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Mysterious Islands

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Jan 20 2018, 01:03 PM
Spike wasn’t sure why he was still living in a crypt when there were plenty of nice places in town he could go. Maybe he just felt like, because he was a vampire, a crypt was the place he SHOULD be living in. Or maybe it was just some kind of self-imposed punishment to live in a terrible place since he had once been evil and he deserved to be uncomfortable. Things were different now, though. He wasn’t some evil vampire looking to drink anyone who looked appealing to him.

Now he had a soul, and that REALLY messed up the whole situation. Then again, it wasn’t like he could feast on humans even if he wanted to- not with the chip in his brain. He had been experimented on as a normal vampire, and the chip they had implanted activated whenever he tried to hurt a human. It gave him a powerful, painful shock that blocked any attempt to kill. Since getting his soul back, however, he hadn’t been shocked anyway. It was almost difficult not to forget about it entirely. How could he hurt a human now? When he was already filled with so much guilt about all the things he had done in the past?

It was a secondary measure that wasn’t needed, but he was still glad it was there... Just in case something went south.

Sighing uselessly, the vampire moved through the graveyard, having just left his ‘home’ and deciding it might be a good night to get completely hammered at the bar. He pretty much decided that every night, but still.

As he moved through the gravestones, he couldn’t help but keep an eye out. While vampires didn’t rise from the dead here like they did back in Sunnydale, there were still threats to be on the lookout for. Like those zombies that the Horned King controlled. They weren’t fun, except to rip apart, of course. He smiled to himself at that.

Unfortunately, it didn’t look like he had any company, at least from a moment. Then, he caught someone’s scent. Or... Something’s scent? It didn’t seem entirely human.

Which meant he was immediately walking towards it to check things out. It didn’t stink of decaying flesh like the zombies, but maybe it was still some other kind of baddie that he needed to destroy. Might help him feel a bit better- the guilt was hitting him particularly hard that evening.

Jun 3 2017, 09:19 PM
It was a lovely evening, made better by the fact that it was his day off from work. Normally he would be at the hospital, basically doing nothing and getting paid for it in both money and blood, but not today. Today he could take his lack of activity away from the hospital and continue to be a lazy lump where ever he so pleased. This, of course, was greatly pleasing to the vampire, who considered any chance to get drunk one he ought to seize as quickly as possible.

As the moment the sun had started to go down, and was no longer a threat to his non-human body, he set off from his apartment home to make his way down to the Rabbit Hole.

Once there, he was sure he would have a nice, fulfilling night of getting completely hammered before stumbling his way back home again and forgetting how he got there come the next evening.

It was a simple life, but boy did it work for him.

He made his way down the street, pausing only a moment to take a cigarette from his pocket and light it before starting on his eager path again. He put one hand in the pocket of his duster, the other keeping hold of his smoke.

As he walked, he managed to get himself just a little too focused on his cigarette and had stopped paying attention to the path in front of him long enough to ram into someone. He stumbled back in surprise, though he was sure he must have at least rattled the person he had just hit- he had been walking full speed and hadn’t paused at all before slamming into them!

To make matters worse, it seemed to a petite looking woman. Just great.

“Sorry bout that,” he offered in his British accent, “you alright, love?”

May 9 2017, 03:55 PM
"Bloody Hell."

Spike groaned and sat himself up, rubbing the back of his head ruefully. Boy, was he glad he was a vampire, or that really might have hurt him. He eased open an eye, taking a peak around. He found he wasn't in the park anymore. Actually, it kind of looked like he wasn't anywhere he recognized. It was a forest, sure, but the trees looked more sloped and gloomy, like a stylized horror setting of some kind, and there was a thick fog billowing around the bases of the trunks. Something that hadn't really happened much in Storybrooke or Sunnydale.

Oh, and not to forget that the whole place seemed to be... without color? Or were his eyes just kind of messing with him? He looked at his own hands, only to find that, yeah, they were definitely grayer than he remembered them being, and that was from a guy who was dead and didn't have a lot of color to him on the best of days.

What the hell was going on? Had his eyes gotten something knocked loose because of the fall? The fall!

