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Isaiah Rivendell

Enchanted Forest

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Feb 15 2018, 08:39 AM
It's just a general list. Pretty up in the air about everything. Can be a character that is already made or create new ones.

Gypsy family
- whether distant member of the group he was with
- one of the closer members he was with that stayed in Agrabah mostly
-or the gypsy that decided to keep him and find another child for the deal they had made with a couple

Agrabah Street Rats
-most of them he got along with and thought them to be more genuine than some of the gypsies

Business Partner

Suggested name Jane Remington or Myles Remington... maybe Remy for short to some people.

Suggested Playby is Dakota Johnson

- i briefly mention her in a thread at the winter ball with Charlotte. Business is acquiring and selling locally made items, tarot cards, and some other things he might have experience with from his days a gypsy. I would like their relationship to have just been an easy one from the get go, they met while in storybrook , both had similiar ideas for a shop , she has way more business experience than he does... and from the outside they may seem like couple, but they aren't I would like her to be in closet about being gay. But the two have each other backs if needing to get out of a situation. From the outside it would look like they've always known each other.

Her actual history is up to you, doesn't matter where he is from.
Feb 12 2018, 05:38 PM
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Isaiah didn't know his real parents. Gypsies had made a deal with an older couple in Agrabah that they would get them a child in exchange for something. He never knew what that was and he never made it to the couple. When the Gypsies got their hands on him they decided to keep him. They never told him why they chose to do this, but they did tell him they kept their word and found another child for the older couple.

<P> Raised by gypsies,there were days where his mind told him he didn't belong there. The gypsies taught him how to make herbal remedies, con people, and read tarot cards. He felt the most calm when hunting, gathering, or whittling. He felt most alive with a bow and arrow. But as he grew older his interests changed. One day, no more than 10 years old, he found himself in this little village. There was a deal that needed to be made.He was to deliver a scroll with information to some one and in return they were going to give him a sheep.

<p> The exchange went fine, but he grew peckish and decided he would get a bit of bread. What stood out about him among the other villagers was the very long socks and of course the sheep. It also didn't help that he told the sheep to be still for a moment while he went off to get a bread. The sheep didn't listen of course, when he got back he found the sheep was fascinated by this book a girl was reading and was chewing on one of the pages. That was how he met Belle. His visit was short, but he made sure to find her every time he came back this way.

<p>Agrabah was his home, he loved the sand.When he was away from Agrabah too long he would even miss the sand storms. He found himself exploring places, figuring out the best places to hide, making friends with the so called 'street rats' who in his eyes were nicer than some of the gypsies he lived with. Isaiah decided to make a trip of his own, for whatever reasons the gypsies let him go on his own.

<p> On his voyage he thought about about his destination to see Belle. He was going to tell her that he finally decided to take her advice to go and leave the grip of the gypsies. He wanted to get permission to continue to write her from wherever he might land, but when he got into the village Belle was no where to be found. So he found a copy of the book that she had been reading when they first met and wrote a note before placing it by the fountain and hoping it would get to her and she'd send him a letter where he said he would be reached.He never received a response and so he never sent any of the letters he had been writing in his quarters of the Jewel of the Realm, a very fancy ship.

<p> He didn't know much about sailing, but he had the strength and he wanted passage to anywhere. Instead of getting off at the next port, he continue to sail with them. In moments where he could relax he would hum or sing. Whether he was good or not at it, he didn't know.

<P> Isaiah was given the opportunity to stay on port when the Captain decided they were going to go to somewhere else. Isaiah of course didn't fully understood what that meant. He was enjoying being on the seas, so he stayed on board with those that decided to stay, including the Captain's brother Killian, who wasn't much older than him at this time. He actually felt like this might be the place for him. Sure he missed the bow and arrows, but he still got to use them from time to time. Actually, he still used all the tricks the gypsies taught him, just on his own time and when it was actually needed.

<p> One moment they were on the seas outside the Enchanted Forest and the next they were somewhere else. He didn't see how, because he was writing another letter he was not going to send to Belle. Neverland, he tries to block Neverland out of his mind these days. He didn't return though, the way others did. One day he just vanished through an opening in the floor.

<p> He was greeted the sounds of cars and tall buildings. This is where Charlotte enters his life. Charlotte pulled him out of the street before he could be hit by a vehicle and that was that, the beginning of his new life in the land with out magic. He of course didn't tell Charlotte where he came from, why would he? He tried. to make up a story, but Charlotte was smart and could see through him. With Charlotte's help he got clothes, a roof to stay under, and a job.

<P> He worked at an Orphanage, usually on the night shifts where he got to tell the kids stories of his past. It was the perfect way to get things off his mind. The kids would think it was just a story and never think to question it. Things were good. Life had its ups and downs, he had his struggles, but he was alive and well.

<P> Over a year ago he decided to go on a road trip. Right outside of a town called Storeybrook suddenly broke down. He walked a long time until suddenly some buildings appeared. It wasn't long after entering that people started to look at him strange. He wasn't sure why, it wasn't like he knew any of these people. It took a few weeks before someone finally called him by the Graham, a name he had never heard before.

<P> Not long after he ran into Charlotte in the town. The two grew close and became an item, but as soon as he discovered his twin brother Graham their relationship seemed to take a back seat. The two decided that it was best they took a break till they each got their own priorities set. It's now just a waiting game, will they or won't they?



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<h2>OoC Account</h2> IZZI
<h3>central . Diana Prince:</h3>




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