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 not again, Tag: Lorelai Gilmore <3
 Posted: Nov 14 2017, 01:56 PM

Wizard of Oz


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At least she wasn't green.

Zelena pulled up her sleeve of her blouse, turning around to look around her. It was a forest, trees pressing in from all sides. She sighed, her hands dropping into her lap. She was still in human form and she was all in one piece, with no broken bones and no cuts, beyond the few that she’d fixed herself. That was lucky, by portal standards. But still. It was like she attracted the bloody things. She’d say this was a turn up for the books, but it really wasn’t. If anything the novelty was really wearing off. What did portals want with her?

And what did they want with her, too?

Maybe it was because Zelena was more used to portal jumping now but she found herself less seasick and achy than before, coming to after the shock that bit more quickly. She hadn’t been awake long, just enough to realise where she was. And, naturally, that she wasn't alone. The witch's eyes crossed over to the stranger again, the one still lying where she’d fallen. She had to be someone in town, of course, but as to who Zelena was fairly sure she hadn't seen her before. Sometimes she'd had difficulty remembering what had happened moments before a portal jump, but temporary amnesia or no temporary amnesia she was sure she didn't know this woman to start off with - just someone who had gotten unlucky, she supposed. Same as her. Wrong place, wrong time. She'd checked the woman was vaguely alive (always helpful, she found) and left her to wake up naturally. She needed time to think.

But this was too much time. The witch tapped on her thigh, a staccato beat of impatience as she balanced precariously on a tree stump. Already the itch to find out how to get back was rising in her - to test out her magic and see what she could do to get out of this. What realm was she in, even? She ran her hands through her hair, her fingers snagging at the strands. This didn't incite panic anymore, going to other realms. Just exasperation - like a particularly nasty traffic jam she hadn't expected. She had to get home, now more than ever.

But she couldn’t do any of that without her little friend here. She had the distinct impression she ran the other B&B in town - not Granny’s but the other one. That meant she’d surely be missed. Zelena pursed her lips. Obviously someone would get blamed for that, and by ‘someone’ they meant her. The witch would take credit for what she did when she actually did something, thanks, but not before. And as it was she couldn’t lug her through the woods…she got off her tree stump, brushing herself down. Time to wake Sleeping Beauty, since she didn't seem to be doing that herself.

She went down to crouch by the woman, getting down to her level. The gentle rise and fall of her chest assured the witch that if she was injured it wasn’t life threatening at least - at that she exhaled in relief. But beyond that she didn’t stop to see for any injuries as she gently shook the woman’s shoulder, trying to rouse her. "Hello…?" She paused, but just as she stopped to try to remember the woman’s name her eyes slipped to a sort of nametag on her clothes - like the type worn by staff at some of the places in town. The inn - of course. The Ozian read Lorelai Gilmore and then, underneath, manager. She shook the woman’s shoulder again, a little louder now she was armed with the stranger's name. "Lorelai? Hello?"

The name was awkward on her tongue, clunky and unfamiliar and wholly unlike any other name she'd heard, but they had to get up and get moving - and quickly. Zelena took a glance around them. Any realm wasn't usually quite as spellbound as it appeared, and even with her magic she didn’t want to find herself outnumbered against someone - or something. It was dangerous here. She looked down at the woman. "Lorelai," she said, a little louder. "You need to wake up now."

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Lorelai Gilmore
 Posted: Nov 19 2017, 04:45 PM

Gilmore GIrls

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Falling, there was falling, mixed with a lot of other strange sensations, some not so good. Lorelai had just been going about her day when it happened, but everything happened so fast she barely had time to come to grips with what was happening, let alone try and get away from the portal. She knew of course people had had experiences with falling through portals going the other way, leaving Storybrooke, most eventually found their way back, presumably because the realm they had happened to fall in weren't the ones they were from, or maybe falling back into Storybrooke had just been another accident, who knew. She had fallen hard though, hitting her head on a rock. As Lorelai started to come to finally, at first she was still quite out of it. She could hear that someone was trying to wake her up, to get her attention, but it felt like they were so far away.

"Mmmmm, Luke, five more minutes, let me just sleep for five more minutes than I promise I'll get up..........." She groaned a bit, her head hurt but she couldn't seem to remember why. Then she was suddenly aware of being on what felt more like a forest floor versus her nice cozy bed back in her cozy little home. Her head was throbbing, and someone was talking to her, but not Luke, a woman's voice. Then she remembered, she hadn't been at home or asleep, she had been running errands around Storybrooke. Then she remembered the portal, her head started throbbing again and she moaned slightly.

"Ugh, did you happen to get the license plate on the truck that hit me?" Her eyes fluttered open, things were blurry at first but then she started to make things out more. Yep, a forest, that explained why it felt like there was a pine cone poking into her butt. The blonde, she looked familiar. It took Lorelai an extra few moments with the head injury, but it hit her. That's right, it was the Mayor's sister or half sister or whatever that stayed out at that farm house. Zelena. It was strange, she had the two sets of memories in her brain from when Rumple had altered her memories to make her think she belonged in Storybrooke, which involved some vague memories of having run an Inn back in the Enchanted Forest. She tried to sit up but it was clear that she was struggling through the pain in her head.

"Right, Zelena? Ugh, remind me if we get back to Storybrooke to make a mental note to try and do a better job avoiding portals. I had such a good track record going for myself. Oh my god, what if we're here for awhile and they don't have coffee, maybe they'll at least have some form of alcohol, I mean if I can't be awake for this at least I could be drunk for it. Do you know where we are? I mean besides the obvious deduction that we're clearly in a forest, but I mean all realms probably have forests right? Unless there's some realm that's so packed full of technology maybe they destroyed all the forests, or an underwater realm, though if this were an underwater realm, we'd probably be dying being since neither of us can breathe under water. OH, or an underground realm, like people that burrow and construct all their cities under the ground, like mole people!" It was clear that despite the pain, the head wound wasn't serious, and Lorelai was quickly coming back to her senses.

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