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 May Announcement, Two Years Old!
 Posted: May 1 2018, 09:05 AM



Twin is online

30 years old / 3726 posts

May 2018

OKAY FIRST. Let's get the normal stuff out of the way: The activity check for April has now been completed! The following canon characters have been placed back up for grabs:

  • Ingrid
  • Snow White
  • Lily Page
  • Hades

If you're interested in one of these characters, then by all means apply for them! Due to the celebration we're having this month, you may re-apply without any wait time!

Will not be having an activity check this month! Enjoy our birthday month at your own pace! Thank you everyone! As a result, the ICC chat will be open all month long without anyone having to fulfill the usual AC requirement. Have fun!

Like last year, FOR THIS MONTH ONLY you have the option of making two additional characters without having to fulfill the regular 5 IC post requirement! That means, if you're already at 5 IC posts for your last character, that you can make up to three characters this month! Please keep in mind that, following this month, you WILL have to post regularly with these characters, so don't make more than you can handle! All the same, enjoy the chance to make more characters in a hurry, if you're ready to get rolling in plots!

We've got a little mini-event coming soon for those of you unlucky enough to be left in Storybrooke after the new curse swept so many away to Hyperion Heights. You didn't really think you were going to be left out of everything, did you? Stay tuned!

Speaking of, it's not too late to get involved in Hyperion Heights! Had to the information thread and see if you'd like to join up for all the fun! It's been a grand time so far and as the curse settles, there's still things for the people in Storybrooke to do, too! After all, they need to find some kind of way to get to Hyperion Heights AND break the curse there, right? Not to mention- the Horned King is still around, taking advantage of the chaos his curse has caused! If you'd like your character in Hyperion Heights, remember that they would have to have arrived when the curse was cast, with everyone else! There's no arriving at different time in this realm!

Let me just take this opportunity to say that I'm so thrilled to have been here for two years with all of you. This place has grown so much, and it's so amazing to see it flourish thanks to all your hard work and dedication. I haven't always been the best RPer, but you guys have kept this place thriving and for that, I can't thank you enough! All the members, staff, and even our revolving door of guests- you've all really made this place the amazing RP environment it is today! I look forward to what's ahead, and I can't wait to experience all kind of new adventures and plots with all of you!

There's still the Swanfire wedding! Looks like things are finally coming together, and now we have an event board for it! Check out the festivities here!

Sector 2814 has been re-opened on a case-by-case basis! You may app superhero characters again, but I'll be looking carefully at characters moving forward and making sure they really fit the Storybrooke world! This includes both DC and Marvel characters, but extends to other super hero characters from other universes, too!

You may have noticed there are now caps on some of the more popular jobs in town. This is too prevent flooding and ensure things remind realistic. Granny's Diner doesn't need forty waitresses, and there are other places that DO need them you could have your character go to instead! Other jobs also capped for the moment include: Cops at the police station, bar tenders at the Rabbit Hole and nurses at the hospital! Don't worry, I'm sure you can come up with other jobs that will be just as rewarding!

In generic, always here news: please make sure you head over to the claims board and get any claims you haven't submitted taken care of! This includes job claims, face claims, and the member directory! Also- if you don't have an icon on your account, please get one up! It helps keep the site looking nice and fancy. If you need help, please PM me and I'll get that up for you! We also have some optional claims: Pet, Housing and IC birthday!

If you're dying to have a certain character on board, make sure your Wanted Ads are up to date! I go through and add characters people are looking for to my resource site/tumblr ads, so it's good to keep up on them if there's someone you're super interested in seeing! With the activity check now over, it seems like a good time to update!

Lastly- Season 7 is upon us! Since it's basically AU and not remotely connected to the board, I don't really FEEL like spoilers should matter much, but I will still ask that people be respectful if someone tells them not to talk about it. <3


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