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Dec 18 2017, 05:30 PM
LithiasaurHector Barbossa

Elizabeth was wandering by herself at the beach the weather was lovely and she had gone through some transformation at the hair salon the day before she had darker brown hair now than when she arrived at Story Brooke, all the honey-toned color had changed to dark chocolate.

She liked her new look she wanted to be mysterious and hide her secrets whatever her secrets might be she kept it for herself, for now, she had not seen Barbossa for few days he had asked her out and she had said yes and they would go out soon when he felt ready.
Lizzie was licking her toes in the sand and enjoying the water she wore a white gown she
had bought in Story Brook and she wore her old necklace her mother had owned and inherited from her family.

Lizzie was a descendant of Count Dracula and that was her secret is the great-grandchild of that bloodsucker Vampire Lord or count she had not gone so far to learn more about her mother's bloodline.
As she was walking and enjoying the sun to be alone wasn't so bad but she would enjoy some company nonetheless.
Oct 15 2017, 02:35 PM
Hector Barbossa

Elizabeth was all about the adventure and exploring things like this place she had just found but she had walked into a devils snare and boobie traps.
Well great she thought to herself walking in the dungeons of the Horned King Castle, she had not listened to the warnings in her head she was a descendant of Count Dracula himself Vlad Tepes the Impaler had been her great-great-great grandfather her mother 's mother had been his granddaughter so her female line was ...vampires so to speak.
Thinking of Dracula didn't make her feel great it was all deadly he had killed thousands and come away with it she sighed to herself and kept on walking in the darkness of the dungeons.

Suddenly she fell and gasped aloud, OUGH, what a hell she hissed, She was staring at someone or something with yellow eyes..."What are you but she got no answer back the eyes vanished and it was dark again.

Elizabeth had been a lot in her young life but this was hell, this place, why did she come here in the first place she knew she had a temper that could flare high and her friends would look away why she ranted and yelled pirates you bloody stuffy sods it had not helped her situation had it no she had boarded a ship after William became Captain of the Flying Dutchman and Jack Sparrow had flown away to whatever place called onto him. Elizabeth had been left alone and ten years she waited for Will but he never returned.

So now she was stuck here in this hellhole of a Dungeon, her knee was bleeding
well that was bloody awesome was it not, she closed her eyes and thought something happy and realized meeting Hector Barbossa again had been a pleasant surprise and he had been a friend to her and stood by her side even taken sides with her at the battle with Lord Beckett that had killed him the last time she saw Hector before coming to Story Brooke was saying goodbye to him and thanking him for saving her life from Davy Jones, he had saved them all in the end battle.

Lizzie stood up and tried to walk further but the trap she had walked in had her caged in like an animal, she shook the barriers but nothing happened she was locked inside the cell. She called out...."Help, Somebody help me, please..
Oct 3 2017, 04:05 PM

Elizabeth was totally lost this time and she was walking through the forest of Story Brook
she had just arrived here after the ship she had been a passenger on had shipwrecked
at the shore now she free from the hospital her wounds were healed fully.

Elizabeth had lost so much and after witnessing her father's death, meeting the evil of the seas' Davy Jones a true devil she didn't think she would meet more of them but she had and on that ship, she had seen demons their eyes black as pitch.

Lizzie was scared she would witness anything like that again and she felt she had changed
because of it, she had fiery temper still and she was a survivor but she was a damaged woman, her heart had been broken and nothing could help her heal from the betrayal of friend William Turner he said so many things but all of it was lies he never loved her instead she felt used by him.

Elizabeth had grown and her inner feelings had changed so much that she felt somehow like her worst enemy, she looked down into the lake and saw her image mirroring back at her.
I am the devil you know she murmured to herself and most of it was true she was a devil after letting Jack Sparrow die when she chained him to the mast of his ship and the Kraken took him down to the abyss she knew she was no better.

She sighed sadly why was she thinking so negatively, maybe it was the darkness that made her feel so gloomy...she knew Halloween was around the corner October had just begun
the leaves were yellow and touching the grounds in the forest she started to pick few up and could not feel worse about herself. Maybe she was a witch or just a girl who sought somebody to love.

Sep 25 2017, 03:20 PM


Elizabeth had been in Story Brooke for a while and gone through some changes she had turned her hair darkbrown like her mothers, and she wore a rare erlom from her mother Mary Swann who had been daughter of Justine Tepes, a necklace which was very old, Lizzie wore a fine gown from her mother to a burgundy brown colored.

She had never been to a pizzeria before nor tasted this food, an Italian delicacy her friend had told her.
As she walked in and found a seat the aroma was very strange in here.
Lizzie touched the necklace that rested firmly on her neckline, she knew it could be risky to come here with this worth of jewels, she knew it had belonged to royalty at least she thought so.
As she was sitting there waiting for her friend, who wasn't coming to Lizzie frowned and looked down when the waiter came asking what she wanted..."Just the best you have which one is it,
The waiter looked at her and said, All of the pizza is good, what do you like..., Lizzie sighed and rolled her eyes before saying..."Just ham and cheese please, thank you and a bottle of red wine if you will sir.

Elizabeth was getting pisst off being stood up by her friend or what friend she called the woman she had just met, the woman was supposed to help her but left her alone she didn't even remember her name. she thought back in time to her friends back then.
One would sacrifice himself for her and it had been Jack Sparrow she owed him her life
she hoped he knew that.
Sep 24 2017, 01:49 PM

Elizabeth had just arrived in Story Brooke after the ship she was a passenger on had shipwrecked on shore and she had got hurt in the crash.
Lizzie's head was spinning and she felt throbbing pain everywhere,
she has had a bleeding wound and she held her hands over her stomach.

She walked into the hospital checking in, "I need a doctor she told the receptionist at the desk.

Elizabeth was asked about birth and where she was from and she eyed the woman and told her she was born April 12 in 1720.
The woman eyed her, 1720? she gaped, Elizabeth took a deep sigh and said, "I don't have time to explain just give me a doctor to help me am passing out here.

She grimaced of the stinging pain in her sides and hoped she wouldn't die before getting some help.

Lizzie thought of the moment on the ship when the Captain and few of his men were cutting the bodies and eat them, she paled of the horrid memory.
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