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May 14 2018, 02:06 PM
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George had finished up his shift at the radio station, keeping his hood over his head as he left the station to make sure no-one saw his face, and, broke the secrecy of Lost Boy.<br>
As he walked through the town, George soon spotted an ice-cream shop coming up not too far from where he was currently standing.<Br>
George didn't know why, but, he felt drawn to ice-cream like when a little kid or something did. He just had a love for it, and, he couldn't explain it. Even if someone asked him too.<Br>
Maybe it was because of the fact that it was something that he hadn't gotten in jail when he had been in there. It had been one of the nice surprises that were waiting for him alot later.<br>
But, he couldn't tell anyone that. He was meant to be in the witness protection program after all.<br>
He didn't even have an idea of what his real name actually was anymore. But, that wasn't the point.<Br>
George pushed open the door of the shop, and, just looked around as he walked himself into the shop itself. Wondering if anyone was actually here.</div>
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Apr 4 2018, 11:04 PM

George knew that while he had his secretive side of himself through the radio identity, but, he had to be entertained in other ways the rest of the time somehow. And that's how he had ended up in the coffee shop run by that guy Erik.

He knew that the two of them used to be roommates, but, something had gone up. For some reason the guy had found him annoying. But he called it being friendly. Yes, normally he was closed off, normal and not annoying. But Erik seemed to bring it out in him. Mainly because he got bored, and, he made this way too easy at times.

The man just needed to ease up a little. It was like he had a permanent stick up his butt or something. Heck, George's true backstory had been painful, but, he knew how to have fun when it came down to it. George was just trying to make Erik at least laugh, or at the very least crack a smile. The man had no sense of humour, and, it broke his heart.

Keeping his hood over his head, George just entered the coffee shop, and, looked around. George had waved hi to certain people, before making his way over to the counter, and, sat down across just leaning on his hand as he stared in his mockingly loving way at Erik behind the counter.

Geo || Hope this is ok. Wanted to get this up before I have to go to work.
Mar 24 2018, 10:18 PM
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<div class="btext1">pray for mercy</div>
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George knew that he had some stuff to sort out before his next show, so he had headed into the radio station early. He had a sound check and stuff that he had to do. Rehearsal as well, before he had to do his actual show soon.<br>
He had made his way into the radio station, and, adjusted his hoodie that he was wearing as he walked inside, and, make himself comfortable in the chair of his studio booth. George had kept his hood over his head just in case anyone walked past, as he was doing his rehearsal.<br>
And, then starting the show.<br>
'Good morning Hyperion Heights. This is your one and only Lost Boy, coming to you live from the studio. It is a b...e... a... utiful day here in Hyperion Heights. I'm going to be with you for the next two hours here. Bringing you the latest music and gossip from around the town.<br>
Stay tuned.'
George then put on some music, before he found himself leaning back, and, then decided to just explore the studio. Find some CD's or something else to play for a while. He was on his way back to the booth, when he found himself bumping into someone who was coming from the other direction.

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Katerina DeScord


<br><br><div class="brimp"><a href="">xoxo</a></div></div><br><br>


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Mar 24 2018, 08:41 AM
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<h1>Pray for mercy from Puss... in Boots</h1>
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Puss knew that with that 'first date' with Lola, he had learnt that he had some kind of potential for singing. He hadn't really done much with it, since, rather keeping it inside. Yes, of course he knew that he was usually seen as a show-off when it came to most things, but, singing was something he was still getting used to.<br>
He had decided to come and check out the karaoke bar that sat in this town. Puss had passed this place a few times, but, had never really gone inside of it. Maybe it would be fun to go in now anyway.<br>
Keeping his hands in his jacket, he made his way inside of the bar, and, just gave a quick glance around this place. Man, this place looked kind of empty, at least compared to other places in this town. But, he was ok with that.<Br>
Puss decided to just take a seat by the counter and watch for a few moments, waiting for the perfect time to go up there. Besides he didn't want to interrupt the people who were up on the stage before they were done.
<h2>Simba Leone</h2>
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Mar 24 2018, 01:33 AM
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<h1>Pray for mercy from Puss... in Boots</h1>
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George had been in this town for the longest amount of time, and, he was sure that no-one had hinted that they truly knew who he was. George knew that as long as he was in this town he was safe, and, heck maybe this could be the town that he needed in the first place. Ever since his mother died, all he had truly needed was somewhere that would have people to let him care about him.<Br>
While he didn't truly have friends that he was close to, George felt like he truly had a chance. He knew that he was well known around here as he worked as a radio presenter, and, was one of the most well known ones in this small town.<br>
But, of course no-one knew it was him. He used voice disguising software, and, then it kept himself as a mystery.<Br>
'And that's all we have time for today Hyperion Heights. Stay tuned I'll be back on the air 9'oclock sharp tomorrow morning.<br>
This is Lost Boy signing off.'
George grabbed his jacket as he waved goodbye to the head of the radio station, and, began to head home. But, had made a detour to the park, deciding to just hang out for a bit. George was not sure how making friends would go, but, he wanted to try and give it a go. Which meant being in public alot more.<br>
George gave a soft smile as he adjusted his beanie and jacket around himself as he just sat on one of the swings, and, just enjoyed the feeling of going back and forth as he knew his thoughts escaped when he did this.
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