Now he remembered- he had fallen through another one of those damn portals. He had heard that magic rumble, but he hadn't managed to figure out where the portal was going to open up in time. He frowned, getting himself to his feet. He took a moment to clear the gray dust off his duster before having another look around.

He was pretty sure he hadn't been the only one to fall into that portal- surely someone else had come along for the ride, too. Now he needed to find them and then figure out how to get back to Storybrooke. He knew already that portals only seemed to open up between other realms and the small town, so as long as they found one they wouldn't end up hopelessly lost, right?

Just needed to jump in and they were back to where they started. Oh, why couldn't they have fallen through a portal into Sunnydale again?

"Anyone there?" he called, "if you need help, just give us a shout."

Charlie Bradbury
May 9 2017, 03:30 PM
Spike was wandering down towards the docks, though it wasn't the nice view of the water he was looking for- it was the bar. The local pub was way too quiet and he didn't really like that there were never any bar fights, but he couldn't exactly start a riot for the sake of it. Wasn't like he WANTED to get thrown out of the town, especially after hearing that people died if they crossed the barrier.

Of course, he was also already dead, so maybe it wouldn't even matter? He wasn't really so eager to cause trouble that he wanted to find out, however.

So he ventured into the bar quietly, clearly with no motives in mind. As much as a fight would have calmed his nerves, he also knew he would probably end up feeling guilty about it later anyway. Damn this 'having a soul' thing. It was such a load of crap! He never should have gone to get one. He'd only done it to try and get Buffy to see him as a man and not a monster, and now he couldn't even bring himself to tell her that he had it!

Life was such a pain in the ass sometimes. That went double for afterlife.

He ordered himself a whiskey and sat himself down at the bar, right next to a man who looked vaguely familiar to him. Not because he knew him, of course, but because he had seen him around the town from time to time. Mostly hanging out with the people the town seemed to think of as the heroes. Didn't know what that load was all about, but he supposed it didn't really matter, either.

Maybe they were the town scoobies, only they were a secret like the slayer and her crew back in Sunnydale.

He looked at the man, taking a sip of his drink almost as soon as the bartender placed it down in front of him. The burning alcohol always helped him relax after a long day of brooding thanks to his newfound soul.

"Don't I know you, mate?" He asked a moment, "that deputy, right? The one who likes to run around with a sword?"

James Nolan
May 6 2017, 02:08 PM
What would Buffy think if she knew that Spike was a working man? And not that he was a bounty hunter or something fitting like that- but an actual, normal kind of job for a normal kind of guy? Granted, it was because he was a vampire that he was asked to do it, but still.

Spike had gone to Victor, the head of the Storybrooke hospital, to try and threaten him into handing over blood packets. It hadn't really gone as planned, but that was actually kind of a good thing. Instead, the unconcerned doctor offered a trade. Legit, written off packets of blood that would be accounted for and written down in the hospital logs for nothing more than a bit of a manual labor.

Victor wanted a security guard for the hospital, since sometimes things seemed to suddenly appear inside of it that were actually quite threatening. Zombies more recently, but apparently someone had turned into a magic flying monkey at one point in the past, and a green witch had sent Victor flying across the room. Who knew working at a hospital in the middle of a magic town would make things so hectic? Spike didn't mind too much- he liked the idea of having something to do in the early evenings, before he went out for what were generally useless patrols. He had readily agreed.

So there he was, legally getting blood from a hospital and also keeping an eye on things in the evenings, too. A real good guy, that was him!

He wondered if it was because of his soul that he was so pleased with his current situation. Somehow, it felt like he was doing alright- he was doing the 'normal' thing that good guys were supposed to do. Going about things in a non-shady way and all that. Would Buffy think it good?

Sighing, Spike decided not to think too much about that, roaming down one of the dimly lit corridors of the quiet hospital. He was just giving the halls a quick scan, to make sure nothing was running amiss. He drew closer to where the blood was being stored, keeping an ear out for anything suspicious.

Thankfully, being a vampire had lots of perks that helped with this new job. Seeing in the dark being one of them, of course, but also having other heightened senses to help, too. His hearing and sense of smell were both very good for detecting things out of place, though admittedly his nose was a little bogged down with the smells of all the patients and their injuries.

It would take some time before he remembered what scents were supposed to be there and what weren't, hence the looking around.

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