seemed to have a trinket that allowed him to turn into the form of a lion from time to time. The original form! What they were supposed to be!

She wondered if she ought to have a visit with this Rumplestiltskin fellow. Apparently he had been the one to trade the item to Scar. Or, Seth, as he was called in this realm. It was still strange to her that he had taken another name and had seemingly adopted this whole ‘human’ lifestyle thing that everyone had going on here.

She liked being a human, sure, but that didn’t mean she wanted to stay as one. Clothing were restrictive and she longed to go hunting with her teeth and claws once more. She wished to be back home where she could protect Kiara and do her best to follow the rule of her new king, Simba.

She missed it all so much. Of course she was jealous of Scar. He had some small attachment to that world now, and he wasn’t sharing it! She would just have to get the same magic from this Dark One.

She mused to herself as she sat on a rock in the forest, sunning herself by a small stream near the toll bridge. She had only a white tank top on, and pants of course, exposing most of her skin to the warm sun rays. It was as close to lounging in the sun for hours, as she did as a lioness, as she was going to get.

While her body was human, her senses were still somewhat sharper than most, though not quite what it had once been. It was somewhere right smack in the middle, between human and lion.

Her ears almost twitched when she thought she heard someone walking through the forest floor, leaves crunching and twigs snapping.

“Who’s there?” She demanded, leaping off the rock quickly. It was in her natural instincts to be suspicious of anyone who came her way. Call it a product of her upbringing in the Outlands.

May 2 2017, 03:49 PM
Vitani liked Storybrooke. It wasn’t like the Pride Lands or the Out Lands, and that was what she liked about it! It was… an interesting place. The food being cooked and prepared, the clothing they wore over their bodies- the fact that they kept animals in their homes that weren’t meant for food! There were so many things to learn about in this strange, wonderful place, and she found the more she learned, the more she wanted to know.

She especially liked learning how to fight in her human body. As a lioness, most of her fighting was just biting things and clawing with her powerful paws- there was only skill in execution. But things were different here. She had no natural weapons, and thus had to learn to use different items to help her. Sure, she could learn kick boxing or kung fu or something, but punching and kicking weren’t like being a lioness- there needed to be blood involved, or what was the point? How could you show others what you really were all about?

She liked using the items. Swords and spears and basically anything she could get her hands on. She just wished there was a place to learn it all. In the meantime, she could only look things up in what the humans called ‘books’ and ‘the internet’ and try to replicate the things she saw.

It hadn’t taken her long to make a wooden sword to train with, and she often took it out into the forest. That was where she was at that moment, swinging the pseudo blade around to get a good feel for it and how it worked.

Even if they were in a new place, she needed to be ready in case Kiara needed her protection. She was still loyal to the princess.

She swung the wooden sword around, a small level of skill having been acquired from all her hard work. She had no idea she might not be alone there.

Mar 16 2017, 02:57 PM
Well, it was nice to see that this town could have a bit of action after all! Vitani had been strolling through the woods, heading home from her sword practice, when she noticed she wasn't alone. Some kind of undead human had been in the forest too, and the moment it noticed her, it had started to run in her direction, letting out all kinds of wild noises. At first, she had just stood there, as she had been told many times that attacking other humans in this place was not an appropriate way of dealing with disagreements. She didn't want to get in trouble again- she knew Kiara wouldn't like it, either.

But then the thing had tried to take a swing at her, and she had decided that this situation wasn't quite normal, and it was okay to go on the attack. She ducked low under the wild swing, noting the way the creature's body wobbled awkwardly, as though it weren't completely confident on its feet. That was good for her- she was getting pretty used to her own human feet.

Once she ducked down, she reached for her side, grabbing hold of her sword hilt. With one, fluid motion she took a swipe at the midsection of the creature, cutting deeply into it. She was surprised, however, when the creature continued to step towards her, trying to grab onto her throat. It hadn't even flinched when cut, as though it didn't feel any pain.

Quickly, Vitani rolled to the side, avoiding the sloppy attacks of the creature. It was tough, but at least it was also stupid. She took another attack at the zombie, stabbing it right in the neck with her blade. She pivoted on his feet, twisting the sword sideways and pulling on the hilt to help the creature feel a little lighter- she dislodged its head from its decomposed neck, letting it plop onto the ground. The zombie hissed and gurgled, but collapsed finally.

Frowning, she straightened up, sighing heavily.

"Damn, that was too easy," she huffed, looking around. If there had been one of those creatures in the woods, there was a chance there were more further in, right? She was more than willing to hunt around for a bit to kill another one.

It was pretty damn fun.

She raised her sword and took off into the trees, keeping her weapon raised and at the ready in case she ran into another threat. She wasn't thinking that she might run into something that wasn't a threat, of course.
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