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<h1>don't sell yourself short</h1>

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Stealing in that town hadn't been turning out to be... fruitful. He had been in that town's dungeons so many times that he probably could list how many bars each cell had, without hesitating. It was quite humiliating, if he had to be completely honest. After all, he was Flynn Rider, the most wanted thief of Corona, whom they wanted dead or alive, who had managed to steal the crown of the Lost Princess in a room surrounded by guards and had escaped victorious, betraying in the process his two assistants, or allies, or tools, any denomination would be acceptable, except friends.
He had also been the one who had snuck into the castle of the Evil Queen and the Witch of the West and had come out alive. Close by, but alive. Instead, it seemed like those town's alarms were able to defeat him and alert store owners that an intruder had entered, and Flynn urgently needed some apparatus to indicate where those alarms were located because he didn't seem to be able to find them. And even if he had found them, he probably would have encountered the following problem: he wasn't sure how to turn them off, unplug them, or whatever it was you did with them.
Although maybe that was all for his own good. Flynn had promised himself that he would stop stealing, for Rapunzel, and yet it seemed that he was still on the same path. And believe me, it's not like he wanted to keep stealing, keep hiding in the shadows, it was because... he couldn't forget the vice so easily, he couldn't unhook himself overnight. That's not how it worked. Still, he wanted to try to live a good... honorable life, so to speak, without robberies or cops or allies who wanted to rip his head off.
Yeah, that life called his name. But not today.
Oh no way, that day Eugene had managed to steal a gold pendant from one of the few jewelry stores in town, and he was incredibly proud. Ha, whoever said he'd lost his spark... he still had it. The thief stared at the pendant in his hands, although he soon had to start running because... you know, apparently he hadn't been as subtle as he thought he had been. Surveillance cameras, oh how he hated them. At least he was hoping they'd have captured him in all his glory. Eugene started running in one... inconcrete direction, and in an attempt to distract the dear old cops, he ran into a dead end. He stood there, glued to the wall for what seemed like hours, until the cops decided to leave. The boy breathed a sigh of relief, turning around to get out of the alley, and would have done it if he hadn't met a teenager right under his nose. Eugene could not suppress the scream that left his throat, clutching the collar tighter. "What are you doing!?" he murmured-shouted, not too loud, though.

<h2>Peter Pan sorrynotsorry for all these alerts</h2>

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Jan 10 2018, 10:45 AM
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<h1>a selfish man is a thief</h1>

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That day had been, to put it simply, a success. Everything had gone exactly as planned. You see, he had fixed his eyes on a sort of rare and expensive artifact that was being kept in a house of those people who possessed money with which they could afford to be spent on nonsense, like that artifact that frankly had no use, it was just... expensive and rare, and apparently people loved things that could not be found easily. Flynn of course knew how to admire strange and peculiar artifacts, like those gems he was now holding triumphantly in his hands. Obtaining them had not been particularly difficult either, everything had to be said.
He had enlisted the help of a man who was known to storm houses, stealthily and quietly. Seriously, that guy was a genius, when he snuck into some house you could barely hear his breath. No really, if he hadn't been walking beside him, and if the man hadn't been constantly moving, he could have thought he was dead, it was pretty creepy, the truth must be told. Anyway, he had helped him to break into the house without arousing any suspicion of the marriage that resided there, and together they had successfully stolen the gems.
Then, maybe, and I say maybe, Flynn had, uh, run away with the gems, trying to get away from the man. It had been funny. Flynn running for his life screaming at him if they couldn't stay friends after this, and the man just screaming barbarities to the air. As expected, the thief had managed to escape without being caught, thanks to the gods. He wasn't sure what would have happened to his body, and more importantly, to his face if the man had caught him, but hey, he had escaped, that was the important thing, what mattered. And now he was in possession of the gems.
He smiled proudly as he walked without any direction in mind, thinking of who a prospective buyer might be, though he couldn't think much more because he ended up crashing into a man who frankly seemed to be in trouble, judging by... well, by the force with which they had collided. The stranger seemed to be in a hurry, maybe running... from something. Flynn groaned in bewilderment, managing to stay on his feet. "Man, next time aim for the place where there isn't a completely innocent person walking through".

