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Sarah Anne Read

Enchanted Forest

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Jul 2 2018, 05:42 AM
The Woman stood by the wheel on her ship watching the horizon the sun was coming up and Sarah was going into the Enchanted Forest she lived there was born and bred there.

She was well known as a fearsome Pirate lady she did not mingle with everyone she was a loner most of the time her family was gone even few of her friends were gone so she was alone ranger really sailing the seas with few selected sailors that showed her uttermost respect.

It was told that Dead Men Told No Tales and it was true when you were dead that was
the end of life did people live an afterlife Sarah had no idea but she had her share of ghosts
and ghouls nothing she was afraid of.

She walked down from her ship the Red Dragon she was home again it had been long while
since she was in the Enchanted Forest.
Jul 1 2018, 05:29 AM
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Dec 13 2017, 01:45 PM
Benny Lafitte

The Lady looked around she didn't know this place it wasn't the Enchanted Forest but another
realm she sensed magic in the air and it was never good.
She had docked the Red Dragon it lulled at the water bank and she walked down to the docks
Anne was furious at her crewmates leaving her alone all because she had temper she fussed over them and didn't hide her frustration over it the women where all weak and stupid now she had to count on herself maybe someone in this town needed a job, few sailors must live in this town she noticed another ship and a wreck far ahead someone lived in it brave move she thought to herself.

Anne walked firmly ahead of the dock and was almost knocked over by a young boy she hissed at him "Look were ye "goin mate, am walking here the boy scurried away scared of the red-haired woman with the dark blue eyes which were now piercing of indigo almost black.
Being betrayed by the women and mutinied was not going to be forgiven she had some bones to knock with them, "Sticks And Stones" and we will be even She murmured to herself as she was walking wearing her brown trousers and jacket with the black tricorn hat that her crimson hair was shown underneath licking her shoulders.
Dec 2 2017, 08:32 AM
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<h3>age 30 .Fantasyland. face claim . Clara Paget .realm Enchanted Forest</h3>
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Sarah Anne is beautiful but hot-blooded and cold sometimes, with a staring glare from beneath her hat. Her youthful looks mask a troubled personality she had a hard life and been through hell so her persona is marked by the experiences that life did to her. She carries two daggers and has no hesitation to use them on bigger enemies. Her back is heavily scarred from multiple floggings that she shows nobody, she is
increasingly self-confident, proud in defense of those she loves.
Sarah Anne has dark red hair and deep blue eyes of the deepest abyss she is 5,7 foot tall
and wears brown jacket and pants with black tricorn hat, she keeps her long curly hair underneath her hat and a bandanna.
A Brave woman with the ability to shoot to kill, she uses two daggers,
and a pistol sometimes a sword.

The Black Sheep
Born in Enchanted Forest in the medieval times.
Sarah Anne was the daughter of a servant girl Mary Brennan-Read and her employer William Cormac who was married to Mary's sister and they had a secret affair.
Anne was born in shame to the family and turned to be the black sheep of the Read's´s originated from France her red hair and blue eyes gave her beauty that was very hard to resist so she pretended to be a boy all her teen years.
After the humiliation of her family, she left the home she had been raised in.
Anne's aunt insulted her birthing and said she was the shame of the family and Anne had her revenge on her by hurting her to the core that the aunt ended in an asylum and locked away.
Anne had told her aunt Mathilda that her father never loved her but had only used her for her fortune and taking her sister as a mistress when Mathilda could not be good in the marriage bed, Anne's tounge was a snake and the aunt now locked in Asylum was soon to be out of there.
The Pirate
Anne left for the sea's and bought her own ship and named it Red Dragon, the girl was 18 and now a Captain of the huge merchant vessel she colored it crimson and a dragon is on the front of her ship crowning the mast with its huge head, Anne calls him red. Anne raided the lands of Enchanted Forest and the realms of magic until she reached the shores of Story Brooke but before that Anne was a fierce Captain known of her raidings and plundering she was a thief and could get away with that as a child she picked pocked people and they had no idea who had stolen their money and during that time she had met some nice girls that she offered a job as crewmates on her ship the Red Dragon.



<h2>RP Sample</h2>
See My Other Characters..


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<h2>OoC Account: Maria Pearl</h2>
<h3>timezone Eastern GMT . Angelica Teach:</h3>




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