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May 1 2017, 12:09 PM
If you have a quote you adored, a moment that pulled your heartstrings, or something you just wanted to keep around forever, go ahead and post it here!

You can also use this thread to keep track of any interactions that might turn into plot candy for the board later!
May 1 2017, 08:39 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>May 2017</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">OKAY FIRST. Let's get the normal stuff out of the way: The activity check for May has now been completed! We did a BIG spring cleaning that was well over-due! The following canon characters have been placed back up for grabs:
<ul><li>Cruella de Vil<br>
<li>David Nolan<br>
And the following non-show characters have become available as well:
<ul><li>Bellatrix Lestrange<br>
<li>Charlotte La Bouff<br>
<li>Jack Frost<br>
<li>Jack Sparrow<br>
<li>Judy Hopps<br>
<li>Kylo Ren<br>
<li>Percy Jackson<br>
<li>Translator Batez<br>
If you're interested in one of these characters, then by all means apply for them! Due to the celebration we're having this month, you may re-apply without any wait time! The next activity check will take place at the end of the month! This would also be a good time to note that we've had a change to the activity check system! From now on, there will be an activity check BOARD you must post on (which and be found <a href="">here</a>. ) The requirements for characters have not changed, you just need to make sure you post there before the end of the month! Boards will be open at the start of the month and close by the end of it!
There has also been a small change added to aways- we now have a form! Go and check it out <a href="">right here</a>. If you have any questions about the chances, please contact me!
As always, take a moment to welcome our newest members: Jane, Terra, Jen, Ripley, Marcus, Wicked, and Taya!! AND THE SUPER AWESOME The Lady In Yellow!!!! Make sure you visit their plot pages and make sure they feel welcome! Thanks for joining us, guys! (Wow, what a big month for new members!)
May 31st is this site's official first birthday! We were in soft opening prior to that, and on another board even more prior, but May 31st is when this site officially opened, so it will be the date we celebration! Throughout the month of May, you'll have lots of new goodies to enjoy! Let's get started, shall we?
<h3>We have three new realms! They are:</h3>
<ul><li>Frontierland, a cowboy world<br>
<li>Sector 2814, a superhero world and<br>
<li>Olympus, a world for Gods!<br>
Information concerning these new realms, as well as the kinds of characters you may make from these worlds, can be found <a href="">right over here.</a>
But what's the fun of new realms, and new characters to make, when you have to trudge through five IC posts per character to get to a new one? Well, that brings us to our second perk!
<h3>Everyone can make two free characters!</h3>
That's right! Regardless of how many posts your previous character has, you may make two characters without worrying about the IC requirements! If your previous character has five posts, that means you can make a grand total of three characters before having to post 5 times with that last character! After the two free characters have been spent, the requirements return to normal! New characters do NOT have to be from one of the new realms to qualify. Keep in mind that the application process remains the same, and characters still require the usual approval! If you have a character currently in waiting, they do not count for your two freebies!
<h3>We now have an In-Character chat!</h3>
The link to the chat is located above the regular cbox. I'm sorry- I wanted to make it tab from regular to IC, but I didn't find help before May! If I find the means to make the cbox tab, I will update it for you guys!
To be able to play in the ICC, you must meet AC requirements from the month before. Aways do not count for the ICC! Since this is the first month of the ICC, everyone is welcome to join. Rules regarding the ICC can be <a href="">found here</a>.
<h3>I'm looking for help!</h3>
I'm going to be looking for a mod (or two) who can help me keep the lists up to date. This is my biggest failing on-site, so I would definitely appreciate someone who would be willing to take on that burden for me! There are some other duties included in being a mod, but primarily it's list upkeep. Not to say I won't be doing my best to update lists on my own, but help is always appreciated!
There are only two things I ask for mod applications: You are an active member of the board and you have some means of off-site communication. (Skype, AIM and Discord are the ones I primarily use.) This is just in case I need you and I can't get on the board for whatever reason!
If you're interested, please PM/contact me at your leisure!
<h3>More to come!</h3>
This is definitely the main chunk of the fun for this month, but there will be other things popping up, including (time permitting) a fun little addition to the cbox and the potential for some site events! Keep a look out! If you have any ideas on how you might like to celebrate, feel free to contact me! Thank you all for being around for this amazing moment! What an accomplishment to be able to share with you all!

