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 Let the games begin
Vanellope Von Schweetz
 Posted: May 1 2018, 09:40 AM

Wreck-It Ralph

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“Get rid of them, huh?" Well, let me tell you, you haven't been doing a very good job” after all, she was still there, and from the looks of it, she was about to get away with what she wanted. She suspected Neal might have kicked her out of the store at any time, dismissing her as if she was no one important, but he hadn't. She was still there, bothering him, or so he claimed, and the man had not even tried to throw her out, so perhaps he was secretly enjoying her company, even if he refused to admit it. "You know, me being here and you not making any attempt to kick me out makes me think you enjoy my presence” she was sure she was tempting luck, but she was bored, sue her.

Now, she was glad that, you know, the man didn't report her. She had not stopped to think that street racing really was illegal, there and probably everywhere, and for a moment she feared that Neal was going to take her directly to the sheriff's station where she had already been once, but instead the man accepted and Van felt something like respect settling into her chest. He had not denounced her, nor had he even sent her a reproving look, which in her book counted as a victory. Van only smiled jovially at her, happy that she had been spared punishment or reproach for doing things that should not be done.

Her smile just widened when she saw that Neal was smiling too. She had achieved the impossible!. “Oh look, you have teeth,” the comment instantly reminded her of Ralph, and she shook her head, taking those thoughts out of her mind and pulling them away. “You're right, I don't even know why I asked if I was going to do it anyway” she needed a car, of course she was going to borrow one, with or without permission. “Um, then a full tour of the city, and then we'll decide what kind of prize the winner wins. Well, more specifically, what kind of prize do I win,”[/b] Vanellope smiled smugly, and without asking any more questions, started walking around the garage, her eyes checking out the cars that seemed to be in better condition. “I’ll take... this one!” she exclaimed in ecstasy, pointing her index finger at a pretty red Mustang.


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