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Apr 14 2018, 12:24 PM
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<div style="font-family: georgia; font-size: 10px; text-align: center; width: 350px; color:#585858;line-height: 100%;text-transform: lowercase;color:#585858;"><i>than your own insecurities</i></div><p>

Okay, she'd lost it. What, exactly? you're probably wondering. Her patience, but before her patience she had lost a gear, a gear that belonged to the car she was currently trying to fix, and which she would surely never end up fixing if she did not find the damn gear. Van just had to remember, try to remember where she had last seen it... easy. Okay, let's see, she had it in her hand, and then she had left it on top of something because she had seen a snail, a literal snail, on top of one of her wrenches, having a great time. Then she had gone to get the snail, grabbed it delicately, and pulled it out of the shop, placing it on the grass, then went back in and... goodbye gear.
Okay, her memory definitely wasn't going to help her find the missing piece. The young woman looked around, trying to regain the patience she had lost so soon when she had not found the garnet the first time she had looked for it. She couldn't believe she couldn't remember where she had left it... and no matter how many times she looked around, she still couldn't find it. And okay, maybe that had something to do with the state her store was in. It was like a jungle, all in between, everything lying on the floor. And she should clean up, so she could probably find things easier... um, maybe she should tell Dean, her new employee, that cleaning up the garage would be his next job.
Vanellope sighed, feeling dejected, but still not giving up, even though she wanted to lie on the ground and curse the God of lost things, if they even existed. if they did and they were laughing at her from above, they stank. Just kidding, I don't want to upset any god thank you very much. Okay, she could keep working, no matter how many pieces were missing. She had to go on, because the owners were coming to pick up the car in a few days, and she didn't want to deliver it to them without a gear and also with the look it had now. You know, the bonnet open, several wires coming out of it like little spikes... also some smoke that was completely normal. Yeah, she should get back to work.
Except she couldn't. Someone had just entered the store. She could tell by the noise the front door had made when it closed, and because she could hear footsteps, duh. Van left the garage, which was located in the back of the store, and headed for the front, where the counter was located. Yeah, someone had definitely entered. A man she've never seen before in her life. Would he be new around? she wouldn't have a way of telling, it wasn't like she left her shop too much to know everyone. "Hello, champ!" she greeted, positioning herself behind the counter like any good boss would surely do. "What brings you here? Problems with your non-existent car?" because there was no car outside, unless it was invisible.

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Feb 2 2018, 04:34 PM

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Valentine's! She had never celebrated it before, but in Sugar Rush they used to have quite a few special events that enveloped those romantic times of the year. You know, many hearts decorated the sky, and there were also millions of sweets of all kinds of heart shapes, small and large and medium, and they were delicious. She had only liked that date of the year because of the yummy sweets that were offered, and she still liked it for that reason, but this year, although she didn't celebrate it at Sugar Rush, she had a companion who could help her devour all those sweets. She still didn't understand how not millions of cavities were spoiling her white pearls...
Somehow Van had managed to drag Felix into that event, and let's be honest, she wasn't going to let him go until at least he had gotten her like 50 stuffed animals. She already had a very adorable stuffed rabbit she had bought at Thomas's store, but that didn't mean she didn't want to fill her entire store with adorable, stuffy dolls. She was a racer, she wasn't made to aim in order to win a stupid animal she wanted so badly. Uh, who would have thought, she was weak for stuffed animals....
But moving on from stuffed animals, there were also roller coasters and a ferris wheel and oh my God she was so happy and wanted to try everything. "Can we ride any of the roller coasters? Before lunch, of course. I've heard that if you go up after eating food, it can go up to your throat, and you can end up throwing it all up on the person behind you, and that sounds gross, but also hilarious. Can you imagine the reaction they would have upon tasting someone's vomit?" she shook her head, a grimace running across her face. "But wait, that would mean I'd have to wait to taste all the sweets, and I can't wait. Have you seen them? They sell all kinds of colours and flavors. You don't understand. I literally come from a world made of sweets, this is like a dream for me!".
A very sweet dream (pun 100% intended), without a doubt. There were so many... booths around, it was almost impossible to choose just one!. And they were going too slow, so the candy princess grabbed the boy's hand and basically dragged him around the enclosure, stopping sometimes to look at the various booths. She was biting her lower lip excitedly, trying to stay calm, though she was failing miserably in that task. "You know, I've also heard that there are, like, special booths. They don't catch my attention, though. Come on, there is one that's about tying a red thread around your finger, and it will take you to the person you are meant to be with. Pfft, nonsense" she wouldn't test it, definitely not. "Have you ever celebrated Valentine's Day?".
tag: Felix okay so i'll probably do like 1/2 more posts with van and then i'll tag pan to jump along &hearts;

