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 July Announcement
 Posted: Jul 1 2018, 08:39 AM



Twin is online

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July 2018

Our Current Events

We've got a new mini-event running for the people of Storybrooke! You didn't think I would forget about them, did you? While many have been cursed to live in Hyperion Heights, we've still got some people hanging out at home, too! And they're tired of doing nothing! So now a way to potentially find their friends HAS opened up: all they need to do is collect various fragments to re-build a magical door! Nothing like a little portal jumping and adventure, right?

You can find all you need to know about this event by clicking right here. Please let me know if you have any questions! If you want to post for plots regarding the mini event, you may do so in this forum.

Make sure you're posting in these threads! Prompts will be going out soon for door fragments, but there needs to be more than just opening posts in a thread for me to leave anything for you to follow!

And, of course, Hyperion Heights is still around, still curse, and still open for people to join. Just remember that they need to have been cursed in March along with everyone else who was swept away! There's no coming in at a later time for this curse! All information regarding Hyperion Heights can be found: in this thread.

Another Mini-event may be popping up soon, so keep a look out!

Activity Check:

The following accounts have been removed with the conclusion of the last AC:


If you would like to re-apply for a character, please allow one week before posting an app! (Unless it's an OC) I know this is a busy time for a lot of people with finals and work, so I'll continue to do my best to help whomever I can. If you're stressed about posting with your life workload, please make sure to put up an away, or PM me so I know what your situation is! As usual, the aways will be cleared out this month of anything that doesn't touch on June!

A big, warm welcome to all the amazing new members we've had over the past month- it's extremely exciting to get to know all of you, and I look forward to plotting with you all!

Other information:

UNFORTUNATELY we've been over-whelmed with characters from Mysterious Islands lately, and while it's great to see so many new characters and plots, it's never a good thing when one realm starts to smother the others. That being the case, I've put a temp ban on any characters coming from the Mysterious Islands. That doesn't mean you can't have a supernatural character, of course, they just have to come from another realm! And happily, we still have a lot of realms to offer where a little history tweaking can still make them work. This is a temporary ban and will be lifted eventually, when things even out again!

In generic, always here news: please make sure you head over to the claims board and get any claims you haven't submitted taken care of! This includes job claims, face claims, and the member directory! Also- if you don't have an icon on your account, please get one up! It helps keep the site looking nice and fancy. If you need help, please PM me and I'll get that up for you! We also have some optional claims: Pet, Housing and IC birthday!

If you're dying to have a certain character on board, make sure your Wanted Ads are up to date! I go through and add characters people are looking for to my resource site/tumblr ads, so it's good to keep up on them if there's someone you're super interested in seeing! With the activity check now over, it seems like a good time to update!

Once Upon a Time is officially OVER. Please give people some time to see the final season before discussing spoilers too heavily in the cbox. What a great run! The show is definitely going to be missed, but at least we're here and we're keeping its spirit alive.


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