<h2>Callum Wallace tell me if I need to change something <3</h2>

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<center> <div style="width: 250px; font-size: 15px; text-align: center; margin-bottom: 4px; font-family: times; color: #2d2d2d; line-height: 136%;"> <i>you were my new dream </i> </div>

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Christmas. If he remembered correctly, Christmas had never been celebrated back in the Forest, and if something similar to it had ever been held, then of course he had not been present. For what he had been able to deduce, because it's not like anyone had taken the decency to explain what they were celebrating exactly at Christmas, it was a time and feast of thanksgiving for love and joy and basically having fun as a family. Also, a man with a flying sleigh had something to do with those festivities, but frankly Flynn hadn't been paying much attention. All you had to know was that you had to give gifts to those people you loved, and as expected, Rapunzel was the first one on that lonely list.
The woman who he had fortunately made peace with. The ball had been magnificent (although he hadn't appreciated having the intense look of her frog on his person during the entire evening), and didn't think he'd ever felt so happy, so energetic, so full of life... He felt... he felt like a new man. Since he had settled things with Rapunzel, he had tried to leave his job as a thief behind, although sometimes resisting temptations was impossible. He was trying, really, but when you grew up stealing... it's like a second instinct, and Flynn, even if he tried, couldn't help it.
Now, let us concentrate on the present, on the present in which Eugene was heading for the small business that Rapunzel had managed to raise from the nothingness. He hadn't visited her little shop until now, and all he knew was that it had something to do with hair. Something that shouldn't surprise him, but he still found it rather ironic, as if it were a joke (besides, look at the store's name! it was obviously an inside joke). In between his hands was a box, which had been quite disastrously wrapped. Oh yes, he had also tried to wrap up her gifts, but apparently his hands were unfit for such a task. Eugene knew that its current appearance made the gift seem to be shabby, but it wasn't, or at least he wanted to believe it wasn't. If Rapunzel didn't like it, he wouldn't know what to do.
Arriving at her shop, he opened the door, and while closing it, let his dark eyes look around, surveying every little detail. "Blondie?" he called out, not being able to catch nor even a glimpse of her lovely girlfriend (girlfriend... Gods, it sounded so surreal). "Are you here? leaving me alone in an unattended store shows great confidence, I must say I like it".
tag: Rapunzel <3


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Oct 7 2017, 09:02 AM
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After his last meeting with Rapunzel, Flynn had not wanted to see her. I mean, he was dying to see her and solve all the problems that they had between them, but on the other hand he knew she needed her space. Neal, a man he had begged for help (although if you ask him, he'll deny it, no matter what) had advised him to give her a little time to assimilate everything, and Flynn had done so, although reluctantly.
He could not blame her. She had been... how much had they been separated, one year? he wasn't sure, since having been locked in the dungeons for so long, he had completely lost track of time. Still, she had been believing for too long that he had abandoned her, she thought that Eugene had abandoned her for the beautiful crown that he had been pursuing since he met her - but now Flynn arrived in town and said the opposite, that in truth he hadn't wanted to leave her.
Flynn didn't know how she should be feeling. Confused, surely. Would she give him a second chance? would she be able to forgive him for a crime he never committed? When she had left the sheriff station, he had assumed that everything was already lost, that there wasn't any possible future for them, hope was gone. But all this - all this were simple lies.
The hope of regaining her was still shining in his heart, although it was likely to shut down soon. He sighed heavily, he just wanted to forget about... everything. Something that would be quite impossible to achieve, since the blonde that he had been thinking about just entered the premises. Simply fantastic. He could pretend that he had not seen her, he could hide behind the menu...
hide? but what was he saying? He was Flynn Rider, and he didn't hide from any woman.
Most of the time.
tag: Rapunzel


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you were my new dream


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Flynn had traveled too much, and luckily on each trip where he embarked, he ended up being triumphant. Well, but the last time he went to Oz say he technically didn't triumph, but at the end of the day what you needed to keep in mind was the effort, uh? He almost lost his life in that Emerald Castle, but he must also take into account that going to Oz was not even his idea in the first place. It was from two men who had forced him to steal something for them.
What kind of thief were you if you forced other thieves to steal for you?.
Anyway, let's say that his expedition to that Castle had not been successful, but neither he expected it to end well. After all, he had been told that there inside lived a witch with green-tinted skin, and that she did not act precisely well before intruders, before people entering in her beautiful castle with the intention or hope to at least bring something home.
But we don't need to focus on the past, right? now he was in Camelot, a realm that he never before had visited, because in truth it never had struck him. He had heard of King Arthur and his wife, and the Kingdom that they had risen from the nothing, but I mean, it wasn't that Flynn was interested in the nobles. No, the only thing he liked from royalty were their riches.
And you see, for the time being he had planned nothing, he did not know if he would end up seeping into the Castle, or if he would end up stealing from the merchants, like many other times he had done. The only thing he knew with total security is that he needed at least a few minutes to planer his perfect move, and he also needed something to drink, that was it, he needed a liquid to cool his dry throat.
So he went into a tavern of the place, which was on the outskirts of Camelot, and looking around, he sighed. Flynn sat on a table that was far from the others, frowning upon seeing that the establishment hardly had female company. He could not always have luck, now could he?.

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