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Enchanted Forest

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Mar 4 2018, 01:59 AM
Here is where all my HH characters would be located.

Granny, Laura Lucas is who I have in HH plot
Dar, Darien Andrews is another one in HH plot as of now
Mar 3 2018, 05:21 PM
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<h1>Laura Lucas</h1>

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<h3>Amelia Lucas/ Granny.</h3>
<h2>Cursed Personality:</h2>
She is a sweetheart old woman. Who owns a small diner in town. She is a lot like her other self. Granny/Amelia Lucas except not really like her. She believes that her family are all dead in a fire. She is there for others and is good with giving people an advice when they need it. She is funny with a good sense of humor. Despite the hell she went through. She is good at hiding her pain.
<h2>Cursed Life:</h2>
Laura Lucas was borm to Andrea and William Parker. She is their third child. Laura lost her family when she was 6 years old and was raised by her aunt and uncle. Her parents and both her sisters died in a fire as she stayed ather best friends home. It was decided earlier that she stays with them. Which saved her life. No one ever found out what really happened. Laura shut down for 6 years. Until she slowly came out of her shell.<p>

She finished school and went to college in New York. Yet, Laura was born in a tiny town next to Hyperion Hights. In college she met the love of her life Daniel Lucas. They got married after college at the age of 24. They had two kids but then her husband died from cancer when they were both 36 years old. Right after they opened a diner together. Their kids disappeared years ago. Until then she only had her kids. After they disappeared it was just her. <p>

Laura learned to hide her feelings as she closed her feelings off and refused not to let anyone in. As she assumed that she was cursed. Laura refused to let people see what she really felt believing it to be for the best. She lives that way ever since. As she never stopped beliving that her kids died like the rest of her family. Except she never found out if her aunts, uncles and cousins were alive or not. As she always feared the worse. Laura still does in fact.

Mar 1 2018, 01:32 PM
Granny walked around the diner, Granny's diner, owned by her as she helped customers. At times she was either helping in the kitchen or behind the counter. Yet, at the moment, Granny decided to walk by customers and those who wanted more coffee or tea she added that to them. She then walked away and got people food and drink, those who had only walked in and sat down. Granny only brought it over once it was done. She walked by those she knew as she nodded to them and said Hello, as she there continued to walk around and help customers. As she brought extra food or drink to those she knew before the new people arrived into town. Then Granny went back behind the counter, as she continued to work from there. As here and there she cleaned the counter when needed. After that, Granny looked over at the door as she watched more people walk in, and got ready to help if when it was needed.

She smiled to those who walked in. Granny was glad that people enjoyed her diner. As that meant a lot to her. There was no doubt there. When Granny opened it during the curse years, she hoped that people would like it. Same with the bed and breakfast but she wasn't sure that anyone would but she was pleasantly surprised. As people did end up liking both. Granny just hoped that it would never change. So far it was that way and she definitely hoped that it would stay that way. Granny was glad to see that people liked both her businesses, which meant a lot to her. This moment especially. Granny shook her head from her thoughts, as she watched some one walk in. "Hello dear, what shall I get you?"

Nov 7 2017, 06:23 PM
Granny walked around her bed and breakfast to make sure things went smoothly and how they should. Whenever she noticed that the guest needed help or anything like that she did her best to help. It was Granny's job but she did that not just because of that but because she was a good and caring person as well. Here and there she chatted with the guests that she saw around. Those who were in the lobby area or such. Granny smiled to the guests of her bed and breakfast as she spoke to them but never mocked any of them so. As she was a sweetheart after all. Granny was a great person no matter what, even if she was different. She only got angry when someone hurt those she cared for or when she was disrespected or such. Even seeing innocent people in general get hurt, pissed off Granny to no end. She did the best she could not to think of that. Granny talked to some of her guests and then watched them go do what they wanted to and needed to. She then sighed to that. Granny hoped that her granddaughter Ruby was fine as she looked around herself.

She thought about her life in storybrooke, as ahe sat somewhere on her own. Here and there Granny watched people walk by her and smiled to some as she ignored the others. After that, she just looked to the ground lost in thoughts. Granny wondered how was David and Mary Margaret(Snow White and prince Charming, as well as the others) as she hoped for the best. She planned to check on them a bit later. Since Granny didn't want to interrupt them in case they were busy after all. This moment included. Which was why Granny just sat there lost in thoughts.
Oct 31 2017, 11:41 AM
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<h1>Widow Lucas(Granny)</h1>

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<h3>age . Widow Lucas . Once Upon A Time . Beverley Elliott. Enchanted Forest</h3>
<hr />

I am Widow Lucas, I rarely if ever go by my first name, That is why Widow Lucas, as I lost my husband sometime before the curse. I also am known as Granny, here in Storybrooke I owe Granny's Diner and Granny's bed and Breakfast. I live in my own bed and breakfast as it's my home. I am Ruby Lucas grandmother, even since before the curse. I am a werewolf, as is my granddaughter and my daughter Anita. My husband was too until he died.<P> I almost had another child other then Anita but I had a natural abortion, which I rather not talk about, as no one but my husband knows that, and I want to keep it that way if possible. Anyway, moving on. I raised Ruby since she was a child because of her mother. Her mother had wrong ideas and I didn't approve of them, so I raised her my way, in away I was like a mother to Ruby without being her mother. My husband passed away before Ruby also known as Red was born. Also since her birth Ruby was known as Maeven, until I gave her the red cloak.<P>In Enchanted forest where we lived before we got here to Storybrooke, Ruby my granddaughter went by Red. I admit I lied to her when I said that her parents died but you see I had to, for her own good. When Garren, my daughter's love and father gave me his and my daughter's child, my granddaughter, I decided not just to keep her safe but to keep the truth from her. I might have failed with my own daughter but I refused to fail with my granddaughter so. <P>My granddaughter growing up reminded me of her mother but for me she is more mature than her mother was. I had to put rules to my daughter like with my granddaughter, but Red/Ruby seemed slightly better with following those than her mother, my own daughter. I loved both and still do but I think my daughter should have grown like her own daughter, my granddaughter but what can you do. Granted, in Storybrooke my granddaughter became more of a trouble maker but I still trust her and believe in her. I even did during both curses and after them. I am here for my family and friends and always will be.


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<h3>Europe . Helen Ross:</h3>




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