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Oct 13 2017, 03:08 AM
[dohtml]<center><link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'><style type="text/css">
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<div class="naybg"><center><br>
<div class="naytitle">Let's have something tasty</div>
<div class="naycaption">Maybe some milkshake will be good idea?</div>
<div style="border-bottom:1px double #694355; height:2px; width:350px;"> </div><br>

<div style="background-image:url('')"; width:350px; height:250px;"><div class="naytext">
Since Taffyta has never really learned how to cook then the girl didn't really have much of choice but to eat out. So it was currently dinner time and that's why the girl had walked into the Diner today to eat here some dinner.
So many people had same thought than her so it wasn't an easy task to find an empty table but she managed to find one. So she walked over there and took a seat before anyone else could do it. Soon after that, the menu was bought for her, so the girl began to look at it.
Soon she was ready to order, so she basically called the waitress over. She did order from her some french fries with ketchup and orange juice. She figured she wants to try these things out there today. She has never tasted french fries before. So yeah why not try, maybe she could even like them.
After this, the girl had to wait for her food to be brought over. With her drink it was fast. She took a sip from her juice and the girl smiled. She liked the juice actually, it tasted good for sure. She now awhile waiting was bit bored so she looked out of the window, what happened to be next to her.
</div></div><div class="naydes">

tag: Izzi, Diana Prince| notes: i hope this works.

</center></div><div style="width:400px; line-height:100%; text-align: right;"><a href="">∎</a> <a href="" style="margin-right: -5px;">◣</a> <a href="">◥</a> </div>[/dohtml]
Oct 9 2017, 10:01 AM
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<div class="sodeadly">
For Taffyta this new stranger world seemed to be so strange one. She was used to living in the world what was made from different sweets. This looked so different for sure. There were things called grass and so on. She still tried to understand this new world. Also, she was trying to get to used to the food here.
Only place what she really did like was Any Given Sundae. It was place where was sweets. Well, milkshakes mostly but these did work for her. She went there almost every day now. Today wasn't really any expectation for the girl. She walked into the place and looked there from some empty table. She soon found one and took a seat there.
Soon waitress did even bring her menu so she could look at it. As always Taffyta didn't even bother to say thank you since that word wasn't really what she said often. Even when she said this didn't mean she really meant it. She just focused looking at the menu and figuring out what she wanted to order today. All she knew something tasty and good.
<div class="taggingbad"> Thumbelina » I hope it works.</div>

<a href=""><span style="font-family:orator std; font-size:8px; color: #03435e; padding-right:10px; line-height:8px; letter-spacing:1px;">love, libby</span></a>

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word-spacing: 2px
Oct 1 2017, 04:11 PM
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<h1>Taffyta Muttonfudge</h1>

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<h3>18 . Taffyta Muttonfudge . wreck-it ralph . annasophia robb . hub world</h3>
<hr />
<h2>Personality</h2><i>Mean-spirited (formerly), dramatic, competitive, confident, brave</i><p>
Taffyta is known as rude and mean girl. She is also very confident one and will do anything to get what she wants. Over years she became even very arrogant and cocky. So yeah she probably isn't the friendliest person out there. She always seems to think about herself but not about others. Also, she thinks no one isn't better than her or then equal to her.
After some things in her life, she seems to be a bit friendlier with people but this doesn't make her less cocky or arrogant person. The girl is brave one for sure, she doesn't let anyone stand her way. Also, she is more mature than she seems to be and more forgiving but she doesn't show this side very easily. Oh, the girl can be very dramatic when it comes to emotions like sadness and anger. So probably pissing her off won't be such good idea.
Taffyta is very competitive too, she will always try to be better than someone else. She doesn't give up easily. Once she sets her mind on something she will finish, no matter what needs to be done for it. She doesn't let anyone stand her way when it means to win something over.
Driving: she knows well how to drive cars, karts and so on. It comes to her already naturally. She is one of the best drivers out there. She also loves to drive, mostly karts.
Taffyta is from arcade game called Sugar Rush. The game is about kart racing in the world what is done by every sweet is there out, even candies and so on. It's very tasty world actually. Taf was one of the best races in the game.
She was the second place after King Candy, who was always the first place. Even if Taf herself wanted to be one day the first place but it wasn't an easy task for sure. She always tried to get it in the races but she always came to be second. She has always dreamed to win one day and get that gold medal.
Also, Taffyta hated one girl who name was Vanellope since she could glitch all the time. She always bullied her just because she could glitch. This wasn't fair to others if she could race. So she always said she isn't good enough and she doesn't deserve to win. She once even broke her kart so she couldn't race.
When the race began she was in the second place as always in the race. Awhile racing she noticed that Vanellope had still joined with it. She tried to get her out of the race by throwing some cherry bombs towards her put this made Van just glitch there in front of her, which made Taf and her friends to end up out of the race area. Soon after this, they were attacked by some nasty bugs.
Even if Taf had never seen them she was a bit scared of them and she ended up crying even since she didn't wanna die yet. She still had so much to live for. When the bugs were defeated and Vanellope finished the race it was revealed that Van was the true ruler of the Sugar Rush world. She was their princess.
Taffyta and her friends did apologise what they had done for her. When Van said that they will be executed then she began to cry very hard. She didn't understand that Vanellope didn't mean it, she only joked. She was bit relieved when she said it was just joke but she couldn't stop crying for awhile. After that her life has changed.
She now is in this world called Storybrooke and she is bit confused how she even got here.
<h2>RP Sample</h2>
Look for Adella! <3


<div class="n-sea-tab">
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<div class="n-sea-content">

<h3>gmt+3 . last character: adella <3</h3>




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