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 The Last Person I Want to be Lost With, Tag;; Hook
 Posted: Apr 10 2017, 01:27 PM

Beauty and the Beast/Peter Pan

Enchanted Forest

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Rumple groaned, sitting himself up slowly. He moved a hand to the back of his head, nursing a small bump on the back of his head. The warm swell of magic on his hand eased the pain almost instantly, and soon enough he was back to normal. At least he had landed in a realm where he could use magic this time. His portal luck hadn't been great recently. He'd already been to a horrible, desolate land with Neal, and now he was... somewhere else.

But, looking around, the man soon realized there was a decided lack of color in the area. With everything monochrome, it was very clear to him what realm he had landed in this time around- the Land Without Color.

He frowned. He hadn't been to this place in a long time, and it wasn't one of the realms he had ever felt the need to revisit. He had needed Victor all those years ago and that was the last of it. This realm was a dark, dreary place and though he could use his magic, there were still threats to consider there.

Like werewolves who didn't care so much about eating people like the ones back in the Enchanted Forest.

Slowly, he pushed himself to his feet, dusting off his coat and taking a look around. He couldn't remember, exactly, what he had been doing before falling into the portal, but he suspected the knock to the head was the reason for that little lapse. He also wasn't sure if he had been alone at the time- somehow, it felt like he hadn't been.

It felt like he had been angry with someone.

Killian Jones
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