<h2>And More Normal Stuff:</h2>
Remember, if you would like a group plot advertised here, just make sure you make a thread in the <a href="">Group Plot </a> board! It'll be up with the next month's announcement when you do!
In generic, always here news: please make sure you head over to the claims board and get any claims you haven't submitted taken care of! This includes <a href="">job claims</a>, <a href="">face claims</a>, and the <a href="">member directory</a>! Also- if you don't have an icon on your account, please get one up! It helps keep the site looking nice and fancy. If you need help, please PM me and I'll get that up for you! We also have some optional claims: <a href="">Pet</a>, <a href="">Housing</a> and <a href="">IC birthday</a>!
If you're dying to have a certain character on board, make sure your <b>Wanted Ads</b> are up to date! I go through and add characters people are looking for to my resource site/tumblr ads, so it's good to keep up on them if there's someone you're super interested in seeing! With the activity check now over, it seems like a good time to update!
Lastly- season six of Once continues again soon! As you all already know, spoilers about the show are not appropriate in the cbox, though we do have a thread where you can post as much as you like about what's happening in the show! Thank you for being respectful of people who haven't had a chance to see the new season yet- we haven't had any big problems with spoilers and that makes me really happy. <3 <3 <3


May 1 2017, 07:57 AM
Going away? Totally fine! Life gets hectic, things happen, or sometimes you just don’t feel like posting! We all deal with things from time to time. If you’re going to need some time away, please post a thread with the following code. (or just a thread that covers the information- you don’t NEED to use this form!) Please keep in mind that a return date is not optional, but can be fudged if you’re unsure! Just a general idea is good.


[b]Reason For Away:[/b]
[b]Leaving Date:[/b]
[b]Returning Date:[/b]
[b]Around the board chat?:[/b] y/n
[b]Any notes:[/b]
May 1 2017, 07:55 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Activity Check!</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">

To pass the check, you need TWO posts per main canon, and ONE post for any other characters, including OCs, non show canons and minor show canons! If you don’t know who the main canons are for this site, they’re listed on the canon list with descriptions!
If you have an away, please link it instead. Note that two months without posts will result in a lost character, even with an away. (Unless you speak to me in advance!)
If you made a character the month of the AC, they do not need to be posted until the next month!
Regardless of meeting the check or not, you MUST post in this thread so I know you’re still here!
Please post for every character you own!
This thread is open all month. Post when you have the time/get the check done! You may post multiple times, as you meet the check with each character, or you may post them all at once! But please do not go back and edit posts once you've posted- I will be made very confused that way!

Form: <pre>[/dohtml]

[b]Post:[/b] [url=Link to post(s)]Link[/url]
[b]Any notes:[/b]


Amanda Perry<br>
Anita Lucas<br>
Archie Hopper<br>
August Booth<br>
Buffy Summers<br>
Cassandra Cillian<br>
Charles Vane<br>
Charlie Bradbury<br>
Charlotte Burnett<br>
Chloe Armstrong<br>
Christine Daae<br>
Cindy Aurum <br>
Colette French<br>
Eli Wallace<br>
Elizabeth Lavenza<br>
Emma Swan<br>
Erin Gilbert<br>
Ezekiel Jones<br>
Guinevere Pendragon<br>
Hamish Macbeth<br>
Hank Morgan<br>
Indiana Cartier<br>
Isaiah Rivendell<br>
Jack Frost<br>
Jacob Stone<br>
James Nolan<br>
Jamie Moriarty<br>
Jess Mariano<br>
Jim Moriarty<br>
Kasumi Goto<br>
Killian Jones<br>
Lady Morgan<br>
Lady Violet <br>
Leia Organa<br>
Lewis Rogers<br>
Lorelai Gilmore<br>
Luke Danes<br>
Luna Lovegood<br>
Maria Posada<br>
Merida DunBroch<br>
Michael Banks<br>
Mother Superior<br>
Neal Cassidy<br>
Nicholas Rush<br>
Peggy Carter<br>
Penelope Scarlet<br>
Peter Pan<br>
Phoebe Bennett<br>
Princess Aurora<br>
Rachel Cole-Alves<br>
Regina Mills<br>
Robin Hood<br>
Roger Davis<br>
Ron Stoppable<br>
Rory Gilmore <br>
Ruby Lucas<br>
Sarah Jane<br>
Seeley Booth<br>
Seth Argent<br>
Sheriff Graham<br>
Sherlock Holmes<br>
Thaal Sinestro<br>
The baker<br>
Thomas O'Hare<br>
Tiger Lily<br>
Victor Whale<br>
Victoria Scarlet<br>
Violet Baudelaire<br>
Willow Rosenberg<br>

<h2>Exempt: (OoC accounts)</h2>

Pond </div>

May 1 2017, 07:45 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Housing Claim</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">

<h3>Sometimes it’s a bit hard to keep track of where everyone lives! This should (hopefully) make things a bit easier for those who would like to post their character’s locations! </h3>