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Oct 7 2017, 09:20 AM
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Her years at Sugar Rush had not been easy. Some might think that living in a paradise of sweets was already easy by itself, but the environment didn't matter when the people to your around were like poison. Precisely that's what had happened to Vanellope. She had never been accepted by the other racers of Sugar Rush, and only because she possessed her strange talent or curse, whatever, her glitch.
They had never let her race, not even once. Vanellope had begged them, she had begged for a chance to show them what she was really made of! she had asked for someone to lend her their car, for a few minutes, because that way she would be able to show them that she could also be as good as racing as they were! but they had never even considered this offer. And although they would have considered it, she didn't know how to drive, so she wouldn't have been able to do much with a car either way.
They had mocked her for years, they had crushed her spirit down and had butchered her self-esteem. Though she'd never had let them get to her. She had never given up hope, never had given up on the dream of some day being able to race at least once. A race would be enough to satisfy the whim of her heart.
But all that was left far behind. Now she was sitting on the floor of her small shop, with her sight lost, playing with a wrench. Now all her bullies, who had become friends, were far behind. She never understood what her relationship with Taffyta was exactly - she did not know if she kept any resentment against her by something or not, although she hoped she didn't.
Van considered her a friend, as well as she considered all the others, and she wouldn't know what to do if she ever found out that they were only pretending to be their friend because she was the Princess. That would destroy her completely. Though her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the door, which opened without warning.
The young woman didn't even bother looking at who was the newcomer. "If you want something, look for it yourself. I'm too comfortable to move".
tag: Taffyta Muttonfudge


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i wasn't supposed to exist


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Jul 30 2017, 11:14 AM
<font face="Satisfy" color="pink">Shut Up And Drive</font>

Vanellope had never taught anyone how to drive, because where she came from, everyone knew how to handle a vehicle, so it was amusing to think about how how that little adventure would end up. She didn't even know why she had offered to teach anyone how to drive. She had no experience! Although unlike any normal sane person, she had not cancelled the appointment, she was not running in circles trying to figure out what could be done. Oh, no. She was pretty calm. She knew that there wouldn't be any disaster happening any time soon, or at least that's what she was hoping. Besides, if she really got to teach him how to drive she would feel so proud afterwards! And certainly he would feel happy, right? Drive provided you freedom and independence, you could go to wherever you wanted without having to ask permission from anyone, without having to ask one of your friends so they will take you where you wanted to go. You could go, simple as that. Although of course, there was a difference between bring able to drive and owning a car, but this was not important!.
Vanellope was all morning... The truth is that she was not making any preparations. Not at all. Let's see, of course she managed get a car out of the garage, to be placed at the entrance of the store. But that's it, nor is it that there were more things to do. All she hoped was that Felix didn't crash the car against nothing, because you see, the car was not hers and if he crashed it she would have to start over again with the work which consisted on fixing it, and that was not an idea that drew a big smile on her face, you know?. Anyway, let us concentrate on the present! Now the young woman was inside her store, just trying to not get bored too much. And to not get bored too the only thing that she did was... to decorate the store. It was a quick and easy way to distract herself from everything around her. The only problem was that her shop was way too decorated already. With glitter, explosions of various colors on the walls, enough sweets... It looked like a sweet shop. Sonic had entered her shop thinking it was indeed a sweet shop! It was pretty funny, now that she remembered it.
Although the boy who she had been waiting for had finally arrived. V left her store, quite excited, although she had been just as excited when the boy had accepted her offer, so she supposed that it was nothing strange. She wondered if it had been difficult for him to find her store. He didn't sound new in the city when they spoke for the first time in Storybrooke, so she supposed that he already had been there earlier, right?. She waved her hand in the air, a slight smile invading her face, although as expected soon that slight smile became bright and wide, due to her excitement about all that! She took a small driver's license out of the pocket of her pants, a driver's license she had herself created. It had no photo or personal data as V barely knew something of that boy, so it is not that she had a way to fill those gaps. Van tended it to him, her smile still present on her youthful face. "I have heard these things are needed here to drive... And although it isn't complete with all the necessary information, I think that it'll do it" a fake driving licence could surely take someone to jail but there wasn't any need to destroy her dreams. She had made a license for him, so shhhh!. "I've made it myself!".

