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Horned King

Land of Untold Stories

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Feb 1 2017, 10:45 AM
So the Horned King has finally come to Storybrooke. Along with making magic users very uncomfortable, he's also here to figure out some very important things regarding his magic and why his world domination plans seemed to be hindered by the existence of this little, magical town!

The portals appearing in Storybrooke, as many OoCly know, are due to backlash from a very powerful spell that the Horned King seeks to create in order to turn all the realms into what he considers an ideal place to live- a barren wasteland of suffering and pain bent to his rule. But it's not just Storybrooke being troubled- the Horned King himself can't seem to complete his spell without this town acting as some kind of a funnel, stealing away his magic and creating these portals/the other chaotic things happening around town.

Naturally, he's finally had enough and has come to town to investigate things!

About the Horned King-

The Horned King is a mostly NPC character, who appears to cause trouble. He is extremely powerful with dark magic, extremely immortal, and extremely annoyed. He is generally a cold, calculating being with an even voice and a calm personality- not someone easily worked up. He is ruthless and more than happy to torture and kill to get what he wants, which at this point is simply information that no one in town can actually provide him. (Which is not going to help his mood!)

Generally, he does not take a human form, and appears in front of people as an extremely tall, living skeleton with glowing eyes and large horns protruding from his cloaked head. He wears a thick cloak that covers most of him, but it's still decidedly apparent that he is NOT human. Standing before him can fill someone with terrible fear. On those few occasions where he does feel the need to appear human, he will appear as an older gentleman, refined and sensible. (Face claim: Christopher Lee)

The Horned King is open to interacting with anyone- but be careful! He is very dangerous Obviously, nothing unplanned will happen when dealing with him, but ICly it should be kept in mind that he is not one easily attacked.

He also has the ability to raise the dead, so if you're not quite up to meeting the Horned King himself, there always the chance of running into his hordes of zombie minions, either resurrected from Storybrooke or brought with him through the portal he created deep beneath the streets of Storybrooke.

About the zombies-

If you would like to RP with his Zombie buddies, you're free to control them yourselves or I can have them show up from this account and NPC them. You may not, however, NPC the Horned King himself.

Zombies are flesh-loving and look all decayed, just like zombies from most fandoms, however, getting bitten by one will NOT turn you into a zombie! Only the Horned King's magic raises the dead, not the zombies themselves!

So feel free to get chomped on if you like. >>

The portal mentioned above, where he first appeared, has been protected by a menacing underground castle that he created with his magics. He uses this secret place as his base of operations, and while it's out of reach right now, it may not be in the future!

So, yeah, if you want to plot with the Horned King, he is now in play! You may also use this thread to ask me any questions you may have about him!
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