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 Vast Amounts of Knowledge, Tag: Nicholas Rush
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 06:36 PM



Destiny is online

N/A years old / 4 posts

This place was strange – all of it. The hospital had been an experience in itself, needles, Destiny decided that she did not like needles at all. The first three days she had babbled at them in Ancient – she was still trying to get used to motor skills and so her head had told her that sure, babble away in your “native” tongue, they’ll understand. They hadn’t. It had been fascinating however, watching the small cylinder of metal be pressed into her skin, the momentary burn from the alcohol that had been swabbed there before, coupled with the poke – it wasn’t entirely pleasant, but it had not been as painful as smacking into the water in a backwards flop from a height that she still hadn’t been able to re-calculate in her mind. Humans were adorable, and completely breakable she had decided on the fourth day, when they had looked simply delighted as she started remembering to speak in English to them. And then they had looked alarmed when she had described what she was. They had spoken in hushed voices, that her ears nearly twitched to pick up from the hallway – they thought that she had some sort of mental disorder.

Destiny had her first frown at that. Was it not common for artificial intelligence to craft their own vessel in this world? Not that it had been that common in her own – she had learned she was in a place in which was not her own world – but it wasn’t ever completely out of the question. Finally, on the fifth day in the hospital, they had accepted that she might be exactly what she was claiming to be and let the issue go. At least, that was the only logical explanation she could come up with. Her motor skills continued to develop, which pleased her greatly. Nearly a week of being alive and she could now stand on her own and take several steps across her hospital room unaided. The accomplishment was monumental to her. She was walking. She couldn’t stop smiling every time she thought of it. Of course her motor skills with her arms had continued to develop as well. She was able to start feeding herself – hospital food – others told her – was supposed to be bad, but she was finding that she didn’t mind it, and the other parts of the digestive process that happened as well. Her first shower had been sometime there after, and as she had stood in the spray, feeling the rivulets of water wash over her still overly sensitive skin, she began to cherish the intricacies of the human form, right down to the tickling sensation cleaning out her belly button caused.

She was also asking nearly a hundred questions a day, much to the chagrin of the hospital staff put in charge of her care, and they had answered for a time, but after a week, her non-stop barrage of questions had become wearing, and she eventually began to be told “Because it is.” Or some other form of the same answer. Eight days after she had fallen from the sky, eight days of being alive, they had told her that she was free to leave the hospital in the donated clothing she had been given, since she had nothing of her own to speak of. Destiny found that clothing was itchy, and binding – something entirely unpleasant, but she had been assured that clothing was a necessity, and as she stepped out into the open air for the first time, unaided, she realized that they had been right as a gust of wind whipped her long blonde hair around her, covering her eyes as she went to spit some strays from her mouth. With the memorized instructions, she took off, heading towards the Dragonfly Inn – a place where she could find a room while she learned to navigate the intricacies of being human at her own leisure.

Destiny had other plans though, stopping at each shop and home along the way, studying their structure with care, what they offered for sale, the way glass reflected light – none of this too terribly new, but still fascinating to look at. She walked the street, pausing here and there to watch an animal – a dog she would later learn – run after another animal – a cat – or back away from the road in fear as a car went pass. The sound of voices at the diner across the road reached her ears, and she paused, taking in the bustle of the day, people eating and drinking. Her stomach growled loudly – she knew she should eat, but there were far more exciting things to be done at the moment, especially making a mental map of the area so that when she wanted to explore later, she had a good idea of where certain things were. One last longing stare at the Diner and she continued her trek down the street, crossing it when none of the monstrously loud cars were spotted in either direction. Instead, she found herself looking at a word that held meaning – library – and quickly pressed inside, eyes scanning over the tall shelves that held vast amounts of data for her to learn.

Moving to a shelf, Destiny picked out a book and went to sit at one of the tables, her eyes focusing on the words before her as she started to devour the book at a pace that clearly was not completely human. Moving into a more comfortable position in the chair, she took her coat off, setting it on the table, her eyes still scanning across the pages, ignoring everything around her in favor of learning what she could from the book in front of her. Finally fed up with her hair, she tossed her back out of her face once again, and secured it with a band that the hospital had used to keep her hair back as she had been learning how to take care of herself – washing her face, brushing her teeth – a small smile playing across her face as she found passage in the book she skimmed back to, enjoying the syntax of words entirely too much to just read it once.

Nicholas Rush
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