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 another chance, Tag: Evanna <3
 Posted: Nov 14 2017, 01:43 PM

The Snow Queen/Frozen


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Ingrid was just staring at the clock.

It was bigger than she expected close up, easily dwarfing her. She hadn't realised how big it was back in Storybrooke; it had been too far away to ever really think about, just becoming part of the scenery. But she could see it now, right up close, its hands broken and still across its numbered face. She looked down, at the remnants of the tower scraped into the pavement - and the ground thrown up around it in crumbling fragments. It was like it had been driven into the ground, an open wound into the earth like a scar. Ingrid frowned and went down on her knees, hesitantly reaching out to touch it. "I don't understand," she murmured, staring at its face. She didn't know what she expected to happen - a flurry of sparks, maybe? - but it just sat there, sad old and...decaying.

She stood up, brushing some of the dust and dirt off of her dress. Storybrooke but not Storybrooke. Ingrid had gotten used to that now, as much as anyone could, but this was the first time she'd been able to look carefully at the damage. It wasn't a war, that she was certain. She wasn't even sure who it would be a war against down here, though she'd seen her fair share of villains...people she crossed the street to avoid. Maybe it was...that? "No," she muttered. It was different. She didn't know how, didn't understand how she knew. But if it was war there would be more damaged, more buildings rather than just the clock. It was almost as if it had been worn away. Not hunted down or some trophy of war but...mindless decay. Destruction. Death, though she supposed it was fitting. What wasn't, on the other hand, was the feeling she was being watched.

There was someone looking around the corner at her. In the red half-light of the Underworld it took a moment for her eyes to adjust - only to frown. There were children here? Children in the Underworld? Big wide eyes looked at her, barely blinking. Ingrid took a step forward. "Hello?" she ventured. The child's eyes narrowed warily, almost going to hide back around the corner. Uh oh. The Snow Queen knew what that meant. The foster children had been like that at first, wary and guarded and careful of adults. She knew how to read them - it didn't take much to piece together the signs. But this wasn't fear. This was something almost like terror. "It's alright," she called, stepping away from the clock, getting that bit closer. For a split second Ingrid took her eyes off the child to look around. What was the child so scared of?


There was no way the child could know Ingrid's powers, no way whatsoever, but the thought still made her distinctly sick. But as she looked around at the street she could see no one else she could be looking at. The roads were deserted, with only the rustle of curtains and the distant shut of doors to indicate anyone was here at all. It was like a ghost town, and the thought made her shiver. But if there was nothing here to be afraid of, what was the child so scared of? And what was a child doing in a place like this to begin with? She turned back, her temples furrowed with a confused frown. "There's nothing out here to - "

The child was gone. Vanished, as if she wasn't there at all. "Hello?" Where had she got to? Worry clenching at her gut the Snow Queen rushed forward, coming off the street, onto the pavement and through the buildings into one of the little streets going off the main. Thank God it's like Storybrooke. Why this was she didn't know, and at some point she'd have to find that out. The place was easier to navigate now she knew her way around. But that didn't allay the fear, the awareness that this Storybrooke wasn't safe - that no Storybrooke was safe, really, not for a child. Not when there were people like her.

"Oh!" Ingrid had rushed around a corner and suddenly collided with someone. She stepped back, her pulse thudding in her head. Her chest rose and fell as she recovered her breath. "Oh - I'm sorry - I - " A tumble of apologies came from the Snow Queen as she came away, trying not to trip on the length of her own dress. But as she looked up at who she'd bumped into she stopped. "Wait. You're not..." Not the child she'd spotted. This was someone else. Her words died in her mouth, suddenly aware this was someone dead. Someone in the Underworld. In other words, someone entirely like her.

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