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Jul 17 2018, 11:16 PM
Jarod left his home he shared with his girlfriend, as she was after work and he had a day off. He decided to take a walk on his own. Jarod wasn't worried about not seeing his girlfriend again as he knew that they loved each other and were loyal to each other, as well as lived together so he had no doubt that they would see each other again. This day especially. As it helped Jarod knowing that he and Miss Parker were together and lived together. Which definitely meant that they would see each other again, which was good enough for him. As Jarod and Miss Parker saw each other everyday and he was definitely glad about it, as he knew that Miss Parker was too, which was good enough for him. At the moment he thought about other things than that. Jarod hoped that Miss Parker was alright but believed that she was, especially since he knew that if something bad happened to her, god forbid then as family he would be the first one to know. Which given that it wasn't the case, it meant that she was fine, which made Jarod relieved. At least he hoped that it was the case. At the moment, Jarod tried not to think of that as that only scared and worried him, which he didn't need, and instead he thought of other things. As that helped, at least it helped Jarod. It helped him not to worry as he hated worrying, if he could avoid it that was good, for him at least.

Jarod planned to worry only when it was needed and not before that. He just hoped for the best, for the time being at least. Jarod walked around as he watched people walk by him, and smiled to some but ignored others as he continued to walk. He then checked his phone for a minute as he sighed relieved as their were no missed calls or unread messages so he thought, as well as believed that it meant that everything was fine or he hoped so at least. It was hard not to worry but Jarod tried anyway. He thought about the fun they will have once they both come back home that day, and the weekend off work they were going to have, among other things. Jarod loved spending time on his own but he liked spending time with his girlfriend, Miss Parker more. He just wished his parents, her mom, his and Miss Parker's half brother, (despite the fact that his dad and Miss Parker's mom were never together but it brought fourth a half sibling to Miss Parker and Jarod, even if the Centre made sure he would be born on their side, Jarod and Miss Parker changed that.) his own sister, Sydney and Angelo, as well as his brother Kyle[yet, he doubted as his brother died and his organs were donated, so yeah.] were there, but he wasn't sure if it would ever happen.

They were missing to make Jarod's life even better, but only having Miss Parker was something too, or so he thought. He shook his head from those thoughts and tried to think of other things as he walked. Jarod stopped as he saw a bench, as he walked over there and sat down. Once he sat down he watched people walk by him lost in thoughts.

Mar 1 2018, 08:09 AM
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Jarod walked in and looked around himself lost in thoughts, as he tried to find a place to sit for himself. As he tried to find a place to sit, he watched people walk in and out of the place. Jarod left his girlfriend home, as she didn't feel well so they couldn't hang out that day but it wasn't so bad, as they both knew that she would be alright. Besides they lived together so they knew that they would see each other later that day, as they saw each other home everyday, until that day and both knew it. So neither of them were worried. They just agreed that they would see each other later. As they always did, no matter what. For the time being, though, Jarod tried not to think of that, as he tried to find where to sit at. He was sure that sooner or later he would find where to sit at. Jarod looked over to Granny's for a bit, as then looked at each other with kindness and said 'hello', and then he continued trying to find a place to sit at. <p> He eventually found a place to sit, as he sat there on his own, as he watched Granny walk over to him. They talked for a bit, as he ordered himself the usual. Jarod then watched her walk away as he looked around himself at all the people there and sighed. He then checked his phone and then put it away as he saw no missed calls or unanswered messages. Jarod believed that it meant that things were alright and his girlfriend was just resting, which was a good thing, as she needed rest. At least he hoped that it was the case. Even if Jarod didn't know for sure but he tried to have faith, and think positively. He shook his head from his thoughts as he saw Granny by him with his order, as he watched her put it in front of him, as he thanked her and then watched her go away, as he dug in. Here and there he continued watching people walk in and out of the place.
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Feb 26 2018, 02:07 AM
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Jarod walked around on his own, lost in thoughts. His girlfriend was home reading and he didn't want to interrupt her. Besides, they do hang out a lot, so when ever they don't hang out it's not a big deal, even if he wishes to spend more time with her but then again they were in love, so it made sense. Especially the fact that Jarod knew that she felt the same way. However, they were fine when they didn't spend time together, even if they liked the time they spend together even more, but that was logical and Jarod knew that rather well.
At the moment, he tried to think of other things than that, as he walked around and looked around himself, lost in thoughts. Lately, he had a strange feeling that his girlfriend, Miss Parker was pregnant, or suspected that but he said nothing about that, not to her or anymore. Not yet. Not to mention, Jarod had no idea how to bring it up. At the moment, he tried to avoid thinking about it, or anything else, even if it was hard for him to do. <p>
He watched kids and their parents, or one parent have fun, as he smiled to that and imagined himself as a kid with his parents, hanging out that way. The thought was replaced by another, as Jarod imagined himself spending time with his own child and smiled as he did with the other thought, but then frowned as he did when he thought of himself as a kid with his parents. Both for different reasons. The first because, unfortunately, Jarod never had that, even if he wished that he did. The second one was because he was scared, given that he had no childhood, he had no idea how would he raise his own child. Jarod knew that he won't be alone, but it still scared him. Not to say that he didn't want kids, but he just had no idea if he would ever be ready for it. Yes, Jarod was a good guy, and fatherly too, as he was with a child he once found in a dumpster because the father wanted to get rid of the child, but he was sure he did that well because he had helped, even if his two friends claimed it was all him, that they only helped which was true. He just didn't see it that way. Being modest and all. <p>
Granted, the child was finally back with his mother, and they were both safe and sound, as Jarod made sure of that. As he got the cop and the father arrested for trying to kill her and the baby for existing, just to cover the affair they had. However, the wife found out and divorced the baby's daddy, for the affair. Not that Jarod cared as the politician deserved it but still. He still didn't think that he could be a good father, even if his girlfriend told him that he would be a great father, just when he told her that she would be an amazing mother. What he was sure about, was that they would do a better job then the dumb politician, that was for sure. For now,thought, he continued to try thinking of other things, as he walked around lost in thoughts.

