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 Jesse Volkan, Enchanted Forest
Jesse Volkan
 Posted: Jan 14 2018, 12:05 AM

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Enchanted Forest

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Jesse Volkan

30 . Jesse Volkan . OUAT/The boy who cried Wolf . Nick Carter . Enchanted Forest


Jesse is a calm person, usually cheery and open about who he is. He’s not very humorous, but is never outright mean to anyone. Jesse is intelligent and a good conversationalist. His strengths include being a good judge of character, honesty, and simplicity. His weaknesses include trusting people sometimes a little too easily and his inability to use magic properly despite being the son of a powerful warlock.


Jesse is an identical twin. He and his brother, Nikolas were born with the ability to shape shift, but neither learned or used the skill until they hit puberty at the age of thirteen. Now, Jesse can shift at will, but to do it causes trmendous pain that can be described as bones throughout his body disconnecting and reconnecting to allow him to take on the shape of a wolf. He is faster and his senses are sharper, but only in wolf form.


Jesse was born to Dominic Volkan and Misty Cross, along with his identical twin brother, Nikolas. The two were thoroughly close in the very beginning until Nikola ran away from home. When Jesse turned fifteen, he heard about a wolf terrorizing villages in the Enchanted Forest and assumed it was his brother, so he went in search of Nikolas, finding him near one of the villages that had been terrorized recently. Nikolas admitted that he was the one causing all the trouble and explained that he tricked people into coming out of their homes by going into each village and crying wolf to draw them out. Then he would shift and scare or kill them. Jesse realized what his brother was doing and decided to join in on the fun, but this time one would enter the village as the wolf and the other in human Form, taking turns crying wolf to draw the villagers out. Jesse didn’t mind scaring the people, but he never killed them like his brother Nikolas did. During these escapades, a man naked Luther Cross had been seeking to kill their entire family, but he failed to do this before his life was ended by the twin’s father, Dominic. As an act of revenge, a boy named Logan who was Luther’s son, sent men after the twins in an attempt to end their lives, but the twins killed each man that attempted to do this, thereby killing several of the men that Logan commanded. Their efforts to put an an end to Logan, however were fruitless because he was a powerful warlock who never dared face the twins, but would rather let others do it for him. Jesse remained with his brother for a while before finally returning home, but he didn’t stay. When he was eighteen, he met a young woman named Lydia who won his heart. For six months, Jesse settles down with Lydia in a little cottage in the forest, where they had a daughter. Jesse chose to name her Silvana, but he called her Ana for short. He and Lydia had a falling out when she had an affair with a friend of his. Jesse kept Ana with him and sent Lydia away. Two years later when a dark curse fell over the land, Jesse and his little girl were transported to Storybrooke, separating him from his twin brother. His knew the child with him was his, but all of his other memories were gone. He started calling Silvana Hannah instead because he believed that was her name, until the curse was broken and he learned the truth. Although he was much older now, Jesse still looked young because he hadn’t aged a day when the dark curse was active, but by the time it was broken, he was thirty. His daughter, who should have been an adult, was only thirteen years old when the curse was broken. Despite remembering his brother, Jesse had seen no signs that his twin was anywhere in Storybrooke, but as he settled into his new life with his daughter, Silvana, he never stopped hoping that his brother who had also become his closest friend would one day show up and join him and his daughter. Needing money in this new land, Jesse decided to try to find a job working with animals since he had come to love them so much when he discovered that he was able to shift into the form of a wolf. He also never stopped looking over his shoulder for Logan, realizing that he too, could have been brought to Storybrooke.

RP Sample

I will use a sample involving the day the curse was broken and Jesse remembered his past. Jesse was at work, another long shift while his daughter Hannah was in school. For some reason on this day in particular, he was more tired than usual. He wanted to leave work early, but that wouldn’t be possible. It was around four in the afternoon when he felt a sudden rush of air bristle through his entire body. Suddenly, he received a rush of flashbacks of his life, making him a little dizzy. He grabbed hold of the counter in front of him to keep himself from falling over until the mental flashbacks ceased. Everything he had forgotten, he suddenly remembered and the first thing that came to his mind was his daughter. He left work and hurried home to find her standing in the living room of their house with the same dazed expression on her face, “Ana!” He cried, hugging her tightly, fearing that if he let go, he might forget again. Jesse was thrilled that he knew her, that he remembered every adorable moment he spent watching her grow up, but at the same time, angry that he’d been robbed of these memories. He wanted to know who was behind the madness. “Papa, you remember me?” Jesse looked down into her eyes with a soft smile. “Of course I do, Ana. Whatever made us’s over now. Everything will be okay.” Jesse wanted to believe this, but along with his memories of his daughter came the memories of Logan Cross, a man who had sought to kill him at one point in his life. If Logan was in Storybrooke, he realized that he would have to take steps to protect himself, but more importantly, his little girl. He also thought of his brother Nikolas. Jesse couldn’t remember seeing him in Storybrooke at any time, but he hoped that someday, he and Nikolas would be reunited. “What do we do now, Papa?” He was jarred from his thoughts by the question and once again looked down at Silvana with a smile. “Now, we live our lives, just like we did before, only this time, we do it together. I will never let myself forget you again, Ana. I swear it.” He sighed, letting the anger he felt before subside for now. He would worry about who was behind this later. Now, he just wanted to focus on his daughter. “I’ll never forget you again either, Papa.” He chuckled as her arms came around his waist in a firm hug and returned the gesture. “I love you, Ana.” He gently kissed the top of his daughter’s head and left go of her to go and make them some dinner while he contemplated all the memories, how they ended up in Storybrooke and how they might go back, if that was even possible.


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