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 Reflection, [Elora & Lillian]
Lillian Rosayln
 Posted: Apr 16 2018, 01:01 PM

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During a slow moment of the work hour she thought of taking a little break. Her feet needed a rest and she went to the break room for a moment to get her journal from her bag. Lillian came back out in front just in case someone were to come in and went to sat down on the chair behind the counter. Opening her journal to where she was earlier and continued to write down her thoughts of the town or just in general.

That was before she was cut off from her thoughts as a costumer asked if she were busy. Thought a break was to be on break, but tried to be kind and gave a smile towards the costumer. Placing the journal down for a moment and went to help. It did not take too long. She had only just wanted to know what something cost and made sure they had her size. It made her happy that she could help someone.

Coming back to the counter and went to back to writing, letting her co-worker that she was on break for about fifteen minutes. Humming a little as she wrote, but then her fifteen minutes went by so quickly and had to return back to work. Going back to the break room to place her journal back in her bag.

Returning on the floor and made sure everything was nice and neat. Around if anyone would need her assistance or any of the sort.

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