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 This is no Central Park, Flynn // Bailey
Porpentina Goldstein
 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 10:47 AM

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It's still a nice park.
For a good part of the day Tina had spent her time at the Library where she helped in cleaning as well as organizing some of the book shelves that had fallen into disarray by things being put away by it's patrons in the wrong places. In that course of time, she had to look outside every so often and take notice of the warm day and the bright sun shining.

When it was finally time to go, Porpentina checked a book out for herself and had decided that before she returned to the Bed & Breakfast that she could do some reading and soak in a little bit of that sun. There weren't many other places that came to mind, at least not many others other than Heritage Park. The park wasn't nearly as large as Central Park, a park she was far more used to. But it had a good sized pond, nice people always there, and she couldn't help but sit by the nice garden. Even if it was a bit disappointing that it did lack such plants from the wizarding world. Maybe it was a good thing though, she doubted even the No-Maj in Storybrooke could really withstand a Mandrake scream, a biting Fanged Geranium, or a Venomous Tentacula.

Her mind of course had been full of thoughts, all of which ranged from the most simple idea of what she would get at the diner later to the ever more complicated thoughts of how she was going to manage staying in Storybrooke for an unforeseen amount of time. The latter thought really taking priority in her mind as she hadn't even realized as she walked towards the garden that the very book that she had just recently checked out had now fallen from the back pocket of her black pants and onto the grass.

Tina had no idea, and with her arms already holding the jacket that was now too warm to be worn, and a bottled water in hand, she simply kept going unaware. It wasn't all too far, but she soon reached the garden where she had come to a stop as mocha colored eyes stared at the many colorful flowers blooming. No, No-Maj plants weren't magical in any way, although they were pretty. Having grown up with her grandparents, the family mixed both the perks of being a wizard, with the things that No-Maj's could appreciate as they had to blend in due to having to still live in the shadows with the Rappaport’s Law to keep Wizards safe and the No-Maj's unaware of their existence.

Flynn Oliver

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