To claim: <pre>[/dohtml]
<b>Character Name</b> | Housing (if other, include what it is!) <br />[dohtml]</pre>

<b>Adam</b> | The house he was given in the first curse <br />
<b> Belle Gold</b> | Gold Residence <br />
<b>Christine Daae</b> | A home she and Raoul built when they came to Storybrooke <br />
<b>Dracula</b> | House on the edges of the woods with brides and Lucy <br />
<b>Hank Morgan</b> | Morgan family home - Small house <br />
<b>Jaq</b> | House that he was given during the curse<br />
<b>Lorelai Gilmore</b> | Small house<br />
<b>Rumplestiltskin</b> | Gold Residence <br />
<b>Sally Finkelstein</b> | Home with her father, Dr. FINKELSTEIN<br />
<b>Sasha Draconis</b> | House shared with St George and the Princess <br />
<b>Susan Pevensie</b> | House she saved up, and bought with the help of the bank<br />
<b>Tyrion Lannister</b> | Small House <br />
<b>Violet Morgan</b> | Morgan family home <br />

<h2> Dragonfly Inn:</h2>
<b>Amanda Perry</b> | Room <br />
<b>Buffy Summers</b> | Dragonfly Inn <br />
<b>Eli Wallace</b> | Normal room <br />
<b>Evanna</b> | Room<br />
<b> Kiara Leone</b> | Suite <br />
<b>Luke Danes</b> | Shed at the back <br />
<b>Nala</b> | Dragonfly Inn <br />
<b>Nicholas Rush</b> | Normal room <br />
<b>Oh</b> | Room <br />
<b>Rikku Noka</b> | Normal room<br />
<b>Roger Davis</b> | Normal room <br />
<b>Seth Argent (Scar)</b> | Room<br />
<b>Sherlock Holmes</b> | Room <br />
<b>Toby Curtis</b> | Room<br />

<h2> Granny’s Bed & Breakfast:</h2>
<b>Ezekiel Jones</b> | Granny's Bed and Breakfast<br />
<b>Geralt</b> | Room <br />
<b>Granny</b> | Granny's Bed and Breakfast<br />
<b>James Nolan</b> | Room shared with Tinkerbell<br />
<b>Jim Moriarty</b> | Granny’s Bed & Breakfast <br />
<b>Lewis Rogers</b> | Normal room <br />
<b>Peggy Carter</b> | Room <br />
<b>Prompto Argentum</b> | Large room <br />
<b>Vitani</b> | Normal room <br />
<b> Willow Rosenberg</b> | Room <br />

<h2> Apartments:</h2>
<b>Alice Liddell</b> | Will Scarlet's apartment <br />
<b>Caspian X</b> | Apartment in town <br />
<b>Caroline Forbes</b> | 3-Bedroom in quiet caldusac thanks to her emergancy cash<br />
<b>Charlie Bradbury</b> | Small 1 Bedroom <br />
<b>David Nolan</b> | Blanchard-Nolan Loft <br />
<b>Drizella Tremaine</b> | Her own apartment <br />
<b>Elizabeth Lavenza</b> | Victor Whale's apartment <br />
<b>Garnet</b> | mid-sized apartment <br />
<b>Guinevere Pendragon</b> | Arthur Pendragon's apartment <br />
<b>John Constantine</b> | A Small flat over his shop<br />
<b> Lilith Page</b> | Her own apartment <br />
<b>Neal Cassidy</b> | Neal's apartment<br />
<b>Michael Banks</b> | Small 1 Bedroom <br />
<b>Permanent Rose Owens</b> | Apartment near the docks <br />
<b>Phoebe Bennett</b> | Small 1 Bedroom over the Pizza place <br />
<b> Rachel Cole-Alves </b> | A small apartment <br />
<b>Ruby Lucas</b> | Victor Whale's apartment<br />
<b>Thomas O'Hare</b> | Apartment over the Toy Store<br />
<b>Victor Whale</b> | Large condo<br />

<h2>Other Housing:</h2>
<b>Ariel</b> | Shack at the docks<br />
<b>Charles Vane</b> | Cabin on Hook's Ship <br />
<b>Cheshire Cat</b> | Little one-bedroom cottage in the woods <br />
<b>Delphini Riddle-Lestrange</b> | Her Briefcase (charmed with a lavish home, compliments of her Rodolphus Lestrange)<br />
<b>Grumpy</b> | Dwarves Cottage <br />
<b>Hamish Macbeth</b> | unused room in the police station <br />
<b>Lapis Lazuli</b> | abandoned farmhouse at the edge of town<br />
<b>Spike</b> | crypt <br />
<b>Thaal Sinestro</b> | Mines <br />
<b>The Baker</b> | floor above bakery <br />


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