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Jul 4 2017, 08:43 AM
All those afternoons, all those days in which millions of things could have been achieved, had been wasted. Well, not exactly wasted! Vanellope had spent most of the afternoon locked up in her small shop, decorating it and doing nothing important. Obviously, she was not all day decorating the store, because that would be silly. Perhaps sometimes she preferred to lay on the floor, her eyes fixed on the ceiling, thinking about all that she had lost. She missed Sugar Rush, which was rather ironic, because when she was there she had desired countless times to escape and see other games, to explore what was beyond those invisible walls that prevented her from leaving her sugary game.

She never had the opportunity to get out of there, and therefore she had crossed that damn portal. Her curiosity to see what more there was, where more there was to life, was the cause that her life had ended in tragedy. Well, not exactly in tragedy! On one hand she was happy and excited, because at the end she had been able to leave her game, for the first time in her life, and she was over all that in a completely new world, one that offered hundreds of new opportunities! It was exciting, and it made her blood boil, with nervousness and... Well, she wanted to try everything. Although honestly, since she had arrived it is not that she had tried so many things as she would have wanted.

And she was sure that that was due to her sudden melancholy, directed to all her friends. She missed Ralph, she even missed Taffyta, because apparently she wasn't as bad as she seemed to be during all those years. Just when she finally could find her place at her own game, just when she had the opportunity to fit, after so many failed attempts... Everything was taken from her. It was very unfair, if someone asked her. Is that perhaps the universe couldn't have placed that portal on her way a little earlier? When she was hated by all, for example? The universe was a selfish idiot, that was the conclusion that she had come to.

A slight sigh left her throat. That day, surprisingly, she had chosen to leave her shop, and not exactly to socialize, if not to explore her surroundings, the new world which she was now stuck in. And she had done so. She had walked a bit through the streets, through the forest... And not knowing how she had ended up in a well. A literal well. She had never seen one, but she had read about them. Oh yes, she had been spending enough time in the library, reading about all the new things that she might find in that world. Vanellope had read that people used to throw coins at the wells, with the false hope of anything that they would be wishing for, to be fulfilled. It was silly, from her point of view.

A coin couldn't fulfill wishes.

But look at that, there was someone throwing a coin! A boy, who looked about her age. Although not herself I was sure of how old she was. It was one of the problems of being part of a program, right? The stranger had just throw a coin into the well, which intrigued her. What did he ask for? Money? Peace? A Unicorn? Ugh, now curiousness will eat her inside. A childish grin drawn on her youthful face, and she approached the boy from behind, without making any kind of noise. She was pretty good when it came to be agile. "You don't struck me as a believer who thinks all his problems are gonna be magically fixed by a coin, but appearances are deceiving, uh?".

A light giggle abandoned her throat, as she tilted her head to the side. "What did you even wish for? A beard? Maybe a few inches more when it comes to your height?" he was way taller than her, but still, her sarcasm could be greatly tasted.

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