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Feb 1 2018, 09:23 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Go Forth and Plot!</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
Please feel free to use this thread to plot for the carnival events. You're welcome to use this space for general plotting, or to figure out who would like to play with you at one of the special booths!
You're also welcome to ask any questions you might have regarding the event and the booths here!
Have fun!


Feb 1 2018, 09:17 AM
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<h1>Valentine's Carnival Fun</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">

Welcome to the fun! A carnival seems to have rolled into town. (Or, more accurately, it was set up by people already in town, considering it would be difficult for anyone to get into Storybrooke right now.) Regardless, this carnival is teeming with fun and love, a perfect pink getaway from all those troubles regarding the Horned King! Whoever set the place up certainly went through a lot of trouble- it's filled to the brim with things to do! From well constructed, not remotely dangerous-looking rides, to long lines of games and prize booths, to food stalls selling all manner of potentially vomit-inducing foods, this place has everything you might expect it to! All themed around the holiday of love and devotion- Valentine's Day.
You might choose to play on the ferris wheel, have a go on some of the roller coasters, or even take a spin in the tunnel of love, but if those rides don't tickle your fancy, and you've won enough stuffed animals and plastic cups to last you a life time, then why don't you check out one of the carnival's "special events"?
You didn't really think there wouldn't be any magic involved.... did you?
<h2>The Special Events</h2>
<b>Enchanted Valentine's Cards</b> - Set up right at the start of the event is a large booth with several writing stations set on a table. On each station is a small pile of lovely, perfectly cheesy Valentine's cards. Guests are welcome to fill out a card with all the lovey dovey thoughts they would like, and the enchanted card will go and seek out the intended recipient all on its own! (so make sure you put the right now on it, or things could get awkward!) These cards can be for anyone, be it a friend you want to embarrass, a love you want to confess to, or just that special someone you've been with for so long! <i>(These cards will be written out here and the NPC account with read the card to the character signed up in one of their threads at any time!) </i>
<b>Red String of Fate</b> - Further into the event you'll find a lavishly decorated booth with a strange, but kind woman cloaked in red cloth. She has piles of red string all around her, and claims tying a string to your finger will connect the other end to the person you're fated to be with! For a small fee, you might be able to find the love of your life! Or your husband if he wandered off into the crowds and you have no idea where he went. The string is enchanted, and will not impede movements, so no tripping or getting tugged along against your will here! (<i>The effects of the string do not extend beyond the carnival. If your love isn't there, it will simply lead you to the exit!</i>)
<b>Cupid's Arrow</b> - Hidden along a row of game booths is an unassuming tent with a dart board and a few bows with heart-tipped arrows to shoot at the target. However, getting an arrow to hit a target in this game is harder than it seems! The arrows, enchanted little things that they are, seem to run wild the moment they're released from their bow, and can easily strike another friend, or a completely random person, by accident! (<i>OoCly you'll need permission</i>) The arrow itself is harmless and disappears the moment it hits someone, leaving no wound behind, only the effects of the magic. Naturally, this magic will cause the person to fall in love with whomever shot the arrow! (<i>The effects of the arrow do not extend past the carnival: leaving the ground will void it. The spell will also immediately be broken if someone tries to get too frisky with another/take advantage of the situation too much!</i>)
Keep in mind these events are for fun and enjoy yourselves! More booths may be added as we go along, and you're welcome to use the <a href=''>plotting thread</a> for all three of the events! There will also be sign ups for the Valentine's cards down below!

