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Jordan Alexander

Land Without Magic

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Feb 12 2018, 07:14 AM
Getting used to Storybrooke was proving to be at the same time easy and a challenge. On one hand, she missed terribly her friends, her team, the people that she had worked with for a long time to the point that having different coworkers now felt strange. On the other she had managed to find a spot in the hospital which honestly made her happy since she couldn’t imagine herself working anywhere else. Shifts in the ER as always were exhausting as they were everywhere, and she was honestly grateful to a point since it kept her distracted from her current situation.

The brunette was now getting ready to leave the hospital after her shift, she hoped that the weather outside would be bearable, she was still not used to how cold the weather could get in this town. As she walked out she saw a familiar face and contradictory feelings stirred inside of her, why the situation with TC was so complicated? And then a small voice reminded her of that the problem wasn’t her emotions but the fear behind them, she was afraid of what could happen if she followed her heart instead of her mind.

Tc Callahan
Jan 22 2018, 02:02 PM
The night was cold as Jordan made her way through the dim lighted streets her paying attention to her environment; normally she wasn’t an incredibly guarded person but she knew better than to walk at such at an ungodly hour without being careful. Normally she wasn’t the sort of person that went out late but tonight she had been in a ‘girls night out’ kind of meeting which explained also why, against her preferences, she was wearing high heels.
The doctor looked up and frowned slightly, there was humidity in the air and the dark clouds visible even against the dark sky were clearly an indication of rain. The streets were empty as she got close to home, everything awfully quiet; it felt like the calm against the storm.

When she was close to her door she squinted, there was someone at her door? Who could be waiting there at 2 AM? Jordan approached against her best judgement carefully until she recognized the features of a certain detective “Have you switched your job to door holder? Next time a call would be appreciated, you scared me¡” she said even if there was not heat in her voice, after all even if she wouldn’t admit it out loud she was glad of that he was here.
Once she approached she noticed something, the pose, the expression “Are you hurt? What happened?” she said, concern lacing her tone.

Aug 15 2017, 02:26 PM
If Jordan had to use a word to define what her life had become lately, she would without no doubt use ‘crazy’; she had been taken by a portal to a town in which magic was real and where people who had always belong in fiction was real. She guessed that having TC here was at the least a small comfort, besides with the fact that at the least she could still work as a doctor here. Even if everything was upside down Jordan still tried to cling to a sense of normalcy the best that she could, finding security in little things like her love to walk in natural environments like the forest (a hobby that she rarely had time to indulge in but that she loved). This time she was being more careful as she walked, paying more attention to her environment in order to not repeat the little accident of the other day, when she hurt her ankle.

Suddenly she spotted a man in the distance, she had heard that in this city there were heroes and villains, and in a first meeting she could not know to which group this man belonged but she decided to approach him, waving her hand with a friendly smile as she did so. When she was closer she could see a couple of minor wounds and scratches which led to a slight frown in her expressions “Are you alright?” asked the brunette with a touch of concern.

Remus Lupin
Jul 18 2017, 05:25 AM
While being a doctor meant that Jordan normally had little time to indulge in hobbies, she loved to spend some time in touch with nature from time to time. The brunette rarely had enough time to go camping but after seeing the beautiful forest next to the town she had decided that the next free day she was going to do a little bit of exploration of the area(being careful of not getting to close to the town’s limit; she had heard some pretty scary stories about the death of people who had tried to cross it).

Jordan walked through the forest, brushing her fingertips against the bark of a tree as she walked, trying to put her mind blank. The past weeks had been intense, crazy; Jordan had jumped at the first opportunity to work as a doctor in the hospital in order to keep her mind busy despite of the fact that she was meant to take it easy.

She was so lost in her toughts of Storybrooke, TC and everything that had happened that she didn’t notice a tree’s root on the ground, thus she lost her balance twisting her ankle in the process. Jordan sighed before attempting to untangle her feet, wincing in the process; she really hoped that it was only sprained.

Jul 17 2017, 02:54 PM
While Jordan was still processing the madness related to the whole “ending up in another realm” at the least she was lucky enough to be able to work in the hospital. Despite of that everything had changed, of that technically she was still recovering from a bullet wound, of that she was stuck in this town with Tc the familiarity of working in the ER kept her grounded. As she fixed her uniform Dr Alexander checked the list of patients that she was supposed to see today, at the least it seemed that today was going to be a quiet day; the list was short and the emergencies weren’t extremely urgent ones.

The doctor put her hair up in a ponytail as she headed towards the first patient, chart in hard as she read the information written by the nurse. “Good afternoon, I am Dr. Alexander” said the brunette with a warm smile “So, what happened?” she said as she extracted a pen from her pocket to fill the information as she looked at the young man.

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