Feb 25 2018, 03:32 PM
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<p>Jarod walked into Granny's right after work. As well as right after he spend some time alone with his girlfriend, Miss Parker. It wasn't as much as he hoped for but it was something. Jarod wanted to go to Granny's with his girlfriend, but she was tired so she went back home, and he headed to Granny's on his own. He knew if she sleeps and feels better and he was still at Granny's then she would join him, and if not then not. Which was good enough for Jarod or so he thought as well as believed. For him it was. If not then Jarod knew that they would see each other home, and everyday for the rest of their lives, which was all that mattered. Given if they didn't hang out together at Granny's, it didn't mean it was over between them, so neither one of them saw any reason to worry about it. Especially not Jarod. As long as they could spend time together, nothing else mattered. It didn't matter much when or where as long as they were together.

<p>Granted, they were both sad when they couldn't spend time together, but they always managed to make it up for one another, and that proved to them both that they belonged together. Especially, since Jarod and Miss Parker only wanted each other and no one else, as both knew that. He especially, so like her he saw no reason to complain. For the time being, though, Jarod thought about other things as he looked around himself and tried to find somewhere to sit at. He smiled and kindly nodded to Granny and some of the waitresses, just to be polite and nothing more, as he was sure that they understood that. Or Jarod hoped so at least. Then he continued to try and find a place to sit at.

<p>It took Jarod some time but he eventually found a place to sit at, as he walked over. Yet, he saw someone sit there, as he didn't want to interrupt, however, he felt like he should check before assuming, so he moved over some more. "Hello there, is that seat taken?" Jarod asked politely with a kind smile. He wasn't trying to hit on the young woman he spoke to, despite being able to tell that she was a woman. Jarod was only trying to be nice, as he believed that she understood that, or at least he hoped so. As he waited for a reply, as he wondered what would it be. Jarod was fine with anything. He just figured that he should at least try. Jarod figured that maybe they could be friends but if not then so be it. He hoped so but he had no intention of forcing her. Whatever happened, happened. Jarod loved making friends, whenever possible but when it didn't happen then it didn't happen. In the past he tried not to get too close to people before of the Centre, so it was hard to make friends but lately, due to the Centre not being after him, or at least being far from him, he figured it won't be risky. Also, even in the past Jarod loved making friends but that was besides the point. He tried not to think of that, as he waited for a reply.

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Feb 25 2018, 10:46 AM

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Jarod went to the park the moment his day at work was over. He knew that he would see Miss Parker later, as they agreed on it. Jarod knew that he wasn't home, so he didn't bother going there. He did text her so, and let her know that he loved her and would see her later. After that, Jarod put his cell away, back to where he had it before. Then he just walked around as he looked around himself with curiosity. Jarod watched people walk by him, as he smiled at some of them but ignored those that ignored him.<P> He took out his pez candy stick, as he twisted the head off it and took a pez candy into his mouth, and sucked on it, then bit it as he ate it, and then closed the head after he took three more pieces. Once Jarod did he hid the pez candy stick away, where he had it before. He was always addicted to those and it never changed. Jarod doubted that it ever change, as he didn't feel that it ever change on her. He didn't want it to change. The bad things in his past, that Jarod did want to change, but unfortunately, he knew it would never change,<P>He tried not to think about that. Jarod missed his family, his mom he saw once and another time he saw her leave on the last boat from the hunted island. As for his dad, he saw him and spend time with his dad, and both cases after he escaped the Centre but Jarod lost contact with his dad twice, even if he found him twice or to be exact his dad found him the second time as he contacted him not other way around. Jarod saw his sister twice but officially met her the second time, but even with her he lost contact. His half brother Ethan the same, except when he saw the second time he knew for sure that they siblings or, but even with him lost contact with. Those were the people he missed the most, and wished to see them again but for the time being he tried not to think about that, as it upset him. However, seeing families made him think of them, as he shook his head to those thoughts and sighed. <P>Jarod was glad that he had Miss Parker with him. He just continued to walk as he tried to think of others things then family. Which included Sydney and Angelo/Timmy, as well others, ones he met after running from the Centre. However, Jarod was sure that he would see them again one day, or at least he hoped so, as for the time being he tried not to think of them. He did his best to focus on the present and the fact that, he was happy to the most part, even if having his parents, siblings, Angelo/Timmy, Sydney and others he was close to, would be just as great but that was something. Jarod finally reached Miss Parker, and that was a big win, even if they hadn't found out what was in the scrolls but after her so called father/ actual uncle committed suicide because of those damn scrolls, he wanted nothing to do with those, and same with his girlfriend, Miss Parker. Then again the scrolls fell with Mr Parker anyway, so it didn't matter. The plus the Centre was no longer after them, and that was something. Having Miss Parker and the Centre out of their lives was a big plus, and that was all he tried to focus on at the moment, as he walked around,<P>Jarod stopped as he saw a mother and a child as he walked over to them with a kind smile. He figured that he could make friends with them, or at least try to. As it won't hurt, and Jarod knew that rather well. "Hello there, you got an adorable baby," he said as he looked at the woman, and then at her baby and back at her. "What's his name?" Jarod asked kindly, out of curiosity.



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