Dec 1 2017, 12:27 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>All Events!</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
Looking for something to do this Christmas? Here's a list of the current User-run and staff-run events! If more come along, please post here and we'll get it added to the list! Please include all information, and if you want a board for your event, use the <a href="">board request</a> thread to have one created!
<h2>Current Events:</h2>
<b>Event:</b> <a href="">Secret Santa</a> <br>
<b>Event Thread:</b> <a href="">Here</a> <br>
<b>Runs ICly:</b> Now until December 22nd <br>
<b>Open OoCly:</b> Until the threads are finished! <br>
<b>Run By:</b> Twin
<b>Event:</b> <a href="">Christmas Party</a> <br>
<b>Event Thread:</b> <a href="">Here</a> <br>
<b>Runs ICly:</b> Now until ??? <br>
<b>Open OoCly:</b> ??? <br>
<b>Run By:</b> Chuckles <br>
<b>Event:</b> <a href="">Christmas Masquerade Charity Ball</a> <br>
<b>Event Thread:</b> <a href="">Here</a> <br>
<b>Runs ICly:</b> December 9<br>
<b>Open OoCly:</b> however long til everyone's done I suppose xD<br>
<b>Run By:</b> KAT ! <br>
<b>Event:</b> <a href="">Christmas not party</a> <br>
<b>Event Thread:</b> <a href="">Here</a> <br>
<b>Runs ICly:</b> 20th December <br>
<b>Open OoCly:</b> Until everyone leaves I guess <br>
<b>Run By:</b> Em 'n' em's <br>

<b>Event:</b>  <a href="plotter link">Event Name</a> <br>
<b>Event Thread:</b>  <a href="forum link">Here</a> <br>
<b>Runs ICly:</b>In character timeline <br>
<b>Open OoCly:</b> how long can you post in it <br>
<b>Run By:</b> YOU <br>

Dec 1 2017, 09:35 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Tis the Season!</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
IT's that time of year! Come help the citizens of Storybrooke spread Christmas cheer with a town-organized Secret Santa!
From TODAY until December 8th people may sign up to partake in this years secret santa! All you need to do to sign up is post down below with the name of your character, as well as a small list of buyable items that they might like! (please no World Peace etc- that would be difficult on a budget!)
After the sign up period, the list will be randomized and you will be given your secret santa partner here in the thread. While YOU'LL know who it is, the character's won't until gift exchange! ICly, the gift exchange takes place on Dec 22nd so as not to get in the way of personal holiday celebrations. There will be a small party held at Town Hall for people to exchange their gifts! You may post a thread at any time to play this out, just keep in mind ICly when it's happening!
You may also include threads going to buy gifts with friends, or trying to figure out what it is your secret santa would even like! There will be a little event thread for it!
You are also welcome to plot here after the sign up period has ended!


[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Potential Gift Ideas:[/b]

