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 Jasmine Al-Hamed W.I.P
Jasmine Al-hammed
 Posted: Mar 10 2017, 11:30 PM


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Jasmine Al-Hamed

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History: Jasmine is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah, residing in the kingdom's massive palace alongside her father, and loyal pet tiger, Rajah, whom she found years before the events of the film, believing him to be a spiritual gift from her deceased mother (who would tell her stories about the "star tiger" named Rajah). Because of her status as a princess, unfortunately, Jasmine is forbidden to ever leave the palace walls, spending her life sheltered within the confines of the royal home. Despite living a lavished life, Jasmine often feels suffocated by the laws of her kingdom, which restricts her from socializing with her subjects, as well as forcing her into unjust practices, such as forced marriages. These restrictions have ultimately prevented Jasmine from making any connections, as she states she's never had any real friends, aside from Rajah. The restrictions have also left Jasmine with the desire to see the world and experience life outside of being a sheltered princess, which would eventually result in meeting Aladdin.

Despite her strong relationship with her father, Jasmine's mother, the Sultana, is rarely mentioned throughout the franchise. She has been brought up in the film, where the Sultan mentions she "wasn't nearly so picky" in terms of choosing a suitor.

Appearance: Jasmine is a very voluptuous and attractive young woman of average height. She has medium skin, long lustrous black hair, brown eyes, and a distinct hourglass figure. Jasmine's casual outfit was designed to be simplistic, resembling that of Arabian haram women. It is a sea green cropped tube top that reveals her midriff and her navel with sewn-in sleeves for her arms, and matching pants and shoes. With the outfit, her hair is normally tied in a ponytail held together by two sea green bands matching her outfit, and ending in a small swirl. She wears a sea green headband that is centered with a sapphire adorned into it. To complete her outfit, two large golden earrings that dangle from her ears completely covering them, and a matching necklace.

Personality: Jasmine is a rather multi-layered character; incredibly independent and strong in many ways. She isn't afraid to speak her mind, no matter who she's up against; Feisty, free-spirited, compassionate, intuitive, energetic, adventurous, headstrong, rebellious, stubborn, outgoing, humorous, sarcastic, romantic, selfless, loving, intelligent, athletic, fun-loving, short-tempered, caring, sassy, intrigued, no-nonsense.

Likes Making a difference, freedom, romance, adventure, Her Fathers Toy collection, children, Rajah, magic carpet rides, doves

Dislikes Lies, forced marriages, disrespect, Jafar, betrayals, the stereotypical princess lifestyle, narcissism, a lack of freedom, her father in danger, threats or dangers to the kingdom.

Familiars: Hamed (ancestor) Bobolonius (grandfather) Sultan (father) Sultana (mother; deceased) Sharma (cousin) Pets Rajah (tiger) Sahara (horse)

Dream: To Be Free To make her own Choices.


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 Posted: Mar 11 2017, 07:44 PM



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