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 Eleanor Guthrie, Complete
Eleanor Guthrie
 Posted: Apr 13 2018, 04:55 PM

AU/Black Sails

Enchanted Forest

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Eleanor Guthrie

33 . Eleanor Guthrie . AU/Black Sails . Hannah New . Enchanted Forest


Eleanor was born in a big city in the Enchanted Forest, to a very ambitious man who, when Eleanor was still just a child, moved the little family to an island called Hopewell, located a few miles away from the coast of the mainland. Eleanor’s father wanted to be a black-marketer, buying the things pirates had stolen and selling them legally to merchants from all over the realm. This meant that Eleanor grew up among pirates, whores and slaves. She learned the tricks of her father’s trade, but as she grew older, she also saw how she might do it better than him.

Her father was running the island like he was the king, and he treated everyone else on the island like they were peasants. He and his family lived in a fort on the island, while he demanded that everyone else lived on the streets. Eleanor didn’t like that very much, and when she turned seventeen and her father decided to go back to the mainland, he gave her control of the island and the trade. She changed everything for the better. She knew the pirates treated each other as equals, and that she would get better deals with them if she treaded them that way too. So, she turned her fort into an inn, with a bar and brothel for the pirates to frequent while they were on her island. It would be a safe haven for all the pirates who wanted to trade with her, and it became a very successful enterprise. She definitely did much better than her father ever did.

Since word of her island started going around among the pirates, it wasn’t a surprise when the notorious pirate captain Blackbeard came to her island with his crew. Among his crew was a young man called Charles Vane, who talked Eleanor into helping him betray Blackbeard so Charles could start his own pirate ship where he would be the captain. She agreed to help him and they became allies. The betrayal worked and they were both allies and business partners, but it soon grew into something much more than that. They started a very passionate relationship with one another, and Eleanor soon couldn’t deny that she loved him deeply. But the relationship wasn’t without it’s turbulent downs, at times. Eleanor knew that Charles wanted to be a pirate captain, that’s why their whole relationship started. But she didn’t want to go with him, she wanted to stay on her island and keep the black market going. She wasn’t surprised when he chose his dream over her… but his betrayal definitely shocked her.

Of course, since she was working with pirates, she had to be ruthless at times, making her rules clear to any one who wanted to dispute her. This also meant that she pissed some of the pirates or merchants off. Mostly, the pirates respected her enough to not make a big deal out of her choosing not to give a good price for their goods. But some of the merchants didn’t have the same respect for her, and one merchant in particular wanted revenge on Eleanor because she had gone back on a deal with him. He ended up coming to her island, captured her, because Charles had told him where he could find her, and took her with him back to the mainland. The merchant seemed to take pleasure in telling her that it was Charles who had betrayed her, but Eleanor did her best to keep her shock at the betrayal from him.

The merchant got Eleanor put in prison when they came to the mainland, and though she tried her best to escape on her own, she ended up staying in prison for a year, before a crew of pirates who were still loyal to her found her and broke her out of prison. Eleanor knew she was on the run now, because as soon as the merchant heard that she had escaped, he put a bounty on her head. But she couldn’t help but go back to Hopewell, to see what had happened to her island while she was gone. To her shock and anger, the island and the trade had been taken over by pirates who had never liked the way she ran things. There was no way she could get control of the island back now, and she couldn’t stay in the area anyway, not with the bounty on her head.

So, she went on the run, moving around the realm, still doing a little business with the pirates who were still loyal to her, because she needed the money and she knew she could trust them. During her time on the run, she ran into Charles a few times. She wasn’t over his betrayal and what it had cost her, so their run ins were tense and uncomfortable. She still did deals with him, but she gave him bad prices, just trying to get back at him in the only small way she could. Once, when she ran into Blackbeard, she even told him where he could find Charles, so they could both get a little bit of revenge on him. Over time, Eleanor and Charles’ interactions started to become less and less tense, even if she still waited for the other shoe to drop and for him to betray her again. She managed to stay on the run for almost twenty years before it happened again.

She had just done a deal with Charles the day before, when suddenly she was attacked and captured by a bounty hunter, who quickly brought her back to the vengeful merchant again. This time the merchant was gleeful when he told her that she had her ex-lover to blame for her capture once again. He made it sound like Charles had told the bounty hunter where she was on purpose, and Eleanor believed him. But it wasn’t true, Charles hadn’t known that the bounty hunter was in the same bar as him when he talked about how he had met Eleanor the day before. Eleanor could only think that Charles had betrayed her once again. And this time the betrayal was much worse.

The merchant wasn’t satisfied with Eleanor just going to prison this time, knowing that she could just escape again. This time he wanted real revenge, so he sold her as a slave to a man he knew to be vicious and cruel to his slaves. The man who bought her wanted to break her sprite, by beating, whipping and branding her, but she did her best to stay strong and not bow down to this man. After ten years as his slave, little cracks were starting to show in her strength, and the man was just getting crueler. So, she decided to try and run away, just hoping she could get far enough away before he noticed she was gone. But she didn’t get very far away from the man’s home, before she fell through a portal and was taken to a whole new and strange world.

Now she’s in Storybrooke, but of course, she has no idea that the man who betrayed her so badly is also in town.


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All of Them


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