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Location: Storybrooke
Born: 31 October 1986
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Family, occasional drinking, motorcycles, mustangs, wolves, nature, settling down, love, marriage
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alias: Jesse
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Jesse Volkan

Enchanted Forest

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Feb 23 2018, 01:55 PM
A stroll through the town of Storybrooke see,ed like a good idea. It was a beautiful day out, a little chilly, but the fresh air was a comfort to Jesse. Most times, he preferred the warm summer sun, but this was good weather for a walk. He looked from left to right as he walked along Main Street, eying each of the shops. Jesse hadn’t visited any except for the pawn shop owned by Gold, a man he knew considerably well. He made a mental note to stop in each shop to check them out, but that would be for another day. Today, he was just enjoying his walk. The town was quiet, people going about their business, most happily, a quaint town just brimming with good people it seemed, all from another place and none that Jesse knew specifically, except for Gold and Sophie, a woman he met recently.

Jesse came upon some stables and stopped, thinking of his niece. She loved horses. As a matter of fact, he did too. They were beautiful animals. He walked inside and eyed each of the horses, petting them as he passed each one until he came to a tall white horse, a mare by the looks of it. Jesse smiled as he approached the horse, petting her gently. “Well hey there,. Aren’t you a beauty.” He smiled at the mare as he continued to pet her. This was the first time he’d gotten so close to a horse. The Enchanted Forest had such beasts, but Jesse didn’t exactly need a horse to get around. He could do that well enough on his own. It was one of the perks of being a shifter. Still, to own such a magnificent creature would have been nice. The other horses were just as beautiful, but the white one had gotten his attention, perhaps because of its color.

He remained with the white steed, petting her for quite some time before he moved on, stopping by a gray horse. This one, he couldn’t be sure of the gender, but he pet the animal as gently as he had the white mare. “Such beautiful must be horrible to be trapped in here. Perhaps some day, I’ll purchase my own horse, but I can’t imagine leaving it locked up every day.” He sighed, thinking about what being caged up must feel like. He wouldn’t want to be locked away somewhere just because he was a wolf. If that ever happened, his captor would get a fight, one that he would likely lose, considering his abilities. Magic was something Jesse didn’t know very well, but he had his grandfather’s book. It was full of spells, explaining how to do each, so Jesse was learning...slowly.

He smiled at the horse and continued his stroll through the stables. Each of the horses seemed happy to be pet, so he stopped at each stall, giving them a few minutes of his time until he returned to the white mare. “You certainly are beautiful. I wonder who your owner is.” Jesse smiled as he pet the horse’s snout and her head, scratching gently behind her ears. He chuckled when she lowered her head and put her nose against his cheek. “Was that supposed to be a kiss? I am flattered, I assure you.” He returned the gesture, kissing the mare on the side of her snout with an amused smile.

Jan 30 2018, 05:39 PM
His first stop... it seemed logical after days of traveling with a stop here or there to replenish. Jesse ntended to have a real meal, lunch...dinner...whatever. It didn’t matter. He was his new home anyway and had yet to experience small town life, but he was excited for it. It got him away from his crazy family who were still back in LA with his daughter Ana. She would join him eventually. For now, he wanted to worry about settling in here, getting to know people and making the most of living in a new, unfamiliar place. He sat in a booth and picked up the menu that was set in front of him, smiling politely at the waitress as he opened it to look through it.

After several minutes of perusing the menu, Jesse closed it and set it down. When the waitress walked over and took it, he looked up at her with a smile. “Hello, I’d like some lasagna and some pie if you have it. Also, a beer would be nice.” He continued to smile until she walked away. Then he turned to look out the window as the day turned to night. He would need a place to lay his head, but Jesse wasn’t sure just where to do that. He could camp out in the woods like he used to do back home. That was always a possibility. For now, he decided that he would just focus on enjoying his dinner and worry about sleep when he was actually tired.

When the waitress brought his dinner, he flashed her another smile and took his fork, digging in to the steamy lasagna, savoring the taste as he picked up his glass and sipped his beer while glancing at the slice of cherry pie she set down. “Thank you.” He said and continued his dinner in silence, looking around occasionally, a habit he picked up back home. Jesse always had his guard up, especially since he became a father.

Jan 30 2018, 05:13 PM
Hello, all you fine people of Storybrooke. I am being lazy, so no image for the moment, but I wanted to put this up now rather than later. So, for those of you who want to hang out with me, it’s fairly easy to do. I’m a laid back guy, a good listener, love conversation, taking walks, especially at night....I enjoy nature, Scotch now and then, eating out, have yet to visit Granny’s and I do love to have a bit of fun. I’m a single daughter is not yet with me... and possibly looking, but I am very picky about the women I allow to get close to me, however I do enjoy meeting new people and making friends, so if you’d like to hang out or get to know me, or have an interesting idea you’d like to suggest, I’m prepared for anything. Feel free to reply here and let me know what you’re up for. I am available and ready every day.
Jan 15 2018, 02:51 PM
Here he was, in a small town with people he didn’t know very well. Some he recognized from the Enchanted Forest. Others, he never saw before, but Storybrooke was his home now, for better or for worse. And he had a child to think about, a child he considered to be one of the best parts of his life. The docks were peaceful, a nice place to sit by the water and reflect on the last several years of his life. He could still remember the crazier days when he and his brother Nikolas were off on some adventure, burning something to the ground or terrorizing someone just for the fun of it.

Jesse was didfferent now. He was older and ready to settle down, to make a life for his daughter in this little town. With a job, a roof over their heads, and the chance to make new friends, the possibilities were endless. But, he wondered what was life without his brother, his best friend, a person he had trusted with every secret, every problem and all of his deepest fears? It was always the two of them running from one place to another in the forest, running from Luther and Logan Cross. Both were dead now, no longer a threat and for the first time in his life, Jesse felt safe. He felt like he could stop to breathe in the fresh air.

As he considered his past, his present, and his future, Jesse decided he had no specific goal. He could sit back, relax, and enjoy life for a change. That meant something to him. Seeing his brother again, the only person who understood what it meant to be a shifter...because Nikolas was one too...that would mean more, so he wouldn’t give up hope. Someday, the twins would be reunited. He was sure of it in his gut, but for now, he just wanted to enjoy the peace of today, to meet a few friendly faces and get used to living in this town as Jesse Volkan, the brother of the boy who used to cry wolf day in and day out, who used to make him laugh at his goofy personality. For now, he just wanted to take each day and make the most of it, cherish each and every moment as if it was his last because that was the kind of man he had become.
Jan 15 2018, 08:59 AM
Okay, I am keeping this template, no crazy information, so here goes.

Name: Silvana Volkan
Age: 13
playby: up to the writer, but she should have blond hair like me
Personality: up to the writer, however she and I are very close and I am overly protective person when it comes to family, especially her. Just something to keep in mind.

The only specific history about Ana is that she was born to Jesse and a woman named Celia in the Enchanted Forest, but when her mother cheated on her father, he sent her away and kept his daughter with him. Jesse is a shapeshifter. He can shift at will into a wolf, a fact he would not hide from his daughter. The rest of her history is entirely up to the writer and whatever you come up with should be fine as long as you keep in mind that Jesse and Ana (his nickname for her) are tight.
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