<h2>Signed up</h2>
Adella (Krissu)<br>
Allison Argent (Argent)<br>
Amanda Perry (Bach)<br>
Angelica Teach (Maria Pearl)<br>
Anita Lucas (Katie)<br>
Anna (Sedation)<br>
Archie Hopper (Katie)<br>
Ariel (em 'n' em's)<br>
Arista (Avril)<br>
Arthur Pendragon (Kay)<br>
Ashley Boyd (Katie Kay)<br>
Atana Kraezerdottir (Laufey)<br>
Athena (KAT !)<br>
Aziraphale (Jessica)<br>
[The] Baker (Twin)<br>
Belle (Magda)<br>
Billy Hargrove (Megan)<br>
Bucky Barnes (Megan)<br>
Callum Wallace (Bach) <br>
Caroline Forbes (KAT !)<br>
Charles Vane (Bach)<br>
Charlie Bradbury (Bach)<br>
Charlotte Burnett (Katie)<br>
Chey Phillips (Maria)<br>
Chloe Armstrong (Sedation)<br>
Delphini Riddle-Lestrange (KAT !)<br>
Destiny (Sedation)<br>
Dorothy Gale (Kay)<br>
Elektra Natchios (Sedation)<br>
Eli Wallace (Twin)<br>
Elizabeth Swann (Maria Pearl)<br>
Elsa (Lithiasaur)<br>
Emily (Katie Kay)<br>
Emma swan (Kay)<br>
Erin Gilbert (Magda)<br>
Evanna (Bach) <br>
Ezekiel Jones (em 'n' em's)<br>
Felix (Argent)<br>
Finn Harden (Emilene)<br>
Freya (Kay)<br>
Garnet (Twin)<br>
Genet Bordeaux (Laufey)<br>
Geralt (Bach)<br>
Gerard Lacroix (Geo)<br>
Grace (Megan)<br>
Graham (em 'n' em's)<br>
Granny (Maria)<br>
Gwendolyn Bashmath (Avril)<br>
Hamish Macbeth (Twin)<br>
Hank Morgan (Bach)<br>
Harleen Quinzel (KAT !)<br>
Helen Ross (Maria)<br>
Indiana Cartier (Katie)<br>
Jacob Stone (Kris) <br>
James Nolan (Bach) <br>
Jamie Fraser (Bach)<br>
Jane Banks (Katie)<br>
Jane Foster (KAT !)<br>
Jasmine Alaoui (Katie Kay)<br>
Jefferson (Geo)<br>
Jenny Butler (Maria) <br>
Jess Mariano (Kay)<br>
Jessie Logan (Emilene)<br>
Jillian Holtzmann (Lithia)<br>
Jodie Holmes (Sam)<br>
John Constantine (Bach)<br>
John LeBlanc (Kris) <br>
Katerina DeScord (KAT !)<br>
Kilgharrah (Jessica)<br>
Killian Jones (Katie)<br>
Lapis Lazuli (KAT !)<br>
Lilith Page (Sam)<br>
Lina (em 'n' em's)<br>
Lorelai Gilmore (Bach)<br>
Matthew Murdock (Bach)<br>
Merida (Sedation)<br>
Michael Banks (Bach)<br>
Moriarty (Jessica)<br>
Neal Cassidy (em 'n' em's)<br>
Nico di Angelo (Avril)<br>
Oh Boov (Bach) <br>
Pan (Terra)<br>
Pearl (Lithiasaur)<br>
Pepper Potts (KAT !)<br>
Phoebe Bennett (Bach)<br>
Priscilla Halburton-Smythe (Sedation)<br>
Puss in Boots (em 'n' em's)<br>
Quinn Mallory (Maria)<br>
Rapunzel (em 'n' em's)<br>
Remus Lupin (Kay)<br>
Robin Hood (Sam)<br>
Roger Davis (Twin)<Br>
Rosetta (Katie Kay)<br>
Ruby Lucas (Kitty)<br>
Rumplestiltskin (Twin)<br>
Rupert Giles (Lithiasaur)<br>
Sally Finkelstein (KAT !)<br>
Seth Argent (Bach)<br>
Sherlock Holmes (Bach) <br>
Sigyn (KAT !)<br>
Starfire (KAT !)<br>
Susan Pevensie (KAT !)<br>
Taffyta Muttonfudge (Krissu)<br>
TC Callahan (Kay)<br>
Temperance Brennan (Lithiasaur)<br>
Thomas O'Hare (Bach)<br>
Thor (Magda)<br>
Tiana (em 'n' em's)<br>
Tyrion Lannister (Bach) <br>
Victor Whale (Twin)<br>
Victoria Scarlet (Katie)<br>
Violet Parr (Avril)<br>
Wilbur Robinson (Argent)<br>
Will Graham (Geo)<br>
Zelena (Jessica)<br>


Mar 31 2017, 02:21 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Suggestion Thread</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
So if you have any suggestions for prank thread, go ahead and throw them up here. Not everything posted will be picked, it just depends on how active the event is and how quickly people join the other threads! I don't want threads to get too crowded, so I'm more than happy to throw up some new pranks if that happens!
And having suggestions from other members is a great way to do it, I think!
All you need to do is post your prank below- there's no form! Try to include as much information as you can, including (but not limited to):
- What the prank is about <br>
- How it works<br>
- Where it happens (if area specific) <br>
- Anything important we'd need to know!
Keep in mind these threads are meant to be fun and anything really dark is likely not to be accepted. <3
If you have any questions relating to suggesting pranks, please post them here! If you have any questions about the event itself, head over to the <a href="">plot board!</a>

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